1 The Legend Begins

Sunlight filtered through the St. Ancestral Mountain range, casting rays into the deep canyons below. A dusting of snow still clung to the hillside beside the valley, while the surface of the valley was home to a magnificent city known as Glory City. The city had been discreetly situated, allowing it to remain well-preserved from the Age of Darkness, a period that had swept across the Divine continent and destroyed countless empires from humanity's golden age. During this time, thousands of Legend rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists had established many empires in the vast world of tiny world. The inhabitants of the city are uncertain about the conditions of the world beyond their walls. History has documented the destruction of empires during their zenith, leaving the current state of the outside world shrouded in mystery. Reports indicate that beasts currently roam the lands outside of the St. Ancestral Mountains. The residents within the mountain range have not been in contact with the outside world for centuries. Despite the uncertainty and isolation, Glory City remains an unwavering symbol of hope for humanity, standing tall and resolute like an unconquerable monument. The spacious classroom of Holy Orchid Institute was filled with over thirty Fighter Apprentices, eagerly awaiting their female teacher's lesson. The students sat at attention; their eyes fixed on their teacher as she prepared to impart her knowledge.

The walls of the room were adorned with traditional tapestries, depicting ancient battles and legendary fighters. The scent of incense hung in the air, adding to the mystique of the school. These Fighter Apprentices were among the many students who attended Glory City's Holy Orchid Institute, known throughout the land as a prestigious academy ground for warriors.

"Have you heard about our new teacher, Shen Xiu?" the student asked in a hushed tone. "Apparently, she's one of the Sacred Family's 3-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualists."

The others gasped in amazement; their curiosity piqued. "No way," one of them said, "That's incredible. I wonder how she ended up teaching at our school."

As the teacher stood before her class, the students couldn't help but feel captivated by her presence. Her tall, statuesque figure towered above them, drawing the eye to every curve and contour of her body, highlighted by the form-fitting lavender dress she wore. It seemed to be tailored to perfection, accentuating her perky chest, curvy hips, and long, toned legs.

But it was not just her stunning appearance that held the students' attention. It was the air of confidence and authority that surrounded her, as if she knew she belonged at the front of the classroom. Her regal features were flawlessly enhanced by the exquisite makeup she wore, bringing out the sparkle in her eyes and the curve of her lips.

There was an undeniable arrogance to her expression, a hint of pride that came from knowing her status as a 3-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist and member of the Sacred Family. It was as if she expected the students to be in awe of her accomplishments, and for some, it was hard not to be.

Despite this, the students couldn't help but feel a sense of intrigue and fascination around their new teacher, wondering what secrets and knowledge she held that could help them in their own journeys as Fighter Apprentices.

Teaching a class of Fighter Apprentices was not a typical pursuit for a 3-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist like her. However, there were two reasons why she had agreed to it.

Firstly, her nephew was a student in this particular class, and she felt a sense of obligation to help guide him in his training. Secondly, she couldn't resist the opportunity to keep a watchful eye on Ye Bao, the City Lord's son, who was also attending the same class.

Despite the seemingly trivial reasons for her presence, there was an undeniable sense of importance and authority that emanated from her. It was clear that she took her role as a teacher seriously and expected nothing less than excellence from her students.

Speaking of Ye Bao, his actual name is Drake Jackson. He was a young man from Earth who had met an untimely demise but was granted a remarkable opportunity by the navigators. These beings, who are responsible for transporting souls to different worlds, had offered him a chance to start a new life in the world of his favorite novel, Tales of Demons and Gods.

Drake, born as a fraternal twin to Ye Ziyun, was only seventeen seconds older than his sister. Despite being born into the Snow Wind Family, he had taken on the name Ye Bao, signifying his rebirth in the world of Tales of Demons and Gods. The weight of his destiny hung heavy on his shoulders, as the eldest son and heir to the title of City Lord in the prestigious city of Glory City.

There was a certain aura of purpose and determination that emanated from Drake, as if he had been chosen by the heavens to play a significant role in this world. He knew that his path would be filled with obstacles and challenges, but he was resolute in his mission to become the next City Lord of Glory City. Forged by his unwavering resolve and strengthened by the trials he would face; Drake was prepared to face any challenge that lay ahead.

Right before he was sent to Tiny World, Drake was granted three wishes and a system to aid him on his adventure in his second life. Being an avid reader of web novels with isekai protagonists, Drake knew all too well how these wishes worked. He was determined to make his second life more interesting, so he used a clever loophole to get more than three wishes.

He called it his "Wishlist," and for his first two wishes, he asked for a pen and an extremely long paper in preparation for his third wish. The Navigator was taken aback by this unusual request and asked him what he intended to use the paper for. Drake replied with a grin, "I'm going to write down every single thing I want, and then use my third wish to make them all come true!"

When the Navigator finally saw what Drake had written on his endless scroll of paper, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. It was the longest Wishlist he had ever seen, spanning from practical necessities like a warm bed and good food to frivolous desires like always encountering beautiful women and a flying unicorn.

The Navigator allowed it, saying it was the first and last time such an offer would be granted. And so, armed with his extensive Wishlist and his new system, Drake embarked on his second life with a mischievous glint in his eye, ready to make the most of his granted wishes.

Because of such a trump card Drake now Ye Bao is leading the next generation of Glory City to new sights that not even Ye Mo was capable of doing.

As Shen Xiu droned on about the intricacies of cultivation, Ye Bao's eyes were glazing over. But it wasn't because he wasn't interested, no, he was preoccupied with something much more important.

"Man, Shen Xiu needs to stop wearing those curve-hugging dresses. My concentration is shot," he thought to himself, stealing glances at her figure.

Suddenly, an alert popped up in his mind, courtesy of his trusty system. "Master Nie Li will be reborn in approximately one minute."

"Well, that's great and all, but can you please give me a heads up when Shen Xiu's goanna turn around and write on the board? I gotta keep up appearances, you know," Ye Bao quipped back to the system, a smirk on his face.

Thanks for the suggestion, Grogu," Ye Bao chuckled to himself as he heard the voice in his head. He had named his system after the cute and lovable character from his favorite show, The Mandalorian, back when he was still on Earth.

Ye Bao couldn't help but laugh at the thought of Grogu, his virtual companion, joining him on his journey through the realm of TDG. "I guess it's just you and me now, Grogu. Let's make this adventure a memorable one," he said to himself as he refocused his attention on Shen Xiu's lecture on cultivation ranks.

But as Shen Xiu continued to explain, Ye Bao's mind wandered again. "Although, I can't help but wonder... what teacher Shen Xiu melons look like with no covering?" he thought to himself with a grin.

As Ye Bao carried on his silent conversation with Grogu, Ye Ziyun picked up on the mischievous glint in her brother's eye. Having grown up with him for 13 years, she knew all too well that whenever Ye Bao was lost in thought, something significant was about to go down. Despite being considered a genius in her own right, Ye Ziyun couldn't help but feel overshadowed by her brother's unparalleled intelligence and cunning. Nonetheless, she couldn't resist asking, "What are you up to, big brother?"

As Ye Bao's mind was preoccupied with his inner dialogue, he barely registered his sister's whisper. However, when he finally did, he turned to her with a mischievous glint in his eye and replied, "Nothing's wrong, sis. I'm just trying to figure out how to get out of this boring class and go grab some delicious street food."

Ye Ziyun rolled her eyes at her brother's lack of interest in their education but couldn't help but smile at his love for street food. "You're hopeless, big bro," she said with a chuckle.

"I prefer to think of it as being adventurous," Ye Bao retorted with a grin. "Besides, life is too short to waste it on boring lectures."

Grogu, the system in his head, chimed in with a playful beep, as if agreeing with Ye Bao's sentiment.

Suddenly, Ye Bao's playful grin turned serious as he spoke up. "But hold on to your seat, sis, because things are about to get interesting in just a few seconds," he said with a tone that made Ye Ziyun's heart skip a beat.

Ye Ziyun, still confused by her brother's cryptic statement, decided to trust him as he always seemed to know what he was doing. Ye Bao leaned in closer to her and whispered, "Get ready for some action." He then gestured for her to follow his gaze towards a boy with bright orange hair who was dozing off during Shen Xiu's lecture.

Ye Ziyun's confusion only grew as she watched the boy sleep through the lecture, but she trusted her brother and waited to see what he had planned.

At that moment, Nie Li's mind was wandering around like a lost soul, and he had no clue where he was. He couldn't help but feel a little perplexed as he noticed his hands had become smaller and his skin had become a lot more tender.

"Am I a baby again?" Nie Li muttered to himself.

He looked around and saw that he was in a classroom, listening to a lecture by a 3-star silver rank Demon Spiritualist who was as arrogant as ever. Nie Li remembered how he used to dread her classes and was unwilling to learn.

But then, it hit him. "I'm reborn!" Nie Li exclaimed in disbelief. He recalled being killed in a battle against the Sage Emperor and six Deity rank beasts, but now, his soul had been reborn to the time when he was thirteen years old.

As he glanced around the room, he recognized his old friends Lu Piao and Du Ze. They looked a lot younger than he remembered, but it was still a relief to see them alive and well. And then, he saw her, despite being only thirteen or fourteen years old, Ye Ziyun exuded a sense of grace and elegance, with her lustrous purple hair cascading down to her waist. Her arched eyebrows and sharp, intelligent eyes added to her charming demeanor, and her deep dimples only added to her already captivating smile. Nie Li couldn't help but stare, admiring her beauty, what was strange for Nie Li he was staring right back at him, their eyes locked in a few seconds before they both quickly looked away, their cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

Nie Li couldn't believe his luck, being reborn with a second chance at life and getting to see Ye Ziyun again. "Let the legend begin," Nie Li whispered to himself with a mischievous grin.

Ye Ziyun was caught off guard when she realized Nie Li had noticed her staring at him. Blushing with embarrassment, she quickly looked away. But then, to shift the attention away from herself, she pinched her brother Ye Bao.

"Ouch, sis! What was that for?" Ye Bao exclaimed in surprise, rubbing his arm.

"You were the one who made me look like a stalker!" Ye Ziyun retorted with a playful scowl.

As the siblings continued their little banter, Nie Li watched the scene unfold with confusion. He was initially jealous of Ye Ziyun being so open with a guy, but then he remembered through his 13-year-old body's memories that the guy was actually her brother. This realization only added to his confusion since he didn't recall Ye Ziyun having a brother in his previous life. But then a memory popped into his head - he had overheard his elders discussing how the City Lord's wife had a miscarriage before giving birth to Ye Ziyun. At the same time, they had announced her engagement to the Sacred Family's young lord, Shen Yue. It was all starting to make sense now... or was it? Nie Li rubbed his temples as he tried to sort through the complicated web of information.

As Ye Bao continues teasing his sister, Grogu interrupts him with some news. "Master, the 'Way of the World' that you wished for is currently explaining your existence to Nie Li," Grogu informs him.

"Excellent!" Ye Bao responds telepathically, grinning.

Ye Bao had added "The Way of the World" to his wish list, a convenient justification for any action or event in this universe. Whatever he did or said could be explained away as part of this universe's logic, allowing him to get away with things without any consequences.

Meanwhile, Ye Bao grabs his sister's hands and locks eyes with her, asking seriously, "Sis, have you considered potential suitors? It's time to start thinking about who you want to be with."

Ye Ziyun rolls her eyes and playfully pushes her brother away. "Come on, Big bro, I'm only thirteen. I don't need to think about that stuff yet."

Nie Li, who had been listening to their conversation, couldn't help but chuckle at the sibling banter. It was a relief to see that some things never change, even after being reborn.

Ye Bao smile to her response and looked at Nie Li, grinned at him and gave a wink. Nie Li couldn't help but feel like he was caught in the middle of some strange family drama. He glanced over at the tall and handsome boy next to Ye Bao, who seemed to be eavesdropping on their conversation and stealing glances at Ye Ziyun. Suddenly, Nie Li found himself at the receiving end of a furious look from the boy, who was slightly taller than him and emitting a faint yin aura. Nie Li couldn't help but feel a little intimidated by the tall and handsome boy sitting next to Ye Bao. He tried to focus on the lecture, but his attention kept getting drawn back to the tense glare the boy was giving Nie Li.

Nie Li shifted in his seat, trying to play it cool as he flashed a nonchalant smile towards Shen Yue. "Uh, hey man, is everything okay?" he asked, hoping to diffuse the tension. But the boy just kept glaring at him, and Nie Li realized he might have just unwittingly stepped into some kind of love triangle. "Great, just what I needed," he muttered to himself, feeling like he was stuck in some kind of cheesy romance drama.

Naturally, it took a while for Nie Li to place the face of the boy who was eyeing him up and down. After a moment, it finally clicked - this was Shen Yue, a member of the Sacred Family and one of the most talented students in the entire academy. Despite his prestigious background, Shen Yue seemed to be glaring at Nie Li with a mix of envy and suspicion.

As Nie Li studied Shen Yue's features, a wave of uncomfortable memories washed over him. He couldn't help but remember how, in his previous life, the Sacred Family had betrayed Glory City during an attack by the Snow Wind beasts. The memory made him feel sick to his stomach, and he wondered if Shen Yue knew anything about his family's past actions.

Thinking back, Nie Li couldn't help but chuckle to himself. As he glanced over at Ye Ziyun and caught her looking at him again, he could practically feel Shen Yue's laser glare burning a hole through his skull. "Oh great," Nie Li thought, "I've officially become the human embodiment of Excedrin." He knew that Ye Ziyun held Shen Yue in high regard, and the last thing he wanted was come off as a jackass to her.

He quickly averted his gaze back to Ye Ziyun, silently thanking the Temporal Demon Spirit Book for giving him the opportunity to meet her again in this lifetime.

At this point, Shen Xiu's eagle-eyed gaze swept over Nie Li's body. As a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist, she had already achieved the rare state of having her mind and body in perfect harmony, giving her an incredibly powerful sixth sense. Her vision was so sharp that she could spot a fleeing rat over a hundred meters away. It was no surprise that she was well aware of the antics of her teenage students during her lecture!

As Shen Xiu's gaze fell upon Ye Ziyun, she couldn't help but think about how special the girl truly was. With her noble identity as the daughter of Glory City's City Lord and granddaughter of the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, Ye Mo, and a rare talent of having a cyan soul realm formed within her dantian, Ye Ziyun was a catch. Shen Xiu knew that if Shen Yue could win Ye Ziyun's heart and make her his wife, it could strongly strengthen the Sacred Family's position in Glory City. No wonder Shen Yue was in the Fighter Apprentice class, and no wonder Shen Xiu was teaching that class herself. She couldn't let her nephew mess this up.

Knowing full well of such information on Ye Ziyun, Shen Xiu's eyes fall on her brother Ye Bao. One could call Ye Ziyun a genius that only appears every couple of hundred years, but for her brother, one would label him a monster - a super genius that only appears every couple of thousand years. Ye Bao is already a 5-star bronze rank and has a soul realm far greater than his sister and even his grandfather, Ye Mo himself. With an indigo soul realm formed in his dantian, Shen Yue knows that with these two genius siblings, a marriage integration with the Sacred Family would boost their status in Glory City. Shen Yue knew his nephew needed to be on Ye Bao's good side if he ever wants to attain Ye Ziyun as his wife. Although Ye Bao is only 14, he already holds major influence over his father thanks to the contributions he has brought to Glory City, which has given the City Lord tremendous pride over his son and even allowed him to participate in government affairs of the city.

Shen Xiu uncrossed her arms and reverted her transformation, her cold gaze sweeping across the students. "For the next two years, all of you will be under my tutelage," she said in a cutting tone. "While the headmaster may have mentioned that Holy Orchid Institute's students are equal, let me remind you of the brutal reality: equality is a myth!" Her voice grew shrill and piercing, each word like a razor-sharp dagger stabbing deeply into the hearts of the students. The students below the stage were eerily silent, not daring to make a sound as Shen Xiu's piercing gaze bore down on them. Every word she spoke was laced with a biting honesty that made even the simplest-dressed students squirm with discomfort. They could barely meet her cold, unfeeling stare and instead looked away, their faces etched with embarrassment and shame. Meanwhile, Shen Xiu and her coterie of nobles stood tall and proud, their chests puffed out with an air of arrogant superiority that made the students below them shudder.

Shen Xiu's lecture was a methodical and systematic process, her voice low and measured as she imparted a harsh reality to the students before her. She held their attention captive as she spoke of the illusory nature of equality, warning them that they could not live in a fairy tale forever.

With a stern gaze, she laid out the unique situation of Glory City, the only surviving human settlement in the Age of Darkness, where two powerful existences existed: Fighters and Demon Spiritualists. She emphasized the nobility of the latter, stressing that they were the guardians of Glory City and that their rarity and power were the ultimate measure of worth in society.

The students were then informed of the hierarchical structure of the ranks within Fighters and Demon Spiritualists, with higher ranks indicating greater power and prestige. Shen Xiu went on to explain the implications of these ranks for families, with gold rank producing aristocratic families, Black Gold rank producing noble families, and Legend rank allowing for a family to become a Major family.

Finally, Shen Xiu turned her attention to the students themselves, highlighting the differences in their backgrounds and the limited possibilities available to them. She warned them that despite their shared starting point, their identities were not equal and that commoners could never rise to become aristocrats. She exhorted the students to have self-awareness and manners and to accept their place in society, lest they dream of becoming a phoenix and fail to recognize the unbreakable social hierarchy.

Meanwhile, Ye Bao found the situation amusing. He knew that what Shen Xiu was saying was a cold, honest truth, but the way she delivered it with such conceit made it seem like a confrontational lecture on the harsh realities of inequality. Ye Bao was waiting for Nie Li's response, knowing that it was going to be a rebuttal to Shen Xiu's words. While Ye Bao agreed that what Shen Xiu said was not entirely wrong, he also knew that Nie Li's point was valid. Having future knowledge made it easier for him to do what others could not in this world. He turned to Grogu and asked for his thoughts.

"Master, Shen Xiu's speech was chilling and confrontational, but nothing she said was wrong, except that she failed to acknowledge that Glory City is not the last surviving human habitat. On the other hand, Nie Li's point about breaking social class barriers is idealistic thinking, but it doesn't negate what Shen Xiu said. Both are right," replied Grogu.

"So, two things can be true at the same time," Ye Bao mused.

"Yes, Master."

Ye Bao smirked, then said, "I guess I'm going to help out Teacher Shen Xiu with this," as he glanced back at Nie Li, who was lost in thought but was showing clear signs of not liking what Shen Xiu had said. Before he could move, Ye Bao grabbed some popcorn out of nowhere and started munching, knowing that the confrontation of entertainment was about to begin.

"Hey sis, you want some popcorn?" Ye Bao asked humorously.

"Say what now?" Ye Ziyun responded, slightly confused.

"Never mind," said Ye Bao with a chuckle.

Upon seeing Shen Xiu's contemptuous expression, Nie Li felt a surge of anger within him. In his previous life, the Sacred Family was the first to flee from Glory City before it fell. As a result, Nie Li did not have a favorable impression of them, especially Shen Yue and Shen Xiu, who he found to have no redeeming qualities. Shen Xiu's harshness in particular made Nie Li dislike her even more.

"Teacher Shen Xiu, I have a question," Nie Li interrupted suddenly, prompting the students to listen intently. Shen Xiu recognized Nie Li as the one who had shown interest in Ye Ziyun earlier, and she had directed her previous comments towards him. However, she did not expect Nie Li to speak up.

"What is it?" she asked coldly.

Nie Li then questioned her statement that Glory City was the only surviving human civilization after the Age of Darkness. "What proof do you have to support that claim? Have you ever ventured outside the St. Ancestral Mountains and visited the Endless Desert, Toxic Forest, Blood Moon Marsh, Spirit Gulf, Heavenly Luster Mountains, or Northern Snow?" he asked.

Shen Xiu was taken aback, as she had only heard of those places in legends and had never been to them herself. She could not answer Nie Li's question.

The other students in the class began to talk quietly, with Ye Ziyun showing particular interest in Nie Li. Shen Yue, sitting next to Ye Ziyun, felt a sense of unease upon seeing how handsome Nie Li was.

Nie Li then shared a story about a frog in a well that could only see a small part of the sky and assumed that was the entirety of the sky. The students found Nie Li's analogy amusing and indirectly referred to Shen Xiu as an ignorant frog.

Shen Xiu's face turned red with fury at Nie Li's audacity. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down, but the anger still bubbled beneath the surface. Nie Li, on the other hand, looked like a mischievous child, grinning from ear to ear.

As Shen Xiu tried to compose herself, Nie Li continued, "Teacher Shen Xiu, I still have another question."

Shen Xiu gritted her teeth and forced herself to ask, "What question do you still have?!"

Nie Li's eyes sparkled with mischief as he asked, "So, about that whole 'commoners can never become nobles' thing you were talking about earlier. Wasn't Ye Mo a commoner when he was young? Or did you forget that little detail?"

Shen Xiu's blood boiled at the insinuation that she was ignorant. "Of course, I'm aware of Ye Mo's background!" she snapped.

Nie Li just kept grinning. "Oh really? Because it sounded like you were saying that commoners can never achieve greatness."

Shen Xiu glared at Nie Li, her anger threatening to boil over. But she knew she had to keep her cool, or risk embarrassing herself in front of the entire class.

After listening to Nie Li's remark, the commoners in the class perked up like dogs who just heard the sound of a biscuit jar. They knew Lord Ye Mo's story by heart, and his rise from commoner to legend rank demon spiritualist gave them hope that they too could achieve greatness.

Shen Xiu, on the other hand, was as sour as a pickle. She stuttered for a moment before finally retorting, "But Lord Ye Mo was an exception, not the rule. Most commoners will never rise above their situation."

Nie Li raised an eyebrow and replied, "Ah, I see. So, you're saying that the odds of a commoner becoming a noble are about as good as finding a Pixiu that burps gold?"

The commoners in the class stifled their laughter, but a few snorts escaped their noses. Shen Xiu's face turned red, and she sputtered, "That's not what I meant at all! You're twisting my words!"

Nie Li grinned like a Cheshire cat, "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that's what you meant when you said that commoners can never become nobles. Silly me!"

The class of commoners burst into yet another uncontrollable laughter, and Shen Xiu appeared as though she was about to burst into flames with the amount of rage and shame, she was experiencing due to Nie Li's words.

Shen Xiu sneered at Nie Li, her eyes flashing with contempt. "Smart mouth, you think that putting things this way could change the harsh reality? You only looked at Lord Ye Mo's glorious moment but didn't look at how many people have failed. Not to mention being a Demon Spiritualist, even becoming a Fighter in itself is a difficult thing to achieve. Nie Li, right? You can be considered a bloodline of an Aristocratic family, but you're nothing more than a sniveling little worm. Since you don't know when to come and go, I'll see what kind of talent you have."

Shen Xiu lowered her head and took a look at the parchment paper in her hands. After taking a glimpse of the contents, she mockingly laughed, "Nie Li: red soul realm, current soul force 5, strength 21. With your talent you can only reach Bronze rank Fighter in your entire life, if you're lucky. Wanting to become a Demon Spiritualist is simply impossible. You're even inferior to some of the commoners. No wonder you dare to speak in this way. You are just trying to hide your own low self-esteem! You're nothing but a useless waste of space, a pitiful excuse for a human being."

A soul realm's grade is differentiated by the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure and indigo. Of the seven different grades, red is considered the worst. It's the weakest to the lowest level. An average person would have an orange or yellow soul realm. Having a green or cyan soul realm could already be considered a genius. As for azure and indigo soul realms, they have only existed in legends until now with Ye Bao.

Grogu interrupted Ye Bao's munching fest telepathically as he observed the whole fiasco. "Are you going to jump in now?" he asked.

"Nah, I decided not to help Shen Xiu. I forgot how awesome this scene was in the manga when Nie took a dunk on her in a battle of words," Ye Bao responded humorously.

As Shen Xiu fumed with anger, the classroom fell silent, all eyes fixed on Nie Li. Ye boa could feel the tension rising and commented under his breath, "Damn, this is getting intense."

Nie Li continued undaunted, "And as for you, Teacher Shen Xiu, you're nothing more than a glorified bully. Your principles are hollow, and your character is despicable. You mock the mediocre and defend the gifted. It's time for you to face the reality that a person's soul realm doesn't determine their worth."

Shen Xiu's face turned beet red, "How dare you speak to me in such a manner!"

But Nie Li was on a roll, "You're not fit to be a teacher, not with your attitude. You attack your students' self-confidence instead of nurturing their talents. But mark my words, there are students in this very class who will achieve great things, regardless of their background. And as for me, I may have weak talent, but I'll become a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist and marry the most beautiful woman in Glory City!"

The room exploded with whispers and murmurs as Nie Li finished his speech. Ye bao couldn't help but chuckle while munching on his popcorn, "Looks like Nie Li just dropped the mic."

As Nie Li spoke, his gaze landed on Ye Ziyun, who was seated far away. His eyes sparkled with an unshakeable determination. This caught the attention of Ye Bao, who couldn't help but make a cheeky comment and whispered to his sister.

"Looks like he's already claiming you, might as well just accept his hand and get it over with."

Ye Bao's sentence was cut short as Ye Ziyun slapped him upside the head and made him choke on his popcorn. She responded with a hint of annoyance, "Shut up, I don't want to hear it right now."

Shen Xiu burst into uncontrollable laughter, "Hahaha! What a joke! A red soul realm dares to dream of becoming a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist like Lord Ye Mo? Even in his younger years, Lord Ye Mo was tested and proven to have exceptional talent with a cyan soul realm. Do you really believe that success is solely based on luck? How absurd!" Shen Xiu continued to mock relentlessly, "Instead of blabbering nonsense, why don't you put in some actual effort and start taking your studies seriously?"

Nie Li's next words were a bombastic proclamation that left Shen Xiu and the students in awe.

"Contempt? You underestimate me, Teacher Shen Xiu. I have no contempt for you, only pity. Your narrow-mindedness blinds you to the true potential of your students. But mark my words, one day, I will surpass even Lord Ye Mo himself and make you eat your words! Aptitude may be a factor, but hard work and perseverance can overcome even the greatest obstacles!"

He paused for dramatic effect, then continued, "I'll make you a bet, Teacher Shen Xiu. If, in three years' time, I haven't surpassed your expectations and become a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, I'll drop out of the academy and never show my face again. But if I do, you will publicly apologize to me in front of the entire school for doubting my abilities!"

The students were stunned by Nie Li's audacity, and Shen Xiu was seething with anger. But deep down, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of unease. Was it possible that this student, who dared to challenge her so boldly, had something more than just an ordinary soul realm?

"What bet?" Shen Xiu snickered with a raised eyebrow.

"Let's make it interesting. If I don't reach bronze rank in the upcoming test, not only will I resign from the institute, I will also publicly apologize to you and wear a sign around my neck saying, 'I am a failure'. But if I do reach bronze rank, you will resign and wear a sign saying, 'I am an incompetent teacher' for the rest of the semester," Nie Li challenged with a sly grin.

Everyone in the classroom was stunned by Nie Li's audacity. They could hardly believe what they were hearing. The idea of Shen Xiu having to wear such a humiliating sign was too amusing to ignore. They couldn't wait to see if Nie Li would be able to pull off the impossible.

Do you dare or not?" said Nie Li confidently.

There was a moment of silence in the classroom for about five seconds before Shen Xiu responded, and how she replied shocked both Nie Li and Ye Bao specifically.

Before she spoke, she looked directly at Ye Bao, then back at Nie Li with a huge smirk on her face, which puzzled Ye Bao for a minute.

"You are ignorant, little child. Do you really think that reaching Bronze rank is going to prove anything? Even if, let's say, it was possible for you to do it with your weak trash talent, so what? Sure, I can admit that it's possible for a commoner to rise through the ranks and be on par with nobility. But let's not be so wishful thinking and say that someone in this class is going to be able to do it with sheer hard work alone," Shen Xiu said with a confident tone and a smirk.

The other students in the class couldn't help but nod their heads in agreement, feeling that Shen Xiu had a point.

As Shen Xiu continued "Also You're funny enough to actually say that you will reach Bronforce from 5 to 100 in two months? why would I not dare? I do not believe an egotistical brat like you can achieve anything. Who do you think you are boasting to?" Shen Xiu angrily snorted

"will you take the bet or not?" Nie Li ignores her taunts jabs at him.

Shen Xiu responded in a boastful tone, "Of course, I will take the bet, but I'll do you one better. Don't just reach Bronze rank, I need you to reach 5-star Bronze rank like our City Lord's son, Ye Bao. You see, Ye Bao is not only talented but has worked hard to reach such a high rank at such a young age. If you want to rise to the top of Glory City and marry the number one beauty, you're going to need to accomplish and beat Ye Bao for that title. He's not just any ordinary student, he's the City Lord's son after all. If you can't even come close to his talent, then I'm not taking the bet."

Nie li was loss for words as almost as if this isnt what he planned and Shen Xiu somehow saw ahead of his plan. He couldnt respond because to many things were going outside his calculations from what Shen Xiu just said

Shen Xiu continued with her boastful tone since Nie Li didn't respond, "Let me tell you something, Nie Li. Ye Bao not only has extraordinary talent, but he has also surpassed his grandfather, Ye Mo, at his age. When Ye Bao was at the Indigo Soul Realm, he had already achieved a level that Ye Mo had not yet reached. With his talent, I have no doubt that he will become a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist in the future, surpassing his grandfather's achievement. If you want to challenge Ye Bao for the top spot in Glory City, you need to surpass his current level and prove yourself worthy. Do you have what it takes?"

This puzzled and greatly shocked Nie Li as he glanced over to Ye bao.

Nie Li was taken aback by Shen Xiu's boastful remark about Ye Bao's talent. He was at a loss for words and was thinking hard about the implications of the new bet. He knew that Ye Bao was the city lord's son, and he was well-known for his exceptional talent, but was extremely shocked about his soul realm which he quite couldn't understand why he wasn't in the first timeline, he definitely would have been a major help during the last days of Glory City.

Nie Li was taken aback by Shen Xiu's audacious new bet, his mind racing as he considered the risks and rewards. He knew that he could easily reach 5-star Bronze rank, given his knowledge from his past life, but the thought of attracting too much attention made him uneasy. He had plans for the future that required him to work in secrecy, without drawing any unwanted attention.

As he weighed his options, Nie Li's inner voice cautioned him, "You can't afford to let anyone jeopardize your plans, especially not Shen Xiu's bet." He knew that if he reached that level of power too quickly, people would start asking questions and his cover could be blown.

After a moment of contemplation, Nie Li made his decision, his voice firm and unwavering. "Teacher Shen Xiu, I decline your new bet. However, I will still aim for Bronze rank and prove that commoners can rise to the ranks of nobility."

Shen Xiu was elated that she had won the bet and punished Nie Li by making him stand at the back of the classroom for two months. But Nie Li remained resolute and confident in his abilities. He breathed a small sigh of relief, knowing that he had made the right choice.

"To my fellow classmates," Nie Li declared, scanning the room with a determined gaze. "If any of you truly believe that you can rise to the top, then follow me. Together, we can prove that anything is possible with hard work and determination."

With those words, Nie Li turned and strode towards the back of the classroom, his resolve unwavering. He knew that he would continue to work tirelessly towards his goal of becoming the strongest Demon Spiritualist in the world, regardless of the obstacles in his path.

Ye Bao watched as Nie Li declined Shen Xiu's new bet, silently admiring his resolve. He couldn't help but feel a sense of unease, knowing that his very existence in this world could cause a butterfly effect and alter the course of events. Grogu's telepathic reminder only added to his apprehension.

As Ye Bao observed Nie Li, he couldn't help but notice a subtle difference in his demeanor. This was not the same Nie Li he remembered from the original timeline from the book. He was much wittier, as if his very being had been changed by the butterfly effect.

Du Ze hesitated for a moment, but then steeled his resolve and rose from his seat to stand beside Nie Li. He was moved by Nie Li's words and actions and felt a sense of duty to stand with him.

As Du Ze stood beside Nie Li, Lu Piao was submerged in his thoughts for a moment and then stood beside them as well. "Why are you here?" Nie Li asked Lu Piao with a smile.

Lu Piao shrugged, "Sitting down is pretty boring. I feel more cool standing, can't I?"

"Haha, that suits you!" Nie Li laughed. Lu Piao was still the same as he was in his past life. Although he spoke a lot of nonsense, he was very loyal. This punishment had nothing to do with Lu Piao, but he thought of Nie Li as a friend, and friends should share their fates together. a few more classmates began to follow suit. They were inspired by Nie Li's speech and the courage he had shown in standing up for the commoners.

Seeing Nie Li's friends stand with him, Shen Xiu's eyes darkened, and she hummed, "Since you also like standing, you can stand together with him."

Nie Li and his friends looked at each other, and their eyes flashed a sense of rapport. Despite the punishment, Nie Li felt grateful for the support of his friends. With these brothers by his side, Nie Li felt that it wasn't so bad to be punished and his mood turned exceptionally cheerful.

Class continued as normal after the aftermath of Nie Li and Shen Xiu's dispute. As the lesson ended, Shen Xiu dismissed the class, but before Ye Bao could leave, she called him over.

"Ye Bao, could you stay behind for a moment?" Shen Xiu asked with a flirtatious smile.