That Sassy Villainess Book

novel - Fantasy

That Sassy Villainess


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  • 90 Chs

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One day, Grace suddenly transmigrated inside a novel. She couldn't even get everything clear on her head when she got hit by many big blows. To her dismay, she realized she had transmigrated into the role of the villainess, destined for a tragic demise at the hands of the main male lead. She wanted to change her fate. So, after transmigrating, she was determined to do only one thing : Completely avoid the male and female lead. However, soon Grace begins to uncover numerous secrets within the novel's plot. Amidst all of the drama, she meets a mysterious guy. But is he a friend or a foe? Can Grace unravel the mysteries hidden within the novel? Can she live a life that she always wanted? Can she escape from this novel? But at what stakes?