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What is Table for Two [Completed]

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To give her child a better chance at life, Xiu Ling accepted the contractual marriage offered by Lin Kang, the powerful CEO even though she had no love for the man and his family. Unfortunately, the man and his family felt the same way towards her as well. They assumed Xiu Ling was just an opportunist who sold herself out to sneak her way into a life of luxury. With support from her best friend, Xiu Ling slowly inched out of her shell. Her confidence and brilliance turned the Lin family to her side one by one, including her husband in name who now wanted to marry her for real. Xiu Ling's best friend, Joann Fong, had everything a woman could have wanted in her life, a doting husband, a caring daughter and a shining career in entertainment. However, her life started to unravel as contentment settled in. Blinded by self-assurance, Joann blamed everyone but herself. Xiu Ling wanted to reach out to Joann to return the favor but would the proud woman allow weakness to enter her life and accept outside help before it was too late? My Release Rate: 7/week Release Time: ~6 am for first chapter [GMT +8] Discord Link: https://discord.gg/s4qraBx If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you sponsor me a cup of coffee at: ko-fi.com/lonelytree

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Shameless advertisement ahead... You'll probably end up not knowing anything from reading the synopsis and that is because I haven't thought up the plot yet. I am just writing as it goes. In any case, while this is a romance, the emphasis will be on familial and relationship drama. And since someone asked, no, it is not Yuri. It is the chronicle of two women's lives with drastic personality and the way their lives intertwine. After translating two romance webnovels, I've inadvertently absorbed some of their writing style so expect plenty of tropes, but with a twist. As you can see from the short synopsis, there will be plenty of drama because that is my goal, to be the maestro of forced drama on webnovel.com.


I'm surprised this novel isn't doing better than it is right now! If you're looking for a 'normal' CN romance novel but with the drama levels turned to max, look no further! Although it bears similarities with the other stuff you'd read on this site (in terms of romance), this novel really is something quite special on its own. Forgetting the novel itself, the chapters are long! There's an excellent release speed! An author dedicated to serving his readers with a plateful of hot drama! What more could you want?


This is a well-written novel from someone who clearly understands what it takes to interweave interesting drama and romance into a story. As long as Lonelytree keeps up his regular releases, this is sure to be a hit novel! 😄😄😄


As someone who writes a generic, damned system novel, generating views from clickbait alone, this novel was well written and easily captures the simplicity of romance. Good luck for your future chapters and I hope it grows huge!


Firstly i was only here bcoz of @Lonelytree...❤❤📚❤❤📚 ...... ..... ...... ....... ...... butt nowww i m loving the novel..❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤


It's a good book to fill yr day.Free from incarnation or fictional dreamy character. I Really like the story development so far......... & beginning to love the characters & feeling like I'm part of the drama family instead of a bystander😁 Looking forward to more new chapters with twist & turns in the story!!! & A very happy ending👍👍


I'm glad I got past the very first sentence in your novel, my face turned cold after reading a pretty interesting mistake-free synopsis only to see a mistake in the first piece of dialogue. (I think the first piece of dialogue in your CH1 will sound more fluent if rewritten to, "... or will there be others who are going to join you?") However, overall, this is the best original novel in terms of grammar/flow that I've reviewed recently, really good job! The main cast is also very thoroughly described to the point that I can get a rather clear picture of how they look whilst reading - *this includes even the clothes their wearing!*, +1. Others may not like this type of story-telling, but I really enjoyed it. Also, the supporting characters in your novel are both perceptive and not overly stupid which I too enjoy. The only con I would really say is the general story and goal doesn't truly interest me *personally*, as I have my own interests and likes that don't fall under the 'realistic fiction' genre, but that's not a problem since your intended audience is not to people such as myself. (This is also a bit biased since I only read 20 or so chapters, there may very well of been future plots which would have greatly interested me in the coming chapters.) Overall, if you're looking for a good original read with a *female protagonist* and a good touch of *realism* this is a good thing to start with. 4.4/5 If anyone wants me to do an in-depth review, simply @reply to me in one of my reviews and I'll do a truthful in-depth review if I can actually understand the flow of the writing. (I write these reviews so that the section for determining whether someone reads a story is actually truthful and not full of deceit.)


Great start. Love it already 7 chapters in. Amazing. Even if you are not a fan of dramas, i recommend you try this!!!!!!!!!! WORTH IT 😀😀😀


1. Joanna and Xiu Ling's friendship is friendship goals. 2. The situation between Joanna and her husband depicts real life situation and non-fiction feelings that a woman would really feel in the face of betrayal. Her selfishness and blindness to her own mistakes are also on point. 3. Lin Kang's character development is very well written. 4. What I don't understand though is Xiu Ling's situation. Her personality is very strong and she's the kind of person who doesn't do BS! She has clear goals in life and she gives her friend the best advice on relationships and sees every situation clearly. Her relationship with her husband even went forward. However, she became really indecisive in her own problems in the end and I can't accept how it was written like that. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed on how everything turned out. Overall though, it was a good read. Even though I'm a bit disappointed, I still recommend it to others.


I doted my time reading this novel. Yet the ending is frustrating and awfully disgusting. sorry but I won't read anymore your books. If you're going to give me this kind of ending.


I dont usually, as in ever, write reviews, but then again I always read them when looking for a good novel. And this one, my fellow readers is an excellent work. If you are looking for a happy-go-lucky novel, full of face slapping, overpowered men and fast but shallow pleasure, this novel isn't the one, but still I extend my invitation to read it to you. I hate the characters, trully: a henpecked husband and a rapist marry respectively a full egomaniac woman with rage control problems and a pushover-I'm supergood at reading people but who would have thought that the powerful man would want S**-. And then they take crappy desitions together, live in their own fantasies full of prejudices and misconceptions and somehow work it out. And my thoughts are, ain't that life? It has depth, wrong desitionmaking, reconsilation, character growth, a reflection on how important is society and environement on who we are. Though it has a slow development for my taste, I found myself glued to the phone and exasperated for the crisis the characters faced. And that is a sign of good literature, hard to find in general but quite abundant in the original novels' section. All in all, my congratulations to the author and my encouragement to read this novel to all the fanatic readers lurking in this muddy waters(also, for all of you who can't stand bad english, you got lucky, these one dosn't kilt you're eye. ;) ).


Maybe my favourite novel yet. Great drama, heart clenching betrayals and sly cliffhangers that causes you to always anticipate the following chapters. If not for my random browsing of the power rankings list, I would have never found this polished, yet unnoticed gem, within the ranks of hundreds and thousands of original novels. Give it a shot, if you like romance, drama and heartbreak, this novel is a great read. Wouldn't have given it a crown for gifting otherwise.


You should read this webnovel because one of the main focus of the story is the friendship of two modern woman who help each other as much as they can and still giving the other space to deal with their problems themselves. Both female leads are going through different conflicts in regards to their marriage and it is so interesting to read about how they tackle these problems themselves. Aside from this, the writing style is really good and the characters (even the supporting cast) actually have depths.


I'm not even halfway through the story but I found it so interesting and refreshing that I just had to leave a review now. Usually I read webnovels as a form of escapism. This story is a tad too realistic for my purposes, but even if the drama was really bugging me, I just had to keep reading. It's different from the usual stories. While it does deal with r@pe, it is not glorified. It is clear from the start that the husbands are assholes and they are very difficult to like, but the story is compelling enough to make one stick with it to see what happens next. Characters are more humanized than the usual cliches and stick figure stand-ins that pass for characters in most stories these days. To be honest, I only started reading this because it's Lonelytree. He's a very reliable translator and I figured I'd give his original story some support. While I was not around to help with motivation while the story was ongoing, I did send a few coffees on Ko-fi. I sure hope the author gets it, and hopefully that somehow makes up for not helping with upvoting this story when it was still being written. I read some reviews from people who were not happy with the ending, but at this point I am in too deep and I have to finish the story now. If there's anything to improve, I think the story would improve with a lot of proofreading and maybe some editing to help with the flow. There were mistakes with word usage and pronouns as well as a few other minor grammatical errors, but not enough to be so distracting as to detract from the story. All in all a good effort for a first novel.


Am so inlove with this novel, you know it's very addictive and educative. Thanks author and thanks to the translator. Am from Nigeria. Keep it up nd keep updating each chapter. Much love


Can't wait to read it. I hope it's a kind of story where a woman will take revenge to the people who had hurt her with the help of her husband or i like her to meet someone who is handsome and especially a billionaire


This is a novel which is very close to reality to the point that it slaps you head on. 😢. That's why I really loved it. The characters are real. They are not perfect, unlike other novels (i was quite shocked at first 😂). Their development was gradual (like reality as I've said 😂). On top, they are REAL PEOPLE. The plot also showed lifelike developments. Although i found the part of the ML and FL's lacking, i understand that this is not just a romance story. It's about friends nd family. The monologues have taught me a lot. I remember a lot of the quotations used and how they were tweaked to portray an experienced lesson in life. Amazing work, Author. 🎈 And it didn't cost spirit stones, so it was bearable to finish until the "I... ". Thank you and more power and more works to you. 👏👏


Table for two is a beautiful story and it is well developed. I like how the characters have been introduced. The writer has given adequate details to set the stage for the story. The writer helps the reader understand the traditional roles and focuses on issues that are gender sensitive. The writer educates on gender based violence, it's disadvantages and proffers a solution to how such issues could be handled without been boring. The writer also showcases cultural norms that make Chinese/Asian culture unique. The book Table for Two is an easy read that keeps you on the edge of your sit. It highlights the importance of family and discusses the various dynamics of family life.


The issue I have with this nivel is the tendency of over explanation, over description of thought, feelings, situation and many others. So, it becomes draggy and boring.


I am truly enjoying this story. Issues seem to be resolved faster than in other webnovels I have read whoch usually takes me on a wild goose chase. Waiting for a mass chapter releases. Kudos to the authors.


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