Technoblade Never Dies: A New Adventure Book

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Technoblade Never Dies: A New Adventure


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After losing the battle to his stage 4 cancer on 1 Jul 2022, Technoblade finds himself getting transported into a world that he is very familiar with. Looking at his reflection, Technoblade realises that now he was a character of the very game he held legendary records for - Minecraft. As a pig with his crown, Technoblade has to start his new life in a world far from his fans, using all the knowledge he knows about the game to beat the newest update from the gaming gods. With the blessings of his fans, can Technoblade find happiness in his new life? AN: I'm grieving very badly over the sudden loss of a genius content creator who died at the tender age of 23. Leave the hate out of this. It's my coping mechanism with the loss, you don't have to read it. People are not lost when they die. They are lost when they are forgotten.


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