Ten Years of Yearning. My Love, Let Me Protect You. Book

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Ten Years of Yearning. My Love, Let Me Protect You.


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[Completed] Luo Lixi was once a lovely and bright child loved by many people. She had many little dreams in her life. After the death of her parents, her only close family was her grandfather and little brother. She thought they loved her as much as she did. but a betrayal from her brother, Luo Lixiang made her world view crumble to dust. She was heartbroken and vowed never to love someone in her life. But a certain someone came to her life unexpectedly and made her waver in her vow. He was also a person who had many goals and ambitions to achieve. He was the one who taught her to live for herself and to love him. She came to know a side of herself that she didn't know exists till then. *** *** Sheng Ruming said as he pressed her head in his chest. "Are you listening? Listen carefully. This heart beats only for you. You're the only girl I loved from my young days till now. Back then I was immature, didn't know what to say or do to please you...but now." He lifted her chin with his right hand as he looked at her eyes as if staring straight at her soul.  Luo Lixi was shaking as she felt her heart was pounding rapidly. This stimulation was too much for her. As he forced her to face him, just looking at those familiar black eyes caused her to feel tingling in her heart.  As her hot tears kept falling she heard a deep voice rang by ears, "Listen carefully. I had said this back then, but you didn't believe me yet thought I was joking with you. Now I'll say this again..." She turned her face to him as she heard his next words, "I love you..." *** *** It's an original story written by me and contracted with Webnovel. No other websites have the permission to publish it. Hope you'll enjoy it! -SB_Moon Chapter length 1k~2k. (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻


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