23 The Question of a Name

"Lin Yin, you say… Lin Yin, Lin Yin…" Elder Lin repeated the name thrice as if to find out how the name sounded on his lips.

Mrs. Lin leaned forward to explain, "Yin from the word, Yin Qin [1] which means diligence and studiousness. Important qualities in the future heir of the Lin family, wouldn't you agree, husband?"

'Lin Yin… The character Yin is also homonymous to the other more unsavory Yin [2] from words like Yin Xian [3], which means wickedness and depravity. It is definitely not a good name for the sweet little master but it does sound like a name the Madam would come up with, I will give her that,' thought some of the maids. Of course they did not voice their opinion.

Elder Lin soon frowned and said, "No, I do not think it is a good idea. It sounds too similar to the Yin from Yin Yang, which stands for female or negative energy. It is a not a good fit for Lin Kang and Xiu Ling's baby boy."

Mrs. Lin sulked from her suggestion getting vetoed but she knew she was in no place to argue with her husband so she sighed and leaned back in defeat.

Since there was no other volunteer, Elder Lin turned towards Lin Kang to ask, "Lin Kang, you are the father, what do you think will be a suitable name for your son?"

Lin Kang in turn moved his head to look at his son. He smiled as his eyes lit up with adoration. He did not expect he would enjoy the role of a father as much as he did but with each passing day he spent with his son, he just felt closer and closer to the boy, which he saw as a miniature version of himself and for an egomaniac like Lin Kang, there was no one in the world whom he loved more than himself.

Perhaps having a son did introduce some positive changes to Lin Kang's personality and worldview but it was still a bit too soon to tell.

Looking at his son who smiled back at him, Lin Kang said, "I am sorry but there isn't any ideas that particularly jump out at me at this moment…"

"Hmm… Is that so? Alright then," Elder Lin nodded before turning to face Mrs. Xiu, "Madame Xiu, what about you?"

Most of the people there, especially Mrs. Lin, assumed the elderly woman would just shake her head and divert the question away from herself but to their surprise, Mrs. Xiu opened her lips with hesitation, "Actually I have been thinking… Having a new child is always a cause for joy and celebration, right? So how about Lin Xi [4]?

"It is also in the hopes that the newer generation will bring boundless joy and happiness to the family…"

Mrs. Lin immediately scoffed with derision, "Lin Xi? The name sounds so crude and uncultured, like the name of a country bumpkin. Of course, it will not a good fit for my precious grandson."

"Wait! Do not act so rashly and shoot down the name without giving it due consideration," Elder Lin grumbled with dissatisfaction.

"Of course, husband, of course…" Mrs. Lin said.

"Lin Xi you say… Lin Xi, Lin Xi," similar to before, Elder Lin repeated the name several times before continuing, "It does roll off the tongue. What do you think, Lin Kang?"

Mrs. Lin thought his son would stand on her side and object to the name but to her surprise, Lin Kang said, "Lin Xi… It does sound like a wonderful name. I do not mind it."

Elder Lin nodded before turning to the boy's mother, "What about you, Xiu Ling? What do you think of the name or you have any other suggestions?"

To be honest, Xiu Ling had already discussed this issue beforehand with her mother in private. She had fallen in love with the name, Lin Xi, when Mrs. Xiu brought it up for the first time. In fact, she had half a mind to just call her boy by that name directly but she knew better than to make such a huge decision on her own. It was a cruel reminder for Xiu Ling her status at the Lin family.

Therefore, when asked, she answered readily, "Father, I like the name, Lin Xi very much."

The boy chuckled in his babyish way then while waving his chubby hands about in the air like he was giving his own seal of approval for the name.

Elder Lin turned to study the boy and after some time nodded and announced solemnly, "From my observation, the boy does have a bubbly personality and is a bundle of joy to those around him. Lin Xi… Yes, it is an appropriate name for the boy. Thank you, Madame Xiu, the name is very nice."

Therefore, it was thus decided that Xiu Ling and Lin Kang's child shall carry the name, Lin Xi, the name bequeathed upon him by his maternal grandmother.

Everyone, including the boy, was satisfied with the outcome of the ceremony… Well, everyone but one.

The ceremony ended and everyone went back to their lives while Mrs. Lin floated away in a ball of resentment. All of her suggestions and effort had been vetoed and thwarted. As weird as it was, Mrs. Lin felt isolated, targeted and victimized in her own home, and that mixture of offenses soon twisted into anger and rancor.

It was Lee Mu's birthday and he had invited everyone from the film crew to join him for a large birthday bash at the karaoke center. The man appreciated a large party so he requested his guests to attend with their partner if possible. The more the merrier, right?

As his co-star, Joann naturally received the invitation and she planned to attend the party with her husband, Xu Jing.

Joann realized the problem with the company had been on Xu Jing's mind recently. Even though she did not enquire about the details, she'd figured a little break might do him good.

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