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One day while going home on the train, Casy gets a notice for a special survey about reincarnation...

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Chapter 13: The chosen path is long, but not unwelcomed.

Artoria: "Okay, I have made my decision"

Lilith: "Do tell~."

With a bit of nervousness in my voice, I give her my choice.

Artoria: "With the maximum amount of respect, Lady Lilith, I would like to decline your path and help the newborn goddess."

After stating my choice, Lady Lilith just giggled slightly.

Lilith: "It's fine it's fine, Artoria~. I'll give you a bit of information about this goddess so you're not going in totally blind. So, when I say newborn, I pretty much mean that. You're older than her by a few million years. Hmm? You have a question, Artoria~?"

When she had mentioned my age, I frowned a little in confusion.

Artoria: "Ah, sorry Lady Lilith. But yes, I do have a question. Aren't I only 36 years old? I mean, that's how old I was when I took the survey."

Lady Lilith's giggle once again surrounded me, causing me to relax a little.

Lilith: "No, my cute little Artoria~. You're not 36. When you filled out the survey, you opted to have everything about Artoria Alter, but her personality and memories. Included in that bundle was her soul. Now, I didn't want to just snap and change your soul as that would be boring~!"

I started to sweat a little at what Lady Lilith was saying, as I already had a feeling about what she did.

Lilith: "You're feeling about what I did is spot on~. I first had you be reborn as Artoria Pendragon in an alternate universe without your original memories. So you didn't replace anyone~. After your stint as the King of Knights, you became a Heroic Spirit. How tragic it was though, that only 100 short years passed before you were stained by "All the World's Evil'~. You really went on a warpath after that. It was wonderful~!

You, my little Artoria, have been a Corrupted Heroic Spirit for nearly three and a half million years. I may have tinkered a little with the Throne of Heroes, so it was easy for you to be summoned~. And after the final battle had finally taken place, I wiped your physical memories, restored your old ones and put you in the DC universe with your other selections from the survey~. A very roundabout way to give you Artoria Alter's soul, but it was fun~!"

I just sat there in stunned silence.

'Is that why the pool I made from AWE (All the World's Evil) felt so comfortable? It also explains all of my answers when the Lasso of Truth was attached to me.'

After several minutes Lilith spoke up again.

Lilith: "How're you holding up, little Artoria? Too shocked? Mad at me? Stunned you're so old?"

Snapping out of my trance-like state, I shake my head.

Artoria: "N-no Lady Lilith! It's just… just a lot to take in. Is it possible to ever get those memories back?"

Lilith released a hum in thought for several seconds.

'Her voice is a weapon…'

Lilith: "Well, yes it is. But, are you sure you truly want them back? After all, the personality you have now will be totally wiped out. The memories of three and a half million years will crush it."

Looking down in thought I contemplated if I did actually want my memories back.

'She's right. I would be a totally different person. The life and memories of when I was truly Artoria Alter would be so much more pronounced and powerful compared to my time as a human on Earth.'

Eventually I just shake my head and address Lady Lilith.

Artoria: "After thinking about it, I don't think I do Lady Lilith."

Lilith: "Your choice~. Now, we got a bit distracted but no matter. As I was saying, she's a newborn goddess. Only about a few hundred thousand years~. I normally don't get involved with the Light and Dark faction divine war, but she's just so adorable~!"

I could only smile wryly a little as Lady Lilith gushed about how cute this new goddess was.

'But still, a few hundred thousand years old and still classified as newborn huh. Fuck, I am ancient compared to her!'

Lady Lilith then cleared her throat to get my attention.

Lilith: "Ah-hem~. Sorry. But you'll see what I mean soon enough~. The situation is like this: Because she is new, she doesn't have a lot of power and the Light faction is taking advantage of this by sending Reincarnators to the worlds she has. If you're curious about how the Divine use Reincarnators to attack each other, I can tell you~."

Giving her a very eager nod I said, "Yes please, Lady Lilith!"

Lilith: "Alrighy~. So, as you can probably guess, the gods themselves are not able to interfere with a world directly in most cases. I can ignore practically all of divine law, but I am a special case~. Anyway~! To get around this law, the gods have started to use Reincarnators as a means of soldiers, kinda~. As the Reincarnator goes around the world/multiverse and changes fate they will strengthen either the Light or Dark faction."

Nodding along, I was about to ask a question when Lady Lilith spoke up.

Lilith: "To answer your question, no~. You're not a part of any faction. When I reincarnate people, they are only to provide me with entertainment. That's why their actions can empower both factions depending on how they act. Leave a universe in a better condition than when you found it? The Light gets empowered~. Cause havoc, and destruction? The Dark~."

Artoria: "I see. But, from my actions it's clear they empower the Dark then. What is the Dark's goal?"

Lilith: "Nothing grand really~. Just to rule, cause chaos, and the like. Both sides are very one dimensional. Always have been, always will be~. But back to the original topic~. The Light is trying to convert her worlds from her. This will weaken her to the point where they can send one of their champions that would eventually be able to summon her, and kill her off.

You see, when a new god is born several universes also come into being with them. They are randomly selected from all of creation, and then take on the aspect of the god they were born with. For our new goddess, it means the worlds are leaning towards the dark~. But are not fully tipped on the scale, so they can be fought over."

Nodding my head, I ask a question I've been wanting to ask for a bit now.

Artoria: "Not to interrupt you Lady Lilith, but may I ask for the new goddess' name?"

Lilith: "You're good~. Her name is Tearwyn."

Artoria: "Tearwyn is it? Alright, I'll remember it for sure."

Giggling a little, Lady Lilith continued.

Lilith: "I am sure you two will become the best of friends~. So, since she is so young, she can't summon her own champions yet to fight the Reincarnators. But that's where you come in~."

Artoria: "I understand. How many Reincarnators does she need to remove if I may ask?"

Giving a hum, Lady Lilith said, "She has six to get rid of. But I like I said, you'll be sent after more when you're done with her problem. Ah, before I forget~. Your second seal will unlock after you kill all her targets~. Well, it's time to send you on your way to meet Tearwyn~! We'll talk again after you have helped her. Goodbye little Artoria~."

Before I could say anything, I found myself standing in a giant sakura tree forest. It was honestly rather beautiful, as they were all in bloom.

???: "Ah! You must be the one sent by big sister Lilith!"

Turning around, I get a look at Tearwyn.

'I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. Holy shit she is a ball of pure adorableness. Lilith was spot on!'


(from the artist https://twoucan.com/profile/makaroni710 Some of the work is a bit risky, so be warned.)

Tearwyn: "Hi! My name is Tea-wnfg. Ouch…"

'Ah.. she bit her tongue.'

Blushing heavily, she tried again.

Tearwyn: "Hi! My name is Tearwyn! What is yours? If… if I can ask?"

Blinking behind my mask, I was a little confused.

'Why is she asking for permission? I… I am not scaring her, am I?!'

Dismissing my armour so I am only in my dress, I answer her.

Artoria: "Hello Tearwyn. My name is Artoria Alter. You don't have to be nervous around me."

She looked down and blushed a bit.

Tearwyn: "Sorry. It's just, you're a champion of THE Lilith!"

She was waving her hands wildly as she went on a little tangent about Lady Lilith. I was worried she'd lose her cotton candy at this rate.

Tearwyn: "The other gods totally abandoned me when the Light faction sent over some Reincarnators."

She then lost all her energy and looked down, her ears and tails drooped as well.

Tearwyn: "They abandoned me to my fate."

Walking over to her, I couldn't resist giving her a head pat. Goddess or not, she's just so adorable.

'Looks like I have some gods to kill once I am strong enough. How dare they leave such a precious girl to die like that! And how dare the Light faction want to kill her!'

Artoria: "But not Lady Lilith. Nor me. I'll help you deal with your Reincarnators, Tearwyn!"

She looked up at me with an unsure face and small tears in her eyes.

Tearwyn: "Promise? I am not powerful, so I can't give you a powerful blessing like big sister Lilith."

Continuing to pat her head, I just smile warmly at her.

Artoria: "It's fine, it's fine~. I promise!"

She then lunged into me, and hugged me while also using her tails.

Tearwyn: "Thank you, Artoria!"

'Holy shit her tails are so soft…'

Enjoying her hug for several minutes longer than really needed I broke away.

Artoria: "Okay, so how do you want to go about this?"

She looked a little embarrassed again, and was poking her two index fingers together.

Tearwyn: "Well… umm. I would like to send you after the newest ones first if that's fine? They have more problematic systems attached to them, and can get out of control a lot faster than the first three the Light faction sent."

Tilting my head in confusion, I asked why she was nervous.

Tearwyn: "It's just… they are kinda weak right now. So you might not find any enjoyment out of killing them."

'Ack! She's so cute to be worried about me like that!'

Patting her head again I say, "It's no trouble Tearwyn! These are your worlds, let's handle it as you want."

Giving me a smile, she nodded her head enthusiastically, "Hn!"

'I will murder everything that threatens her.'

Standing up and backing away with a bit of sadness I re-summon my armour.

Artoria: "So, how do we go about this exactly? This is my first time being sent after Reincarnators."

Tearwyn: "Ah! Right, big sister Lilith did say you are new to the hunter job. So, while the Reincarnators are in the world, I have limited control over anything. But, I can send you there at least! What I want you to do is kill the Reincarnators and try to undo anything they did. I will show both factions that I am a Dark goddess just like the rest of them!"

She stood up and held both her fists in front of her face under the chin in the classic "I can do this!" pose.

Tearwyn: "Ah! Umm… ahh…"

Artoria: "Yes, Tearwyn? Oh! Umm.. how should I address you?"

She gave me a smile that was so bright, I could have sworn the AWE in me shuddered.

Tearwyn: "Just Tearwyn is fine! And uhh. Can I please ask you to not fully destroy the worlds I send you to? I don't mind some destruction, or even a lot of killings. But I don't want to rule over rubble… please?"

I just give her a smile and say, "That's no problem, Tearwyn. I'll try to hold back unless I am forced not to."

Beaming another one of those deadly bright smiles she said, "Okay!"

She then bounced a bit as she took a proud looking pose with her arms to her side and fists on her hips.

Tearwyn: "Let's get started, Artoria! Big sister Lilith said I should give you a power since you're helping me."

All her tails and her ears dropped again after she finished talking as she slumped over a bit.

Tearwyn: "But as I said before, it can't be very strong… I am sorry…"

Walking over to her, I gently pat her head.

Artoria: "It's the thought that counts Tearwyn. I would love any power you can give me!"

Looking up to me, she smiled.

Tearwyn: "Okay, thanks! So, what power do you want?"

Taking my hand back, I cross my arms and tilt my head in thought.

After a few moments of thinking I ask, "Do you think you can help me with my problem of controlling my aura when I use my Mana Burst?"

Tilting her head, her ears flicker around a few times as she ponders.

Tearwyn: "I think? Can you show me?"

Walking away from her, and summon Excalibur Morgan. I then release my hold and use Mana Burst.

Tearwyn: "Whhhhoooaaaa!!!! You're really powerful Artoria! If these were normal trees a large portion of them would have withered! So, I am guessing you want to limit the range of your aura when you're like this?"

Giving her a nod, she frowned a little, crossed her arms and started to tilt her head back and forth to the side in thought.

'It's very dangerous how adorable she is…'

Tearwyn: "Well, from what I can sense, your power doesn't like to be contained. And helping you with that is way beyond me… BUT! I can give you talent in training what your aura affects and does when it's released."

Artoria: "Oh?"

Tearwyn: "Yes yes! I am really sorry, but I think only big sister Lilith would be able to help you with an ability to constrain your aura. It's your nature to be free like this, unchained and released. So, instead of trying to limit yourself to an area, I can give you a talent that will help you train what exactly your aura does! And with enough training you will be able to have your aura affect multiple areas differently. Is… is that okay?"

Giving her a smile and a nod I say, "Yes, that is most fine Tearwyn!"

Tearwyn: "Yay! Okay, so hold still for a second."

She then reached out with both her hands and closed her eyes. A few moments later she glowed pink lightly, and I felt something in my mind click. I now understood how to change the properties of my aura lightly.

Opening her eyes, she looked at me with a bit of trepidation.

Tearwyn: "Well? You're the first person I have given power to, so I am unsure if I did it right…"

Giving her a toothy smile I say, "You did it perfectly Tearwyn! I can feel my new understanding about my aura already. I can tell with training, this new ability will help immensely. Thank you very much!"

Beaming a smile of epic proportions at me, she did a little cheer.

Tearwyn: "Okay! Now, all that is left is to send you after the first Reincarnator so you can kill him. Or her. Sadly, since I am so weak, their system is able to block my sight of the whole world, and not just its host. So I have no idea what's been going on since they arrived. What I do know though, is that it is a world full of villains and heroes. And there is only one pesky ant you need to get rid of."

Giving her a nod I ask a few questions.

Artoria: "So, what exactly do you want me to do? Kill the intruder, undo whatever they did, cause some havoc?"

Nodding at me Tearwyn said, "Yes. The darker the fate you can make, the better! Oh, speaking of fate! Big sister Lilith said that fate has been broken since the Reincarnator showed up. So, don't worry about anything and just act as you would. And like I asked before, please don't just destroy the entire world."

Nodding my head I say, "No problem Tearwyn. I'll limit the damage as best I can. But, if I use Mana Burst, a lot of people will be killed."

Tearwyn: "That's fine Artoria. I can just recycle the souls you destroy after you kill the Reincarnator! But, try not to kill everyone… that would cause a reset of the world, and that is troublesome in of itself…"

Artoria: "You can count on me, Tearwyn."

Tearwyn: "Okay! Off you go! I have no idea where or when you'll show up. Or who the Reincarnator is, sorry. But you'll be able to tell them apart from everyone else. The attached system will stand out plainly to someone like you."

She clapped her hands together, and a portal opened beside her.

Tearwyn: "Now, just step through, and you'll end up in that world! There is no time limit by the way. Well, I guess there is actually. Don't want that Reincarnator becoming too powerful for you to handle after all. But it's just these three newest ones that have systems that can make them grow really powerful.

And big sister Lilith was kind enough to lock out my worlds from the factions so they can't send anymore!"

Giving a nod I say, "Yea, Lady Lilith is awesome after all. Okay, off I go Tearwyn! Oh! How do I contact you after I kill the trash?"

Tearwyn: "When you kill them, I'll be able to see into the world again, so I can contact you, don't worry! Have as much fun as you can Artoria!"

Waving wildly at me, I return a simple wave and a smile as I walk through the portal. Everything went dark before I stepped out onto a sidewalk looking at a store with TV's playing an ad.

TV: "Have no fear, for I am here!"

'Huh, that's All Might for sure. Guess that answers what world I am in. Now, if I had to bet, I would bet that the trash I need to kill is hanging around this world's main cast. Well, let's get this done then.'

As I turn to walk away I stop mid step as an idea forms.

'On second thought… Why don't I try to find All for One. If this world needs a darker fate, helping AFO would be a great place to start… Okay! Find out where I am then off to Japan!'

[author] Boom, new chapter~. The new goddess, Tearwyn, has won the vote so we'll be helping here for a time~! Hope you enjoyed the chapter, and like Tearwyn~. See you in the next one~![/author]