Tap Tycoon System!

Struggling for years after his transmigration to another world without any so-called Goldfinger. Nathan suffered hardship with his sister after the their parents unfortunately died. But then, later after he got fired from his job, their only income source, his system finally activated! [Tap Tycoon System Activated] [The host may now become the richest man in the world!] C'mon and jump in to the story of Nathan fighting the aliens around the Galaxy... oh wait, I spoiled it! Gotta run! _______________ Chapter Release Schedule 2 Chapter/Day GMT +8 _______________ 200 Powerstones = Additional Chapter Every 50 GT = 1 Additional Chapter

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No More Work For Me!

The warmth that covered Nathan surprised him, and he looked at his sister who suddenly embraced him.

Tears are also running down her face that is plastered on Nathan's chest.

When he saw his sister crying, Nathan panicked and immediately asked what's wrong.

"Wha, why are you crying, Natalie!? Is there anything that hurts? Tell me!"

Noticing that her brother is acting flustered, Natalie continues to hug him for 5 more seconds before backing away for a bit.

She wipes her tears and looks at him.

"It-it's just tha-that I saw my brother crying outside, I-I thought that you might be tired of all the hardship already, and my heart hurts when I see you crying, brother! Huhuhuhu…"

As she finished speaking, tears continued running down on her face.

When Nathan saw his sister acting like that, he got stunned and continued staring at her.

But after a while, he got out of that daze and walked to his sister and hugged her tightly.

He gently caresses her hair and her back while, then he said,

"Don't worry, brother is okay. I was just thinking about some things, but I promise you, from this point on, you will never suffer anymore!"

Nathan's voice was full of confidence as he was speaking, his momentum also rising bit by bit and an awe inspiring feeling started coming out of him.

Natalie notices those changes that are happening to her brother and stares at him for a little more before she nodded her head like a chicken.

They stayed like that for some more time before saying goodnight again to each other and heading to their respective sleeping place.

As he lies down on the couch, Nathan stares at the ceiling and is thinking of some things.

As he was doing that, he noticed that the ceiling is already rotting and is showing signs that it is about to give up any time soon.

The thought of moving house then crossed his mind,

"How much will it cause to rent a decent house?"

He thought about it then as he continued to think, he slowly fell asleep without him noticing.


*Tik ti la ok!*

The next morning,

The cry of the rooster in their neighborhood woke up Nathan's who was sleeping peacefully.

He got up and did some stretching to wake himself up. Took a shower, and finally started cooking breakfast.

He turned on the TV as he walked to the kitchen.

It's still early, just 6:30 in the morning. The morning show hosts are laughing as they talk about issues in the country.

Nathan grabbed the pink apron and wore it before he started cooking. He toasted some bread with butter and cooked egg, hotdog, and bacon for their breakfast.

After placing it all on the table, he removed the apron and walked to Natalie's room and knocked on the door.

"Natalie, get up, it's time for breakfast!"

He waited a bit for a response from inside but did not get any after waiting for a minute.

Nathan sighed and entered the room. Natalie's room is very neat and clean. Although the place looks old, it still looks good with it being clean as well as because of the decorations that are placed inside.

Nathan saw Natalie's sleeping posture and face palmed.

"Your neck will hurt a lot if you always sleep like this, I keep telling you, Sigh." He muttered, it's like he is talking to Natalie even though she is sleeping.

He walks to the window and opens it, letting the sunlight go inside the room and shining down on Natalie's sleeping face.

Because of the brightness of the sun, Natalie's face crumpled as if she's uncomfortable before waking up a few seconds later.

"Uhh… ugh.."

She groans as she opens her eyes, then using her arms she shielded herself from the bright light from the sun.

She then looks at Nathan who is standing there with his hands on his hips looking at her.

Natalie glares at her brother for waking up like this, her eyes giving out dark vibes because of being awakened.

Acting like he doesn't notice her glare, Nathan said,

"You're awake? Get up, it's time for breakfast."

After saying his piece, he cooly left the room and went to the dining table.

After washing her face, Natalie also followed and sat down.

Looking at the food on the table, the spirit of Natalie was immediately awoken!

"Let's eat"

They eat silently and their table manners are very proper, although Natalie seems like she already wants to use her bare hands to eat faster.

Nathan just continues eating while thinking about a few things that he is gonna do today.

After the simple breakfast, Nathan let Natalie, who volunteered to clean the dishes, wash the plates while he sat down on the sofa and watched TV.

Although he seems to be watching the TV, his actual consciousness is talking with the system.

"System, will it be alright to use the money that I got on the app? Won't it make the government and any authorities suspicious of me?"

[Response to host, the system will send the money to the host in a legal way and it will be alright to use the money that host got from the system however he wants.]

"Phew~ that's a relief then. I was actually thinking of how to explain all this when someone asks, but I will think about it next time."

As Nathan is too absorbed with the conversation with the system, he does not notice that his sister, Natalie, is already sitting down beside him while staring at him.


And so when Natalie called out to him softly, he did not hear it.




Feeling pissed at being ignored, Natalie raised her voice and yelled at Nathan who seemed to be daydreaming on the outside.

Nathan got shocked by the voice and jumped up from his seat and looked left and right in a panicked way.

Then noticing that there's nothing, he turned to look at Natalie who shouted at him.

He raised his eyebrow and asked her, "What's the problem? Why are you yelling?"

Natalie gave him a bad look and said,

"I've been calling 'brother' a few times already but you're not responding. And so, I yelled at you for you to hear me!"

Hearing her say that, innocently scratch his head,

"Did you? I was just thinking about some things that's why I was not responding."

"What is it, brother? Is it something important?"

"No, don't worry about it. It's nothing."

Natalie stares at Nathan as if trying to discern if he is lying to her.

Then after not seeing any hints from him, she gave up.

"Well, since you say it's nothing, then it's nothing. Anyway, are you not going to work today, brother?"

She felt curious as to why her brother is still leisurely sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Usually by this time Nathan is already out for his work at the eatery. So it's worth something to be curious about.

At least for Natalie, it is.

"Well, actually this brother of yours doesn't need to work anymore!"