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Teenage angst


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Story of a young male, who was always certain about the ludicrous privilege that women have over men. Months ago a woman welsh to keep her word about love, in addition, filled his life of prosperity with peril and exploited him in ways that it may take decades to extricate that devastation. WHAT POSSIBLY COULD HE DO? To get rid of this vehement feeling. Since then he finds it difficult to exchange kindness from girls He know they are just being kind but He always ends nearly forgetting that. How would he survive in an unfair world that is full of wonders with an unbearable burden that swells in his heart. He’s yet to profound the chasm between love and attachment. His mind being confused to discern between these two ineffable but baffle words, In spite of everything he’s trying to exceed his grasp in trying to reach for something beyond his understanding.


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