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Credit cover goes to the amazing person who created this picture, I found it on google but wanted to credit them in some way. Derek never believed in soul mates and love at first sight. That was until he met Echo, yes that's her name. She is Scott's younger sister, but only by a year. Scott was always protective of her, especially after all The Alphas and other things running around Beacon Hills causing havoc. Derek hasn't properly loved anyone since Paige and he has built emotional walls around himself to stop him getting hurt again. What happens when they both cross paths? Will Derek reject her in fear of being hurt or will he let her in overtime? Echo is not as confident as her brother and likes to spend her time with a small group of people. However, she is a good friend of Lydia, Allison, Malia, Hayden, and briefly Kira. She mostly had her head inside one of her books and was extremely clever. She often had to help Scott with some of his homework. Everyone looked out for Echo as she was sort of viewed as the 'weak one' among everybody. Her best friend has always remained the same person, Isaac Lahey. People say it was ridiculous but they both ignored everybody and spent time with each other a lot. Liam was a very close friend as well, probably coming in at second place after Isaac of course and spent time with Echo a lot. Echo wished for the supernatural world she had read about to be real, she took her Dad leaving extremely hard as she was closer to him than Scott was and she was never fully herself after he left, but she picked up the pieces eventually. I hope you enjoy this story! ~Shadowemme~


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