Tea Sipping Young Master Book

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Tea Sipping Young Master


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[ Note: Please do not read the last 2 chapters because they are just a bunch of crap made to fill the word count. Well, this novel has potential in my personal opinion but I think that I cannot continue it, at least not right now. ] What you will most likely get to experience; – Deep Philosophy – Political struggle – Mild SciFi – Warfare – Brilliant Strategies – Multiple POVs – Cosmic Horror —— "What is the qualification for ruling the world?" The voice which seemed to resonate from the deepest depths of abyss rang out. Soon, a reply surfaced — "Dignity. The dignity for people to govern one another." "A good answer. But my answer is different." "May I ask what that is?" "The willingness to destroy." "Destroy?" "The world... And even yourself!" — Amidst the chaotic expanse of the Universe, consumed by the relentless clutches of endless conflict, the eternal struggle between the Two Hegemonic Existences, the Eternal Empire and the Human Dao Alliance, engulfs all. However, a glimmer of hope arises in the form of an unknown man, named Luo Yin, whose destiny holds the key to a fateful turning point. In this cosmic maelstrom of destruction, where the cries of the Universe echo and the essence of humanity teeters on the brink of decay, the yearning for peace and salvation resounds louder than ever. As alliances fracture and factions vie for dominance, a sense of urgency drives those weary of warfare to seek an end to the bloodshed. Yet, concealed within the depths of the unknown, lies a revelation waiting to be unveiled—a revelation that could change the course of history forever. Will the fractured cosmos find a path to reconciliation, and will the weary combatants ever discover what lies beyond the horizon of their war-torn existence? ————————————————————— [ Synopsis is Still Under Construction ] [ This is a Work of PURE FICTION ] Was it confusing to read? Was it Interesting? Do tell... (*﹏*;) I am but a simple student right now as such I hope that readers understand if there's any delay in Chapters! Hope you all Enjoy!!