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Chapter 71.1

Technomancer in MCU

UN General Assembly Hall, New York


"Where did you get all the advanced technology that we can see being used on the new?"

"Where are you from?"

"How did you find out about H.Y.D.R.A.?"

"What are your powers?"

"What are your organisation's goals?'

"Who are the people with the superpowers that work for you? Are they a new breed of super soldiers?"

Such were some of the questions that Ed was bombarded with in the few seconds it had been since he took a seat on his chair, Frank and Daisy floating behind him.

"Alright, ladies, one at a time please," Daisy said to the diplomats, shooing away the ones who were shouting to get over the voices of the other people in the room.

He smirked internally at the sheer disregard she showed to the people who were revered in their respective countries as someone representing their country on the global stage. It was amusing to watch, especially since he knew that none of the big guys had asked a question and were just waiting for the rabble to sort themselves out before asking the truly important questions to him.

She then proceeded to point at the Japanese representative, "You, the one with the wig, yeah you can go ahead and ask the question." The situation was made even funnier by the fact that Daisy's suit had made an arrow symbol of hard light that was pointing at him as it hovered the cowering form of the Japanese diplomat.

The poor guy cowered while holding the mic that was made of hard light as it was handed to him by the arrow, "Uh-Uh, Ahem, Mr.Ed, during the unfortunate Invasion of New York, we all saw the application of the revolutionary technology that nullified the damage that was done due by the explosion of a Nuclear Warhead and how quickly it was able to do that. My question to you is, will that be available to the other countries, especially since, " Here the diplomat glanced at the US President, "some countries are not above using them without any consideration of their global effects." Then, he sat down but not before asking a seemingly simple question but one that had a lot of hidden meanings. After all, the White House had never managed to provide an explanation for the Nuclear Explosion that had happened in New York, nor could they present the perpetrator since Pierce had him killed.

 It was a dark mark on the presidency of Mathew Ellis since he couldn't exactly tell them that an agency that was supposed to work for different countries, ended up growing into this behemoth that no single country could control as that would just end up displaying his incompetence. Not to mention the fact that somebody had managed to detonate a nuclear warhead on American soil and despite knowing who it was, they had gotten away with it scot-free.

As expected, President Elliot's face darkened at the implied allegation that was levied against his administration but before he could respond, the Russian President Vladimov interjected with a look on his face that clearly showed how much he was enjoying it, "Yes, I would like to know about that as well. Please begin with that."

Amused by the political byplay happening, Daisy gestured to him with a 'stage is all yours' gesture, "All yours, boss."

"Well, the technology used is very basic in my opinion but the tools required to make it worthwhile are complex and I am not aware of any country that currently has them so I'll just be blunt here, we, as an organisation, have no plan of distributing any sort of technology, either one with military or medical applications, directly to any country but," and here his eyes scanned the entire crowd, "we will be helping the planet become radiation free by scrubbing the sites of major nuclear disasters for free. Be it Japan," He continued while glancing towards the Russian President, "or Russia. Our commitment will remain the same. In fact, Alfred?" 

'Yes?" Alfred perked up at the question.

"Just put it on the list for repairs that we have to do on the planet and make sure it's done on a priority basis." 

"It will be done, My Lord." His eyes twitched at the blatant roleplaying of Alfred as he had assumed his stereotypical butler attire and was currently bowing at the waist.

"Anyway," he said while looking back to the Japanese diplomat, "My team will soon be at the affected areas and while I don't think it will be helpful, I can guarantee that after they are done, the area will have the least radiation effects you can imagine."

"Alright, next ques-" Daisy's words got stuck in her mouth as there was a significant commotion at the entrance of the assembly where a security member was whispering something furiously in the ears of the Head of the UN Security. 

Whatever he heard made the security look straight into Ed's eyes after that and whilst making eye contact, he nodded slowly and dismissed his aide and started speaking something in his comms, never losing eye contact with him.

At the same time, security agents of their respective countries reached President Elliot and President Vladimov, and judging by the shocked looks on their faces that they quickly hid behind their masks, it would seem that the news had just reached them.

"If you wouldn't mind me interrupting the session, Mr.Ed, can you confirm if the carrier floating right above the building is yours, and if yes, can you please relocate it since it is violating multiple federal and international laws regarding UN safety and not to mention, the stringent Aviation rules", the security guard from earlier said into a mic while not even flinching as the complete attention of all the diplomats present in the meeting and more importantly, the collective weight of the attention of six S-class combatants fell on him.

Well, he had to give him credit for that. Most people, even the trained ones, would have fallen from the pressure alone. So, before he could reply, Frank did so on his behalf.

"Yes, the carrier above the building is ours, which should be all the more obvious to you since our logo is shining on it and No, it will not be moving from this building as long as our leader is here. Standard Safety Procedures, you understand right, Brian?" Frank smirked at the security guard with whom he seemed to have some sort of history. 

Realisation slowly filled Brian's eyes as he looked at Frank as if he had seen a ghost. "I, uh, I thought you had died, Mr.Castle. Though, with all due respect, sir, I am going to have to ask you to move the carrier, or else the local military will take over and then." Brian looked at President Elliot when he said, "I won't have a say in how the situation would be handled and we have had more than enough shocks today."

Frank's face slowly lost its smile as he said, "Well, Brain, my boy, I don't think you understand but this is the safety of our leader we are talking about and we won't be budging an inch when it comes to that and more importantly, I don't think Mr.President here would mind since it makes this place the safest place on the planet and I am sure nobody would mind that, right?" Frank questioned the entire audience whose heads began bobbing up and down like chickens although their agreement might have been more due to Frank's menacing aura that he had activated and less due to their own thoughts about general safety.

Brian was about to say more when his hand went to his comms and somebody ordered him to do something since he gave up on convincing us about moving the carrier and instead left the room while speaking furiously with the person on the other side of the comms.

"Now that we don't have any distractions, can we continue?" Daisy, as the self-appointed host of this question and answer session, said.

"What does your organisation hope to achieve with the clear display of your might? What are your organisation's goals? You said earlier that it was to help humanity. Well, I have not seen you people in the multitude of disasters that struck various countries before the invasion." The German Chancellor, who was in town for a meeting, asked Ed. She had a personal stake in the matter as just a few years before the invasion of New York, a devastating flash flood hit parts of Germany, resulting in the deaths of over a hundred people.

Sadness flashed through Ed's eyes as he replied, "Sigh, I am truly sorry for your loss and I am not just saying that as an empty platitude because while I could not help you overtly, owing to the hard-earned secrecy around our organisation, I helped you in the way I could, the monetary way. And I know that money, in no form or amount, could compensate for the lives lost, at least I knew that it helped their next of kin and helped build back the infrastructure better. I also made sure that the money reached its intended place." 

Eyes widening in realisation, she said, "So, it was you." and sat back down on her seat, "I have no more questions." She said, much to the shock and protest of the people standing behind her, who, from the looks of it, were her staff. It was understandable, after all, their senior just gave up the chance to ask very important questions to very important people. 

Ed, using his powers and connections, had managed to make a truly absurd amount of money and while he, himself, had no use for it, it was a convenient tool to make sure that his employees had all the proper perks and benefits they deserved while serving his organisation. It was also important to have a foothold in the economy since many people who had joined him lead double lives or had families that were unrelated or unknowing of their cause and money was something that made the world go round.

He could see all the spy agents that were present inside the crowd make a mental note of that so they could try and track down the channels through which he made the payment, hoping to get to his civilian identity on the planet as if he had any. He was comfortable revealing that part of his charity since the company they used could be burned without ever revealing the true conglomerate that they had built in the background. It was quite clever on Ed's part in making a company that was able to reach the intended size they had in mind to be able to employ their agents as well as pay them without anybody being suspicious all the while avoiding anybody who could figure out the true nature of their organisation like Tony Stark. That was half the reason they had avoided the tech field and instead chosen to expand into an extremely lucrative field like Cosmetics.


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