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a young 20-year-old named Ye Xuan gets the chance to have a new life, after truck-sama catches him. watch as he makes his way through the world of Teen Wolf! none of it belongs to me! only my MC, kind of ironic that sentence? I don't own Teen Wolf or any of its characters. it's not Chinese!

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Chapter- 6

After 2 hours I wake up again, still sleepy. I don't need much sleep normally, but I really like to sleep.

I get up and go to the window and look into Allisson's room, she is already up getting ready. Then I make my way to the bathroom, brush my teeth and take a warm shower.

I go downstairs and make a cup of café au lait, yes I like café au lait! It is one of the best things mankind has ever invented.

I made some bread with cheese and heated it up, ate it along with my latte, after I finish, I go to the garage and take the Mustang out.

I thought about going with the Impala, but he has a lot of guns so I don't want to risk it.

When I stop the car out front, I get out I get out and wait for Allison.

After 5 minutes the front door opens and I see Chris coming out of it with a leather bag, he waves to me and puts the bag in the trunk of his car.

He comes over to me and speaks, "thanks for taking Allisson, it will be nice to have someone to stay with her, there is a new alpha in town, and angry, take care of her for me, will you?"

Dean: "it will be an honor to protect Allisson, it helps that she is very pretty"

Chris clenches his jaw, "I like you, kid, but she's still my daughter, so more respect in front of me"

I give a confident smile, "You don't have to be such a protective father in front of me, Chris. Here she comes" Allisson comes towards us, she is wearing the same outfit she wore in the first episode of the series.

Allisson: "Sorry to keep you waiting, shall we? See you later dad!" I open the car door for her and then go back to the driver's side.

Dean: "I will take care of her, with my own life! Even if it's only high school..." I speak and get in the car.

Allisson: "my dad was giving you his rules?" she says with a sweet smile.

Dean: "Rules? I don't know what you are talking about, your father is always an angel with me" I say, but I remember that he said a lot of rules in the last few days, I guess he was expecting something?

Allisson laughs and says, "Come on, we don't want to be late. Good morning, Dean."

Dean: "Good morning, Allisson" I stroke her head, she turns her head sideways with a pout and mumbles something about her not being a dog.

I start the car and get in the street, heading towards the Beacon Hills Highschool.

On the way we talked about different things, how it was that she was always moving around because of Chris' job, or how it was to live in so many different cities, in the end, she asked me about my love life and if I had a girlfriend.

Dean: "No girlfriend, I had a little romance, I think. But it was nothing serious, women always saw me as a brand bag, no feelings." True, through my memory, I saw that the old girlfriend was like Lydia, cheerleader and all, except we played soccer.

Allisson: "I'm sorry to hear that, I'm different from them so don't worry..." she stops talking when she realizes what she just said "I... I... don't get me wrong, ok? That's not what I meant!" she says blushing heavily.

Dean looks at her amusedly, "but I didn't say anything? It was you who said it hahaha"

She punches me in the shoulder: "don't make fun of me dean" she takes a deep breath, but still has a red tinge to her cheeks.

Allisson: "And you? What was it like in Texas?"

Dean: "it was amazing, I loved that place you know, I love horseback riding I could still ride here, but it doesn't have good places to put them. But Texas was only good because of my family, without them there just... it feels empty" she puts her hand on top of mine like she is comforting me.

After a while, we arrive at the school and find a place I park, and coincidentally it is next to a 911.

We start walking to the entrance to wait for the principal, he said he would meet us here.

I sit on the bench and allisson follows me, she opens her purse looking for something: "damn I forgot my pens and pencils" she looks at me for help "do you have any left? I promise to return it later!

Dean: "no need to promise anything, Allison, it's just a pen" I take a pen from the bag, it's a great pen actually, it's worth a lot... it was quite expensive, I like it so I bought 15 of them, and Allison was one of the reasons.

I feel someone looking at me with a lot of intensity, as if they have stolen your lollipop, I just ignore it.

Dean hands the pen to allisson "you can keep it, it's a great pen, I have some spare ones here!" I say a little amused remembering the serious face she had when she said 'I promise to return' it she realizes I'm looking at her funny and should and gives a cute pout.

I can't help myself stroking her I hear footsteps coming towards us and when we look up we see the principal: "sorry to keep you two waiting, come on, I'll take you to your classroom."

Principal: "so you are from another state, allisson is from San Francisco and Dean is from Texas right?"

Allisson: "Yes, you are right. But I didn't grow up there, our family has always been moving."

Principal: "I hope Beacon is the last stop for you and your family. With that, we arrived at the classroom.

We enter the classroom and the principal begins to speak: "Class, meet your new classmates, these two are Allison Argente and Dean Whinchester, please make them feel welcome.

He motions for us to sit in empty chairs, one behind Scott and one next to the empty chair, so I guess we will be side by side.

I sit behind Scott, and soon I see him squeezing hard on his desk, Stiles who is sitting next to Scott slaps him on the shoulder: "what's wrong?

Scott: "Nothing."

Allisson looks at all this with strange eyes, she looks at me and I just shrug, I don't understand either... not his reaction, but I know why.

After the class is over we start to move towards our lockers, which by fate's will, are side by side.

Dean: "What did you think of the class? Was it what you expected?"

Allisson: "I don't know, it was good enough, better than my last school. And you?"

Dean shrugs: "I don't pay attention, didn't you notice that I slept through half of it and the other half I stared at you?

Allisson blushes a little and slaps me on the chest, "why didn't you pay attention? We are the same age, right? Did you repeat?"

Dean: "I had a problem when I was 13, I had to leave school for a while. I am very smart, Allison, I have finished all school curriculum." I talk myself up and brag a little at the end, with my memory it was easy for my body to study everything from high school, and even started reading medical books.

Allisson agrees, I am half in doubt that she agrees, "you know about something?"

Allisson laughs and says: "my dad told me about you having a super memory, he said he played a game with you a while ago to test it, the first dinner with the father-in-law?

Dean: "hahaha your father was shocked that day, he made me read 3 different books and asked several questions, even more, shocked at how fast I can read 3 books in 1 hour." I just ignore the last part, I don't want to provoke her now, Lydia is coming towards us.

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