Tap Tycoon System!

Struggling for years after his transmigration to another world without any so-called Goldfinger. Nathan suffered hardship with his sister after the their parents unfortunately died. But then, later after he got fired from his job, their only income source, his system finally activated! [Tap Tycoon System Activated] [The host may now become the richest man in the world!] C'mon and jump in to the story of Nathan fighting the aliens around the Galaxy... oh wait, I spoiled it! Gotta run! _______________ Chapter Release Schedule 2 Chapter/Day GMT +8 _______________ 200 Powerstones = Additional Chapter Every 50 GT = 1 Additional Chapter

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Tap Tycoon System!


Nathan was surprised by the sudden voice inside his mind and immediately opened his eyes.

Then he saw that in front of him was a floating blue transparent screen.

It's like a status screen of some game with his name, level, and a few more other things.

Nathan calmed himself down by taking some deep breaths.

After he's finally calm, he looks at it again with a bit of emotion in his eyes.

"After so long, it's finally here!"

Excitement leaked out from his voice and he did not seem to be shocked about the sudden abnormal phenomenon in front of him.

That is because Nathan is actually a person from another world.

For reasons he doesn't know, he just suddenly appeared in this world as a baby.

But being a mediocre person in the world he came from, he was not able to do anything praiseworthy in this world.

He can't copy works from his previous world because he can't even remember it. Then he also learned that he doesn't possess any kind of gold finger.

That's why he felt despair when his parents died.

But now, after waiting for 19 years, his gold finger, the System finally appeared!

"You made me wait for so long." Muttered Nathan as he looked at the transparent screen.

[Response to the host, as your soul was not capable of handling the system before, it was forced to be deactivated and wait for your soul to be strong enough before it activated again.]

[Because of the tribulations that the host faced in this life, his soul became stronger faster.]

Nathan was stunned when he heard the response from the system.

"So it's all because I was weak all this time?..."

He did not know if he should laugh or cry because of this.

Knowing that he did not have to face all the problems before if only he had a stronger soul.

But he doesn't even know things like soul strength or anything before so how can he strengthen it?

A wry smile just got into his face as he scratched his nose with his finger.

"Forget it. Anyways, system, what can you do?"

[The Tap Tycoon System can bring money to the host every time he taps.]

"Uhh… what?" Nathan did not understand the explanation of the system.

That's why he just turned his attention to the screen right in front of him.

[Host: Nathaniel Fernandez

Level: LV1

Profit per Tap: 1 Pesos

Experience: 0/1,000

Shop: Locked]

Looking at the system interface, the part that says profit per tap immediately caught his attention.

"System, what does this mean by profits per 'tap'?"


At that moment, Nathan's phone which was inside pocket rang.

He turned to look at the screen and saw that there is a notification about an app being successfully installed.

"Huh? I did not install anything though. Did I get a virus on my phone?"

He operated the phone and turned to see what application it was.

[Tap Tycoon!]

That is the title of the application that was just downloaded.

"System, is this related to you?"

Nathan immediately knows that this app is because of the system, but he asked just to make sure.

[Yes, Host. In this application you're going to tap on the screen and every time you do, you will gain the amount of the profits per tap section on the system interface. To understand more, please operate the application.]

When Nathan hears that, the excitement that hasn't yet died down, immediately bursts again and it's starting to make him giddy.

He taps the app to open and the screen changes into that of a man standing on an empty space without anything around him.

Then a detail about the man was noticed by Nathan.

"This, Isn't this me!?"

He was surprised that the character inside the game is identical to him no matter where you look at it. Even the clothes he's wearing are the same clothes on his body right now!


He smiled as he saw that, he just felt that this is really amazing to have your face on an app even though he might be the only one to see it.

After looking at the character for a few more times, he then looks at the screen to see what's more there is to it.

At the top right there are numbers on it that seem to be the amount of money that Nathan has at the moment.


That is what's the amount that he has based on the system.

He checked his wallet and a bank application and it's correct, the total amount that he has at this moment is what's written in there!

"This is super convenient! With this, I will immediately know how much I have without going round and round."

Then he checked the app a few more times and did not see anymore in it beside the character in the middle and the money above.

"Now then, I should try this first if it wiñl really work!"

With that thought in mind, Nathan tapped the screen five times.






As Nathan taps on the screen, ₱1 keeps popping up on the place he touches, in response to that, his character on the screen brightly smiles as it's eyes turns into peso sign.

After he tapped the screen five times, he stopped and look at the amount, it did change, it's now [₱5, 487]

But he still doesn't know if it really works in real life, but as he was doubting it, there was a notification on his phone about someone sending him ₱5!

"Ooh!? It really works!"

Relief and excitement came crashing down on him and he started jumping on where he is standing.

Almost like a kid that got the present they wanted on Christmas Day.

Without him noticing, tears started running down his face.

When Nathan noticed the wet feeling on his face he touched it with his hands and only did we understand that it was his tears.

"Why am I crying?"

He asked himself that question a few times, then he understood why.

"I see, I was really suffering, huh" he let out a light chuckle as he wiped away the tears.

The relief and tears made him tired and now he thought that he should rest first.

He walked to the door and was about to turn the handle, but he noticed that it's open.

Nathan pushed the door and saw his sister peeking from the slits of the door.

"What are you doing?"

He immediately asked.

Inside his head he is thinking if his sister saw him conversing with the system and the likes.

But his thoughts got interrupted by the sudden warmth that covered him.

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