The 100: Survivor

Spending most of his life locked in a cell, Sen had long since resigned to dying a pathetic death. However, by some miracle, a few days before he turned 18 and was scheduled to be floated, he suddenly found himself being sent down to Earth in a space shuttle with 99 other juveniles like himself. With newfound hope, Sen decides to survive. [First attempt at writing a character with actual character development]

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As she yelled those words, everybody ran outside of the drop ship, with Sen being the only exception, as he waited inside of the drop ship for a second.

Earth was just as exciting to him as it was to everybody else, but within all of the chaos, he only just now realized he had a wristband shackled onto his wrist, most likely put there to give the Ark his vital signs, so he instantly smashed his wrist against the metal shell of the drop ship numerous times until the wrist band eventually fell off, leaving a small trail of blood from his barbaric way of removing it.

Sen was no stranger to pain, so ignoring the throbbing pain in his wrist that was spreading to his hand like an electrical shock, Sen walked outside of the drop ship to see the others celebrating and examining everything around them, with some touching the moss on the trees, some picking flowers, and overall just everybody trying to get a feel for Earth.

Seeing some women approach him, Sen walked towards them a little bit as well, wondering what they wanted.

"Umm, what's your name?" It was a group of three girls, with the one in the middle asking the question, while the other two looked between Sen and their friend with knowing smiles.

"Sen. What do you want?" He answered, and apathetically asked a question of his own.

"Ah, um, do you want to do something together? How about exploring?"

"Not interested," Sen answered, not being rude to the girl as it was unneeded, but not being kind either to not give her the wrong idea.

Even back in the Sky Box, women came up to him with either romantic or sexual feelings towards him, and though he followed up on some of the sexual ones as long as he was sure the women didn't have any kind of STD's, he never really followed back up with them. It was more of a way to get his frustration and sexual needs out than to start anything with them.

Moving on, Sen then walked away, not caring what the girl or her friends said next.

Unlike everyone else who was exploring while staying near the drop ship, Sen decided to explore a little more, so he walked deeper into the forest than he should, making sure to walk in the opposite direction of the sun so that he could just follow the sun later to make his way back to the drop ship if he needed to.

As he passed more and more trees, he suddenly heard snapping twigs behind him, so he hid behind one of the larger trees next to him.

As the person following him passed by the tree, he grabbed them and pinned them against the wall by their throat while making sure to cover their mouth before a single sound could escape from it.

Even after seeing that it was the pretty black haired girl, Octavia, he still kept her pinned to the tree by her neck with one hand, though he uncovered her mouth and asked with narrowed eyes, "Why are you following me?"

She didn't respond, just staring into his blue eyes, so he asked again clearly and slowly.

"Why. Are. You. Following. Me?"

"I-I wasn't?" She lied through her teeth, making Sen narrow his eyes even more.

"Tell me why or I'll leave you here. We both know you have no idea how to get back."

"Wait, don't!" She hurriedly pleaded and continued, "I was just curious."

Sen could tell she wasn't lying, making him wonder why he was even so paranoid. Even he realized what he did was odd as hell. Still, he wasn't the type of person who apologizes unless he's extremely in the wrong, but even then it's iffy.

"Curious about?" He asked, wondering what was going through her pretty little head.

"You," she said with a smile shamelessly. She reminded him of an experienced woman, but at the same time, he had a feeling she wasn't.

Still, having one of the most attractive women he had seen say she's interested in or "curious" about him slightly raised his ego.

"I see," he answered, and realized his hand was still around her neck, so he took it off and asked another question, "And where's your brother? He has a gun, so I'd rather not have him thinking I did something to you. Not yet, at least," he said, with his last sentence spoken in more of a mumble. They weren't exactly close enough for him to say suggestive things like that so soon.

"He's not in charge of me. Plus, he's busy acting like a leader," she said, annoyed.

"Mmm…" Sen responded, not really interested despite him being the one to ask her the question.

He then kept walking into the forest, looking at the beautiful flowers and grass everywhere. Even the dirt was a pretty sight for him and everyone else who spent their entire lives on the Ark.

Skipping up to him to catch up, Octavia, instead of looking at their surroundings, kept looking at Sen's face.

"Why are your eyes blue? I've never seen an Asian with blue eyes," she asked.

"Genetics. Now stop talking," Sen said, which seemed to make her feel pity for herself, but Octavia quickly recovered and asked another question, "How many tattoos do you have? I can only see the ones on your neck."

He ignored her.

"What are all of your tattoos?"

He ignored her again.

"Do you-"

"Can you just shut the fuck up? God, you're like a wind up toy that won't shut the fuck up until you wait it out," he said, genuinely annoyed.

"Sorry," she said remorsefully, but he didn't acknowledge her, and kept walking.

"Just keep pace with me. Don't want you getting lost," Sen said, thinking about the bullet in her brother's gun he saw strapped onto his waist earlier being put into his brain.

As soon as he said that, her mood boosted directly back up to where it was, as she misunderstood why he said that, thinking it was because he was worried about her.

"Ok!" She said happily, skipping as she walked with him.

"Can I ask you just one question though?" She said with a pleading tone laced into her siren-like voice.

"One, and then you have to close your mouth."

"What's your name?"

"…Sen," he answered.

But then, suddenly, to her surprise, Sen grabbed her by her waist and covered her mouth, crouching behind a tree.

"Ah, I don't know if I'm- I mean, it's a little earl-"

"Quiet," interrupting her, Sen whispered into hear ear and looked to the side of the tree they were behind, causing his free hand to slightly shake, and not because he hurt his wrist earlier.

Right next to them was a creature that resembled a Jaguar from the books on the Ark, but it had no fur, just a layer of skin covering it.

Sen's heartbeat gradually increased as the Jaguar got closer to them, to the point where at some point, he thought Octavia might even hear the pounding in his chest.

At this point, the Jaguar was practically sniffing at the ground where they were hiding behind the tree, but luckily, out of nowhere, a twig snapped in the opposite direction of where they were, causing the Jaguar to go chasing after a bunny.

"My fucking god," Sen said, exhaling all of the air he was holding in his lungs, and Octavia was no exception, when she saw the Jaguar, she was practically hyperventilating until Sen grabbed her hand and squeezed it, which seemed to slightly calm her breathing down.

"Thank you," she sincerely said, looking at him with relieved eyes.

"But what was that…?" She asked, and this was the only time Sen wasn't annoyed by a question as he answered,

"It looked like a Jaguar, but for some reason, it had no fur, just a coat of skin. My only guess is radiation mutated it," he answered as he remembered the books about Earth that even inmates had access to, but then he changed the subject, "Either way, let's go back to camp now."

"Also, don't tell the others about this just yet. It'll just get them panicking, and without anybody leading right now, we're all fucked if everybody's panicking."

"I'm smart enough to realize that," she said in a haughty tone.

"That's a surprise," he replied demeaningly, lowering her mood yet again, but they just continued back to the dropship.

When they got back, the first thing they saw was Bellamy and a group of people.

Sen wasn't dumb enough to not realize what was happening, and snuck past them, going behind the drop ship, and sneaking around to the entrance, where he sat in one of the seats next to the door, looking outside and relaxing after the tense Jaguar situation.


"We need to find my damn sister. Anybody who doesn't cooperate will have to deal with m- Octavia!"

Suddenly seeing the person he was looking for, Bellamy ran up and hugged his sister.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked, confused, and as she looked for Sen who was next to her, she noticed he was nowhere to be seen.

"What's wrong with me? Are you kidding me? I looked for you everywhere," Bellamy responded back in a scolding tone of voice.

"I was just exploring," Octavia replied back.

"Exploring? With who? I know you're not dumb enough to go alone."

She stayed quiet.

"Alright, I get it," he said, and continued, "…From here on out, anyone seen alone with my sister's a dead man!" Bellamy shouted to everybody near the drop ship, which even Sen heard.

Bellamy saying that just proved that leaving was a smart decision.

Sen wasn't the type to submit, but he also wasn't the reckless type to confront a guy who had a gun.

"Bell!" Octavia shouted, humiliated by her brother.

"This is what happens, O," he said and watched Octavia run into the dropship, completely embarrassed and slightly angry at Sen for just leaving her, so she passed him by without a single glance.

I tried making this chapter more interesting than the last, adding more dialogue for Sen

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