4 Chapter 4: New Beginning

—— 2 weeks later, New York—

After waking up in the body of a 6 year old, Damien spent his time with his family, researching the New World he's in, and learning how to use his powers. He knew for certain that he was in the MCU , And that there were all sorts of companies and items that weren't available in his previous world. He also spent time trying to learn as much as he can of new skills to better improve his current abilities.

Spending time with his family Damien had to put on the act of a six-year-old child. Luckily for him his previous self was already intelligent for his youth, although not considered a complete genius. Although to a 24-year-old Damien, acting like a six-year-old was kind of refreshing in a way but also frustrating in a sense. On the plus side at least he still had a loving family who is always willing to spend time with him. His dad, Having a home office, was able to spend the most time with him. They often play video games together, study new topics, or watch movies and go outside together. His mom on the other hand, although she loves him very much, didn't get to spend as much time with him except for on the weekend. Getting back into her career Jasmine had to spend most of her time reviewing cases or going to the courthouse. But on the off-chance she doesn't have any work to do, or is not too tired, she's able to spend her afternoon with both Damien and Alex. But on the weekends they are able to spend time together as a family although there may be some minor interruptions here in there due to Jasmine's job, or Alexander may get a few business calls, he still didn't let that disrupt the loving family. And in the two weeks Time Damien has been able to completely acclimate to the life of a six-year-old.

But playing games and spending time with his family wasn't the only thing he did. Like a six-year-old Damien did have to go to school. And while in school he was able to research what little information he didn't know about the world. Of course he was able to make friends and continue on with Damien's regular life, but he also spent some time training his abilities. In class Damien will try and connect to any computers or devices around himself. Mostly things like video games the other kids had with them or cell phones and laptops in the classroom. By doing this he was able to train his ability to connect with and control technology. While reading the textbooks and other books in the library at school increased his knowledge base and allowed him to improve his mind and other powers. While on the other hand, pretending to continue being the active kid that the other Damien was allowed him to do strenuous exercise and activities with the other kids around him and practice control of his healing factor. By doing so he was able to work his muscles and body to the limit or even to exhaustion and be able to speed up or slow down his healing factor to suit his needs and strengthen himself.

While all this was going on, Damien was still trying to figure out a plan of action for his future. The first thing he noticed was that he needs to be able to get his hands on scrap metal and other components and materials to create whatever technology he needs. So he needs to figure out how to get his hands on broken or not working technology. Then he can use his powers to make computers more advanced,and compact, than anything being used on the planet. Knowing that there were no events in the marvel world that he should take part in, until the middle of 2003, Damien had time to make ample preparations. So Damien decided that he would spend his extra time using his powers to scan all nearby technology to get their schematics, researching programming languages starting with binary, and practicing hacking with and without his powers. He also begins training his powers so he connects to more devices at once.

———currently in class——

Damien-*Although I hate to admit it, being brought back at 6 years old has had its advantages. I get to play and train all afternoon and nobody thinks anything of it except that I'm an energetic little kid. Also the classes in 1st grade, like the math class I am currently in, are so easy that I have time to connect to the school computers. After researching for the past two weeks I'm at least up to date on the current events. Thanks to my memories though, I know that I have a year until "The Hand" takes control of "Rand Industries". I need to spend all the time I can learning as much about programming and hacking as I can. Starting with the origin of programs, binary, and working up to all other known programming languages.* thanks to his abilities it doesn't take long for him to learn the languages. Over the weekend alone he was able to completely learn the binary programming language. But understanding it and actually using it are two different things. *Thankfully I can use my abilities to have the machines around me to help me write, correct, and test all the codes I make. Having an enhanced mind and training to multitask is making the job a lot easier. *

While continuing his research Damien tries to connect to another computer in class in order to train his powers. The first few times the connection was brief. But on the 10th try he was able to successfully hold a connection to two computers. Next he researched a programming language on one and programs for it on another.

Damien-* Hopefully I'll be able to keep up the progress in time to start my plan.

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