23 Farming Expert

"Ha! Even Old Macdonald did not have this many chickens, did he?"

The small pen was now a full-fledged XP farm growing from the measly eighty chicks he had at first. Of course, this wasn't something he accomplished overnight. If anything, it took him a fortnight.

A very painful fortnight. No, not the game. He preferred smacking people into oblivion on Minecraft than that horrible game.

Besides the few hundred chickens pooping eggs every minute into his expanded chest storage, Technoblade was now a proud owner of a small automated pumpkin and melon farm. It might only be a single piece of melon and pumpkin, but a little each day goes a long way.

If Technoblade was truthful, he only made a single pumpkin and melon harvester because he did not have enough quartz and refused to get back to get more. His iron armour might be enchanted, but he did not have enough time to look for more diamonds. That special pickaxe still lacked fortune five, but he was about to fix it.

Passing the massive bleating meadow, Technoblade admired his creative Skittle-like bridge holding all his coloured sheep. It was a huge bridge that extended from the front to the end of his sky bridge. Yes, he made that rainbow bridge for his sheep just beneath the bridge so that he could admire them.

Was it necessary? No. Was it fun? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Now he can enjoy listening to their tormented cries before he sleeps each night.

Little by little, Technoblade was starting to get used to his new life in Aftercraft. In the morning, he fed the chickens and sheep. In the afternoon, he harvested his wheat and replanted them. Before he knew it, it would be night, and he would empty the freshly laid eggs for the day into the chicken farm before he went to bed. The next day, he would do the same things all over again.

At level forty-eight, getting enough XP for the next level was tricky. However, Technoblade knew he was close. His wheat farm was presently operating at full capacity. He spent more time converting his melons and pumpkin into bone meal to treat the tilled soil. It was more efficient, and it took lesser resources. The iron splurge made a hole in Technoblade's iron supply as he expanded the bone meal compost with more bins and hoppers. However, it was all worth it as things started coming together.

Waking up to the sound of sheep bleating instead of roosters became the farming expert's norm. Technoblade hopped out of bed and greeted his sheep from the sky bridge.

"It's a lovely day," he grinned. "Too bad you're going to starve for a while because I'm going mining!"

Indeed, after feeding all his chickens and murdering some, Technoblade found himself with exactly fifty levels. The beauty of having an enchantment shop is not having to run all the way back to his enchanting table to get the upgrade he wanted on his special pickaxe.

From there, Technoblade stocked up on golden carrots and apples. He had some basic enchantments on his armour and weapons, so he headed straight for the deep mines.

Strip mining had to be the most tedious process ever. Technoblade hated every single hour he spent in the mines without any luck finding diamonds. He used his levels to expand his inventory space and had enough room to fit all the resources he mined. The fortune enchantment was no joke. After mining only a few veins of ores, Technoblade regained all the iron he had used previously.

He was a wealthy man, and all he lacked were diamonds.

"If only I could find an eight-vein diamond pocket," he lamented. "I could have a full set of diamond armour."

As if the system admin heard him, the eight-vein diamond pocket that Technoblade could only dream about finding in the last two hours appeared before his eyes. Making the trademark Technoblade gasp, the Potato King did what he normally did and dug around the precious mineral.

"That's five confirmed ores and no danger around it," he nodded in satisfaction and promptly took his words back.

Behind the eight-vein ore was a huge cave crevice. The monsters that spawned gathered closer to the other side as it was overly big.


Even before he could finish his cussing, they attacked. These guys were beefed up with leather and gold enchanted gear. One skeleton even had an enchanted bow that took out so much of Technoblade's health that he started retreating.

"I'm not leaving without you," he swore to the diamonds and hid behind his cobblestone pillar.

The expert PVP gamer in him counted the enemies. Three zombies, a spider, two skeletons and three annoying bats who had broken past his barricade. For better or worse, no orphaned undead babies were running around, so Technoblade counted his blessings while shield-bashing the annoying blood-sucking bats.

The easiest way to win a battle with numbers not in his favour was to create conflict among the enemy camp. Technoblade followed the words of Sun Tzu closely and let them fight amongst themselves. The skeletons were preoccupied with shooting each other in a deadly dance as they circled each other.

Technoblade felt no shame at stalling the helpless zombies from his hiding corner while fencing with venomous spiders. The cave spiders were relentless, so he was forced to eat two golden apples.

Then, the most surprising thing happened that made Technoblade gasp in delight. He forgot about the dangers lurking just behind his cobblestone barricade for a moment.


Indeed, the cave spiders that he killed dropped a single piece of string. In regular Minecraft, he would have complained about the loot rates. One spider was being stingy, and the other was living in poverty. However, this was huge for Technoblade, who received zero drops since the beginning of Aftercraft.

What changed? Were the spiders feeling more generous? Did the system admin bestow upon him this single piece of string using a spider messenger? Could it be that as he gained more powerful gear, the difficulty level in Aftercraft increased, and now he deserved mob loot?

Either way, he did not question it. There were still enemies that needed his attention. Technoblade could investigate later.

Swift like lightning, he cut down the zombies and skeleton survivors. To his surprise, the spider wasn't the only monster giving him monster loot. The skeleton dropped their bones, and the zombies dropped their rotten flesh.

It was definitely not a miracle. Technoblade must have gained something he did not know that allowed monsters to drop loot now. His sword was unenchanted, so that wasn't it. What could be the case?

"That's right! I forgot to check the mail notification after getting into the nether, but first, it's diamond time."

One, two, three diamonds from just one ore and Technoblade already felt giddy with anticipation. He needed twenty-four diamonds for a full set of diamond armour and eleven for a full set of tools, including the mighty hoe. Three was 12.5% of the amount required for a full set of diamond armour. Maybe he could craft the diamond armour after mining all eight ores?

Holding his breath, Technoblade counted his diamonds carefully. Eight veins of diamonds gave him…


Ok, he was officially a rich man. It wasn't a stack, but it gave him spares after crafting the essentials. He was a RICH BOI!

There was no point in dallying. Technoblade covered the hole leading to the huge cave and ran all the way home. The crafting workshop was already working on crafting his diamond chest plate and boots, but it would take Technoblade seven hours to get those items. Thankfully, simultaneous crafting meant he could get the boots in two hours and the chest plate in four.

"Time to find out what I got two weeks ago," he scanned the inbox and found his answer almost immediately.

[Congratulations on completing your quest [Nether Region]. You have received a unique skill [Dismantler].]

[Dismantler] was a passive skill that gave Technoblade raw materials from killing monsters which did not appear in his shop. The skill could be levelled up by killing more mobs or exchanging levels in the shop after it was unlocked. Presently, it was at level one, to nobody's surprise, but Technoblade saw potential in this.

"Does this mean I can increase the loot I get from killing monsters if I start a monster genocide?"

Oh, boy! Things just keep getting better and better in Aftercraft.

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