4 A Major Revelation

I read the newspaper and sighed to myself. 

'I need to become stronger.' I thought to myself.

If I remember correctly then Amelia Bones is killed by Voldemort in the books. 

I can't let such a fate befall her in this world. 

Plus, I don't fully trust Dumbledore either. 

The only person I can fully trust to keep me and my loved ones safe is myself. Which is why I must become a teacher at Hogwarts. 

I have already made a plan to get a job at Hogwarts before the upcoming semester. The plan goes as following:

Step 1: Write a book showcasing my talents in magic as well as sharing a few non lethal cantrips like minor Illusion, control flames, Prestidigitation etc.

Considering that all of the DnD magic can be used without a wand this should be the easiest step. 

Step 2: Ask Dumbledore to set up a new course at Hogwarts and make me its teacher. 

Step 2a: Dumbledore agrees. Plan successful. 

Step 2b: Dumbledore refuses. Move to step 3. 

Although it is highly unlikely for Dumbledore to refuse but just in case. 

Step 3: Ask the Wizengamot to add DnD style magic to the Hogwarts curriculum. 

This should be an easy step, all things considered. 


After creating the plan, I started writing the book. I called the book 'Secrets of Magic' since it sounded cooler. 

In the book I called the DnD magic 'True Magic' due to its nature. I wrote,

[Our ancestors had created the wands in an attempt to gain more understanding of magic. 

However in modern times wands have become a wizards weak point. As long as a wizard or a witch loses their wand they are essentially no different from a muggle. Even a great wizard like Dumbledore would lose most of their fighting power after losing their wand.

In my opinion only magic that can be used without the need of external help(like a wand) deserves to be called magic. 

That is why I have decided to call my school of magic True Magic.]

I must say I feel quite proud of my work.

It took me 3 days to finish writing the book. Then I simply sent Poppy to Diagon Alley to make copies of the book. 

Meanwhile I started getting ready for my date with Amelia. 


I could be seen standing outside of a 5 star muggle restaurant called XXX waiting for Amelia. 

I was currently wearing a black suit and trousers. I was getting a few odd stares here and there due to me carrying a cane with me but nothing out of the ordinary. 

"I hope I didn't have to wait for too long." Amelia said the first thing after arriving. 

Amelia was wearing a wine red backless dress(?) looking absolutely stunning. 

I smiled back at Amelia and said,"No, I just arrived." 

The two of us then made our way into the restaurant and made our orders. 

"You have left quite an impression on Susan. She keeps talking about the dragon you made using magic." Amelia started the conversation. 

"Well she is a curious kid, what can I say?" I replied back. 

We kept talking some more. 

Finally Amelia asked a question that was lingering on her mind for quite some time. 

"Wil, why are you carrying a cane around with you? From what I can see you don't seem to be injured." 

I sighed before speaking," You see I was experimenting with magic the other day and accidentally ended up injuring myself."

"Why are you experimenting with magic Wil…. Wait, don't tell me you created that illusion spell the other as well." Amelia said. 

"Why ofcourse I created that spell." I lied. Not that anyone else could possibly know.

"How did you think I knew the spell?" I asked back. 

"I thought you found it in an old book." She replied. 

Well technically she isn't wrong but I can't admit to that now can I. 

"Well no I created the spell myself. Do you want me to teach it to you." I said. 

"Don't you try to distract me, William White. Why are you trying to experiment with magic?" Amelia used my full name. That means she is not happy. 

I and Amelia have been friends since Hogwarts. She knows of my lazy personality and unwillingness to put in more work than absolutely necessary.

'I guess I can just tell her half truths.' 

I sighed with tears welling up in my eyes.

"You know that I decided to run away to the US during the last war." I said while looking at her with guilt. 

She nodded at me.

"By the time I gathered enough courage to come back the dark lord was already dead. And so were most of our friends…" I said with tears in my eyes almost spilling out. 

"I felt like I betrayed everyone I have ever known." I said with tears streaming down my face. 

Amelia held my hand and said," Wil, you know we all forgave you. We understood your position…" 

"What is the point of forgiveness Amelia. I betrayed them. Maybe of I was in the country then I would have been able to save the Longbottom's from being tortured." I shouted in sadness. 

"Then you would have been tortured with them." Amelia held my hands tighter. 

"I Know." I said while fighting back the tears. 

"That is exactly why I decided to start experimenting with magic." I told Amelia. 

Amelia looked at me with a sad smile. She got up from her chair and sat right beside me and hugged me. 

After a few moments of silence she said," Wil, I know how you are feeling. But you can't change the past anymore." 

"I want to be strong enough to protect my friend(You)." I looked at Amelia. 

She understood my implication. 

"Not like this." She said. 

We continued to talk to each other. Despite the topic of our conversation being rather dull we both enjoyed each other's company and agreed to have another date. 

Before leaving I gave Amelia a copy of my book and asked her if she had any suggestions. 


A month later,

It has been a month since I wrote my book 'Secrets of Magic'. The book has been selling like hotcakes. The book has become a must buy for all wizards and witches across the globe. 

I have already gotten the book translated into 7 different languages and released it across 30 different nations. 

The income from the sales of the book alone has made me a profit of 500,000 galleons. Though I wasn't selling the book for money, it was certainly a nice added bonus.