The 100: Survivor

Spending most of his life locked in a cell, Sen had long since resigned to dying a pathetic death. However, by some miracle, a few days before he turned 18 and was scheduled to be floated, he suddenly found himself being sent down to Earth in a space shuttle with 99 other juveniles like himself. With newfound hope, Sen decides to survive. [First attempt at writing a character with actual character development]

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Not Alone




Waking up to the constant chirping of the crickets around him, Sen opened his eyes, noticing that the sun was no longer brightening up both the world and the sky as it was earlier, prompting him to realize that he had been unconscious for at least a few hours; long enough for the moon to come out and bask the world in it's soft white light.

As he propped himself up from the leaves he was lying on, he noticed that the trees had glowing patterns on them.

He then looked behind him, around the area where he was laying, and saw Finn, Clarke, Monty, Jasper, and Octavia all asleep on the ground. Truthfully, he was surprised he hadn't noticed Octavia, as she was right next to the area where he woke up, her being the closest to him.

Lastly, he checked his wound. His shirt was off, so all he had to do was look down, where he saw a black cloth from somebody's shirt wrapped around his chest diagnally.

Knowing he wasn't bleeding anymore, he felt a sense of relief and thought, 'Thank you, Clarke.'

He then got curious about the glowing effect on the trees in front of him, so he walked into the forest ahead, following the light, until he eventually came upon a hollowed out tree stump with glowing plants and all different kinds of glowing mushrooms grown out along the outer rim of the tree.

Even Sen was slightly taken aback by the beauty of the glowing blue luminescent plants and touched one, noticing it left a luminescent impression on his finger.

Wiping his finger on his pants, he then walked further into the forest, paying attention to the absolute beauty of Earth as he walked along.

As he walked, he eventually came across a clearing within the trees, where the entire ground was glowing. He didn't pay much attention to it though, as he continued walking.

But shocking Sen, the ground suddenly uplifted as he walked on it, revealing to be not the ground but instead, luninescent butterflies everywhere.

His footstep had caused a chain reaction, as the butterflies all fled from him, creating somewhat of a tornado of blue light around him.

Though he didn't panic, as none of the butterflies even touched him. In fact, instead of panicking, he ingrained the sight into his brain, making sure to remember it as the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.


The next morning, as everybody woke up, they all noticed that Sen was already awake and doing push-ups, not stopping even after everybody other than Octavia woke up.

"When will you be done?" Clarke asked after a while of waiting.

"I'm… almost… done," after he said so, he stood up from the ground and as soon as he did, Octavia woke up and saw him.

Almost instantly, as soon as she saw Sen standing, she hurriedly stood up and rushed towards him, wrapping her around around his body in a hug.

"Thank you. Thank you," she cried and he just put his palm on the top of her head as he combed her hair with his fingers.

After a while of this, Octavia finally let Sen go, and they went on their way, continuing their journey to find Mount Weather despite the delays.

Sen had also put his shirt back on, noticing it had already dried since Clarke put it in the sun earlier.

"Once we get back to the drop ship, I'll need to wrap your wound, check for any kind of infection, and then rewrap it using the medical kit in the drop ship instead of that makeshift bandage," Clarke said to Sen as they walked through the forest, prompting him to nod his head in acknowledgement to her words, letting out an, "Mhm."

Octavia continued clinging to Sen's side, even closer than before, and he couldn't tell if it was because their relationship had improved, or she was just feeling gratitude. Either way, it didn't matter to him why when a pretty girl was sticking by his side.

"I told you to get out of the water," he said to her, turning to his right where the girl holding his arm was.

"I'm sorry," she instantly apologized as she lowered her gaze, making Sen feel somewhat guilty for even bringing it up, but he just dismissed it with, "It's fine, Octavia. Just listen next time."

As he said this, he saw the others in front of him stopping, so he and Octavia caught up with them, where they were met with the sight of a river, overlooking it from a rock.

Finn had a makeshift rope swing in his hands, which made Sen ask, "Where did you get that?"

"From right there…?" Finn answered, confused at the question for some reason as he pointed to a tree next to them.

"It was just there? Already like that?"

To Sen's question, everybody looked at him for a second wondering why he was asking, but he dismissed his own question with a, "Nevermind," though in his head he still hadn't dismissed it.

'A rope swing right next to the river? Not to mention, it looks man-made. That's not possible though. Everybody was supposed to die after the nuke went off,' he thought, wondering if he was just being paranoid or not.

Zoning back into what was happening, Sen heard Finn say, "See you on the other side," and with that, he swung across the river, letting go as the momentum of the swing carried him to the other side of the river.

As he landed, Finn lightly scraped his knee, but he dusted it off and stood up, cheering at Sen and the others from the opposite side of the river.

After the cheering had passed, Sen suddenly felt himself get goosebumps, but he ignored them as Monty said, "You're up, bud," to Jasper while patting his shoulder.

"Come on, Jasper! You got this!" Finn shouted out from across the river when he seemed to find something on the ground near a tree, getting everyone to look at him while he picked up a thin metal plate and looked at it.

Sen could tell that Clarke was about to ask what it was, but before she could, Finn yelled out while holding the sign up, "Look! Mount Weather! We did it! Yeah!"

As everybody besides the wary Sen cheered yet again, suddenly, as Finn was cheering, a spear flew directly into his chest, the impact pushing him into the forest.

"F-Finn! Finn!" Clarke yelled, scared out of her wits.

Sen quickly grabbed Octavia's hand, yelling at the others, "Come on! We're not alone!"


As they ran for their lives through the forest, Monty tripped over a small vine, and as Sen was about to help him up, everybody noticed bones in the form of a skeleton on the ground in front of Monty.

Despite every single one of them seeing how deformed the skull on the body looked, nobody wanted to bring it up.

"Get up, we need to go," Sen said, unphased by the dead body as he let go of Octavia's hand for a moment and grabbed Monty by the arm, lifting him to his feet as they then continued to run after Sen grabbed Octavia by her wrist, dragging her along behind him.

As they ran, everybody heard Finn's shrill voice echoing throughout the forest as he screamed in horror.


This made Clarke, much to Sen's annoyance, rush back to the river, looking at where Finn was last seen from through a bush to not get spotted by whatever was out there.

"Th-They took him," she uttered in horror.


As they made their way back into camp, Sen and the rest of the group saw a black kid holding Murphy in front of him with a knife to Murphy's neck.

Bellamy was in front of him, and it was clear to everybody he was the one who set up the little fight between the two.

"Wells!" Sen heard Clarke yell out towards the black kid holding the knife, "Let him go!"

Knowing Murphy, Sen was sure he was the one who started the fight, but Clarke was quick to walk up to the two and admonish Wells only.

Wells did as Clarke said and let Murphy go, throwing him to a safe distance, and while Murphy was about to retaliate as soon as he was let go, Bellamy grabbed him and said, "Murphy, enough!"

He then noticed Octavia in the group and asked, "Octavia! Are you alright?"

Though he noticed Sen holding her wrist, he decided to deal with it later, and instead walked up to Octavia, checking her leg that looked injured out.

Thanks to Sen, the damage to her leg wasn't as bad as it would've been, so she was able to walk with ease despite the pain as she answered his question in a breathy tone of voice, tired from running constantly, though Sen dragging her along had made it easier.

"I'm okay, Bell."

Hearing her answer, Bellamy then looked towards Clarke and asked, "Where's the food?"

"We didn't make it to Mount Weather," she answered as she caught her breath.

"What the hell happened out there?" Bellamy asked, raising his voice.

"We were attacked," Jasper said, revealing what happened.


Before he could hear anything else, Sen let go of Octavia's wrist and walked away. Despite her wanting to follow him, Bellamy grabbed her arm to keep her away from Sen.

Sen then walked towards the drop ship, looking around for any medical supplies, eventually finding a first-aid kit in a compartment underneath one of the seats.

He knew Clarke was likely too busy explaining everything to the rest of the group, so he wrapped his wound with gauze by himself, making sure to rinse his wound off with water from a rain-catcher outside of the dropship beforehand. He knew the water might not be clean, but in his mind, it was better than nothing.

After dressing his wound, he then layed down on the seats in the drop ship, and quickly let sleep overtake him.

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