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a young 20-year-old named Ye Xuan gets the chance to have a new life, after truck-sama catches him. watch as he makes his way through the world of Teen Wolf! none of it belongs to me! only my MC, kind of ironic that sentence? I don't own Teen Wolf or any of its characters. it's not Chinese!

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Chapter- 7

I feel eyes staring at us and from my side stalls, he is jealous and angry...that face is pretty weird.

Lydia stops in front of us and speaks, "that jacket rocks, where did you buy it?"

Allison: "My mother worked as a buyer for a store in San Francisco.

Lydia: "and you're my new best friend!" she looks at me "good to see you again, Dean" she puts a hand on my arm.

Allisson sees this and gets uncomfortable: "You already knew each other? Dean arrived a week ago, but he hadn't come to school yet" she says and puts a hand around my left arm, I think that's really cute hahaha.

Dean: "We met when I went to pick up some films, and I bet a little race with her BOYFRIEND" emphasising the word "boyfriend", who came from behind at this moment

Jackson: "Hi, kitty".

Lydia: "hi" and they start kissing.

In the parallel, I hear a voice in the hall: "how come the new boy and girl, can be here in 5 minutes and already be hanging out with Lydia's gang?

Stiles: "because they are beautiful," he says "beautiful people hang out together and look at that guy, he's what, 190 tall? I'm jealous just looking at him.

I turn my attention to Lydia who says: "there's going to be a party this weekend, you two should come."

Allisson: "A party?" she looks at me for answers.

Jackson: "it's Friday night, you two should go.

Dean: "it would be great to get out for a while, we'll take advantage of it and go out for a walk around town."

Allisson turns to Lydia: "then we'll both go together" she has a smile when she says 'together', really cute.

Scott's racing heartbeat is making me want to rip his heart out, so annoying.

Jackson: "the party will be after training, so be ready to go"

Allisson: "practice? Like football?"

Jackson: "football is a joke in beacon, the sport here is lacross, we've won every championship for the last three years." I roll my eyes a little at that.

Lydia hangs on Jackson, "because of a certain team captain" Allisson and I are a little uncomfortable with all this dog food.

Jackson: "practice starts in a little while, you can go if you don't have anything to do. By the way Dean" he says and calls the attention that was all on Allisson "the coach asked me to call you, he wants to talk to you.

Lydia: "great, let's go ahead Allisson!" and so she pulls Allisson and I start walking with Jackson towards the coach's room. (I love the Finstock coach, he's one of the best in the series hahaha he's just like the immortal Matt Donavan!)

Jackson: "so, do you play any sports?"

Dean: "I play Football and basketball, but I've played lacrosse, but it never had much focus in my town in Texas."

Jackson nods, "lacrosse is the best sport, here you will see how different the level is!"

After a while we arrive in a room, which has some changing, Scott and Stiles are already here as well.

Jackson points to Coach who is talking to someone, "that's Coach, I'm going to change my clothes." And he's gone.

I walk over to Coach and he looks at me: "Well, if it isn't our Adam! So, giant, you're going to put on your clothes and go to the field, we have tryouts today. Have you ever played lacrosse? Or another sport?" he tells me, and doesn't even think about taking my opinion on the matter, this guy is something.

Dean: "I have played, but where I came from football was the main focus."

Coach Finstock: "great, use that locker next to Dany, he's gay so in case you didn't want him liking you, or are you gay?"

Dean: "I'm not gay.

Coach Finstock: "Great! Better yet, there are plenty of pretty girls for you to go after! Now get your clothes on!" I shake my head in amusement.

I move to the closet and start to get ready, my closet neighbor says: "Hi, I'm Dany and you're Dean, right?

Dean: "yes" I shake his hand.

Dany: "If you need help, just say so! I am the goalkeeper of the team and I have been playing lacrosse for a long time.

After getting dressed, I go to the field with the team.

I see Scott talking to Stiles and looking at Allisson, it's a shame that she was looking at me and waving.

I see the coach approaching Scott: "mccall!"

Scottie: "Hi"

Coach: "you are going to be in goal" and throws the equipment at him.

Scottie: "but, I've never played before?

Coach: "I know, let the guys score some goals to build confidence, it's the first day of school" he slaps Scottie and continues "energize the guys! I want to see it!"

Scott: "what about me?"

Coach: "try not to get a ball in the face" and he slaps scott in the face hahaha.

Coach yells, "LET'S GO, PEOPLE, HEAT UP!"

I get in line along with the others after Danny passes me some instructions and tips.

I hear Allisson: "who's that in goal?"

Lydia looks at Scott: "I don't know, why?"

Allisson: "he's a little weird, he keeps staring at me." And Scott falls back after being hit by a ball... what a donkey.

Everyone starts laughing at him, I won't deny that it was funny.

And after that he starts using his ultra wolf sense, catching all the balls, I think he got a little irritated when he heard Allisson since he has a little bit of a golden gleam in his eyes.

And after a few good catches from Scott and Jackson's time.... he took my place actually.

Scott: "oh god"

Jackson starts running like a Spartan toward Scott

He leaps up

Throws the bat back and throws the ball hard toward the goal

And Scott magically catches it!

And everyone goes crazy, except for Allisson, thanks to Rob!

And Jackson looks angry when he sees Lydia rooting for scott.

I think it's time to play with Scott.

I get into position and he realizes it's me and gets ready, he looks pretty confident.

I speak softly: "I want to see if you get it this time.

Everyone focuses on me, I start to run really fast, faster than Jackson.

Using my confusion skill, I start messing with Scott's wolf senses, I'm going to play with his senses a little.

I throw the club back and brake with my left foot and hit the ball hard into the left side of the goal.

Everyone stops breathing at that moment

Scott still confidently uses his stick to catch the ball, which even though it is at an incredible speed, he thinks it will catch.

He tries to defend his right... that's where I made my senses think the ball would go.

And then everyone lets out their breath when the ball scores and they jump up and down celebrating.

Coach: "THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO SEE!!! I look at Coach, all of them actually, and he stops and runs up to me and shouts, punching me in the shoulder "YOU'RE ON THE TEAM! IN THE FIRST LINE KID! HAHAHAHA"

-Commemorative cheers-

I look at everyone celebrating and I see Allisson jumping up and down and waving at me, with a big smile on his face.

I wave at her and look at Coach, "I'll take it for now."

Coach: "hahaha that's it, my boy!"

We all go back to change clothes, scott looks upset again, in fact, I think he is almost turning.

I get dressed and go out into the hallway, I see Lydia and Jackson in a corner, and allisson waiting for me.

She comes over and hugs me, "Congratulations Dean! You made the team!" I return the hug.

Dean: "I guess it was only worth it now since I got a hug as a reward!

She slaps me lightly on the chest: "you silly ^^"

Lydia and Jackson come over to us, "you're good, Dean, it'll be nice to have you on the team, it was even better to see McCall fail!" Jackson says I'm surprised he's nice to me, considering our last interactions before school.

I say, "you're being so nice to me... I see you didn't paint the wheels on your car, I guess you're trying to get away from that right? You got it hahaha it was a compliment" I say smiling.

He frowns, Allisson asks funny as we walk towards the parking lot: "Is that what you bet? Paint the wheels on his car? Haha"

Dean: "yes, we bet he would paint the wheels of his car pink!

Lydia: "So you guys are going on Friday, right?

Dean: "sure, it'll be our first date" I say looking at allisson.

She turns a little red and looks away, but I feel her hand around my arm tighten a little.

After she and I say goodbye to the two of them, we head toward my car.

Dean: "Are we going out tonight? Get some milkshakes and other snacks? I'm watching some movies, so I need some fuel to watch.

Allisson says: "After our dinner, did you forget that mommy invited you home for dinner tonight? Hahaha"

Dean: "I didn't forget, let's do it after dinner"

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