The 100: Survivor

Spending most of his life locked in a cell, Sen had long since resigned to dying a pathetic death. However, by some miracle, a few days before he turned 18 and was scheduled to be floated, he suddenly found himself being sent down to Earth in a space shuttle with 99 other juveniles like himself. With newfound hope, Sen decides to survive. [First attempt at writing a character with actual character development]

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I Said I Want It

After he got enough rest from all of the walking in the forest, Sen stood up and walked out of the drop ship, with Octavia watching him and deciding to follow him.

"Not mad at me anymore?" He asked as he exited the door. He saw Bellamy leaving with some whore earlier, so he wasn't too worried about Bellamy seeing Octavia alone with him.

"Why would I be mad?" She asked, continuing to follow behind him like a puppy.

"Because you're the overdramatic type," Sen answered with full honesty.

"Am not," she replied.

"Mhm, I believe it."

As they continued wandering around camp, Bellamy's goon, Murphy, stepped in front of them and said, "Did you not hear Bellamy earlier? Anybody alone with Octavia answers to him."

Processing his words for a second, Sen didn't take long to reply. "Well now that you're here we're not alone, are we, Murph?"

Murphy narrowed his eyes at the demeaning way Sen said it and instead of saying anything else, he just pulled his little knife out.

"Nice knife, Murph. Can I have it?"

"What?" Murphy was taken aback at Sen's inability to understand the situation.

Octavia watched the entire interaction with interest, while also being somewhat worried about Sen, as they'd spent all day with each other.

"I said I want it." This time, instead of saying it nicely, Sen spoke in a cold tone, and with the small distance between him and Murphy, he stepped forward, grabbed the amateur's hand, and squeezed tightly until he dropped the knife. Then he kneed Murphy in the gut, causing him to fall on the ground.

Checking the knife out, Sen suddenly lost interest, not that he was really interested in it in the first place.

"Hm, nevermind, it already has your initials on it," he said, tossing the knife straight at Murphy's eye and leaving with Octavia following behind him, though the screaming a second later was a good indicator at whether he caught it or not.

"You're evil," Octavia said as she walked to his side.

"Is that a problem little stalker?" He insulted in a light tone.

"Little stalker?", she questioned with a stunned look on her face.

"Think of what a stalker is and tell me that doesn't describe you, little stalker." He explained the nickname, and before she could say anything else, they finally reached Sen's destination, which was Clarke.

"Perfect timing, um…"

"Sen," he introduced himself.

"Perfect timing then, Sen. We were about to go leave to Mount Weather to bring food back to the drop ship. You can go with us."

"I'd rather not; sounds like a pain. I just came over here to have you look at my wrist to make sure it's not broken since you seem to have medical experience."

"What? Why would your wrist be- Did you take off your wristband?!" She exclaimed in an accusatory tone.

"Yes? And?"

"I just explained this to Finn. The wristbands transmit our vital signs to the Ark. You take it off, and they'll think you're dead."

"Hm, real interesting. And did you know that tomatoes have more genes than humans?"

"What?" She asked, stupefied.

"I thought we were naming fun facts that neither of us care about, my bad," Sen said as he explained his thought process.

His little rude comment made Octavia laugh a little as she coughed into her sleeve to hide it in fear of raising Sen's already immeasurable ego.

"So are you going or not?" Clarke asked, her brain rewiring itself to forget the conversation they just had.

"I don't know, is my wrist broken or not?"

"Give it here," Clarke said, holding her hand out, so Sen gave her his wrist much to the slight annoyance of both Octavia and Finn.

After pressing a few places on his wrist and asking if they hurt, Clarke concluded, "Your wrist's fine," and started walking off as she yelled, "Now come on, we're leaving!"


"We're coming too!"

Sen recognized those voices; much to his horror, it was dumb and dumber. Monty and Jasper.

While Jasper couldn't keep his eyes off of Octavia, Monty walked forward and was the second to follow Clarke after Finn.

Sen, realizing that Clarke made a deal of her own, was about to just walk back into the drop ship until he realized that exploring the forest with a group would be safer than going alone or even with one other person like earlier when the Jaguar almost found and killed him and Octavia.

So he followed after Clarke next, with Octavia right behind, and Jasper following after Octavia.


As they continued to walk deeper into the forest, Finn picked a purple flower up, passed by Sen, and was about to put it into Octavia's hair, but she avoided his hand, not letting him touch her, as she walked forward and clung closer to Sen.

"Creep," she mumbled, but everyone heard it, and while Jasper and Monty were laughing their asses off, Finn's confidence broke into little tiny fragments.

"A-Anyways, I gotta know what you two did to get busted," Finn said to Monty and Jasper.

"Well, you know…. Herbs," Monty said, and everyone knew he didn't really mean herbs.

"Someone forgot to replace what we took," Jasper interjected, prompting Monty to defend himself in an annoyed tone, "Someone has apologized like 1,000 times."

"How about you, Octavia? What'd they get you for?" Jasper asked Octavia.

"Being born." She said as she left Sen's side and ran to catch up to Clarke who was ahead of them.

"That is so not game," Monty said to Jasper after his poor attempt to get closer to Octavia, which made the two get into a slap fight.

Sen and the others then noticed that Clarke and Octavia were crouching down ahead of them watching something, so they all caught up to the two and looked in the direction they were looking.

It was a deer eating grass. This was one of the first animal's Sen had seen that wasn't something that could kill him, so it was nice to see a normal animal.

But as Finn snuck closer to the deer, he stepped on a branch, alerting the deer, as it turned it's head, and everybody saw something disgusting.

Though the deer could look normal, it had two heads that looked like they were melded into each other.

As soon as everybody saw it, though Sen just slightly grimaced in disgust, everybody else recoiled back in fear, looking terrified.

Luckily for them, the deer wasn't hostile, as it just ran away at full speed.

But still, the revelation was in everybodies mind even after it ran away. They were all thinking about whether or not all of the animals were affected by the radiation like the two-headed deer was.


Later, after they all calmed down, they continued to make conversation.

"You know what I'd like to know? Why send us down today after 97 years? What changed?" Finn asked.

"Who cares? I'm just glad they did. I woke up rotting in a cell, and now, I'm spinning in a forest," Octavia said as she spun around a tree, and while everyone else just ignored her as they walked past her, Sen put his palm on the top of her head and guided her down the path with him as he said, "Dumbass."

Sen heard Clarke say something about the Ark dying, but he really couldn't care less even if he wanted to. Every single person on that hellhole could die, even if it was a child, and he genuinely just wouldn't spare them a single thought.

"So? They sent all of us down here as an experiment. We could all be dead from radiation right now, and they would be sitting up there drinking coffee as they watch. That's not even mentioning the fact that they'd have executed us all as soon as we turned 18," Sen said, deciding to finally say something since he was getting bored.

Completely ignoring everything else Sen said, Clarke only refuted the last part, "The council would have given us a fair trial. You don't know that, Sen."

"You kidding me? Is the stereotype about all blondes being idiots true? Clarke, when have you ever heard of a juvenile offender being let go? I spent almost my entire damn life in that shithole, and not once did I hear anything of the sort," he said, and this time, Clarke couldn't even say anything back.

Sen then walked ahead of all of them, with Octavia quickly following after him, but before she left, she said, "I agree with Sen. I say float 'em all," which for some reason made Sen feel pleased.

Octavia and Sen then came upon a large river, more similar to a lake, and as Octavia took off her pants almost instantly to go swimming, Sen covered her body with his own so none of the three guys behind them could see her.

Soon after taking her pants off, Octavia jumped into the water, and after emerging from it, she said, "Come on, Sen," ignoring the four other people who were questioning her.

But as Sen stood on the rock overlooking the river, he just continued watching the water, and as Jasper was about to take his clothes off to get in the water as well, Sen saw, far away, something big was coming towards Octavia.

"Get out of the water," he said, loud enough for Octavia to hear, but she didn't think he was serious since she wasn't looking at his face, so she teased him and said, "You'll just have to come take me out of it."

"Fucking Octavia!" He shouted as he could finally clearly see the thing in the water.

It was a gigantic water snake, most likely mutated from the radiation.

As soon as it reached Octavia and dragged her underwater, Sen dove into the water and chased after it, even risking the danger of opening his eyes in the water that could've been filled with radiation, just so he could slightly see in the murky water, and after searching for Octavia, he saw her being dragged around underwater by the water snake while panicking, wasting all of her oxygen.

But as soon as the water snake noticed Sen jumping into the water, it let go of Octavia, letting her go, and switching it's focus onto him, and while it tried to bite him, it missed, and it's tooth scraped acrossed his chest, creating a large gash.

Sen grinded his teeth in pain as the water seeped into his wound, and just as the water snake was about to attack him again, a rock suddenly tumbled into the water, stealing it's attention from both Octavia and Sen, with the former being too scared to even move out of the water by herself, so as soon as Sen got to the surface of the water, he was forced to grab Octavia, princess carry her, and put all of the strength he had left into his legs, reaching the surface at the last second and lying on his back as blood seeped out of the wound on his chest.

At that point, the last thing he saw before he fell unconscious was Octavia crying and thanking him as she huddled into his stomach, and Clarke coming over and looking at his wound to try to stop the blood loss.

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