30 The Eviction

Xiu Ling was as confused and as shocked as Lin Kang. It was not until she grabbed the comforter and wrapped it modestly around her body that she realized the person who had saved her was none other than her own mother, Mrs. Xiu.

Xiu Ling felt the wetness on her face and she understood she must have cried. The sound of her crying probably caught her mother's attention.

Feeling of thankfulness and relief washed over her but it disappeared soon as it was replaced by fear and apprehension. She was worried about what Lin Kang might do to her mother as retaliation.

As the senior maid, Mrs. Xiu was tasked to take care of a master key. It was how she managed to gain access into Lin Kang and Xiu Ling's bedroom.

Mrs. Xiu had just put Lin Xi down to sleep when she heard the weird noises coming from the master bedroom which was just next to Lin Xi's bedroom. She frowned as she focused on the noises. When she realized it was the sound of her daughter's crying, she unlocked the door to the master bedroom without a second thought.

When the door fell open to reveal the harrowing scene, her daughter cowering in bed and Lin Kang victimizing her, Mrs. Xiu's common sense snapped. Her desire to save her daughter kicked in and she dashed angrily at Lin Kang.

She did not rein in her attack even though the man was already lying on the floor and off of Xiu Ling. If anything, it felt like Mrs. Xiu's intention was to kill the man there and then.

With both of his hands in front of his face, Lin Kang demanded, "Such impudence, how dare you raise your hand against the master of the house?!"

He did not physically retaliate because he was too busy trying to find the towel he had lost earlier. As angry as he was, he was unable to do anything in such a vulnerable position.

"Me?! What about you?" Mrs. Xiu shot back in a mixture of incredulity and indignation, "Just look at the state Xiu Ling is in! Is that how you treat the woman who is your wife?! What you have done is sexual assault pure and simple!

"If your mother did not teach you how to respect a woman, then I will do it in her place!"

By then, Lin Kang had found the towel and wrapped it securely around his waist. As Mrs. Xiu's hand came flying at him, he reached out to grab it by the wrist. He held it in place as he stood slowly up from the floor.

Mrs. Xiu froze because she had never seen this side of Lin Kang before. Anger poured out of the man like waves and it temporarily dazed Mrs. Xiu. Her power weakened in the majestic presence of Lin Kang, perhaps it was the natural obsequiousness the poor had towards the rich because Mrs. Xiu suddenly found herself afraid to move.

Xiu Ling's heart chilled and as she got up from bed to come to her mother's aid, Lin Kang shook Mrs. Xiu's wrist angrily away from his grasp. The powerful shove toppled the elder woman and she landed with her back knocking into the doors of the cupboard.

It created a resounding thud and Mrs. Xiu's face scrunched up from pain.

Xiu Ling immediately rushed to her mother's side to check up on her injury, her lips screaming, "Mother!" The robe that she had managed to find and put on earlier fluttered behind her as she dashed across the bedroom.

Inspecting the bruises that appeared on her mother's body, Xiu Ling's tears began anew. While this was happening, Lin Kang walked to the table to pick up his phone and dial a number.

When his call was picked up, he spoke into it tonelessly, "Send me two groups of guards. One going to Auntie Xiu's room to pack up her belonging and another to the master bedroom to haul her out of this household. This house has no need for such an unruly staff…" He paused for quite some time before adding, "Have someone keep an eye on the young master and keep him in his room should he wake up. Also make sure the miss stay inside the house. Do not let her leave the premise."

Then, Lin Kang closed the phone and placed it back on the table.

Seconds later, hurried footsteps could be heard coming from the corridor, announcing the arrival of Lin Kang's men. A few burly men entered the main bedroom. They nodded respectfully at Lin Kang before they advanced at Mrs. Xiu.

Xiu Ling tried to stop them as they harshly pulled the old woman who was still in pain off the floor. The men ignored her but tried their best not to harm her. They too knew Xiu Ling's words were an empty threats in the Lin household but based on the orders their boss gave earlier, he seemed to have future plans for the miss and so they tried their best to not harm her while they went about their work.

Mrs. Xiu was soon picked up the floor and hauled out of the room, with guards dragging her along by her arms on both sides. Xiu Ling trailed after them and yelled for them to stop but her words had understandably fallen on deaf ears.

The yelling and screaming though did manage to attract the attention of Mrs. Lin who came out to see what was happening. After taking in the scene and hearing the screams that left Xiu Ling's lips, she managed to come to a conclusion soon enough, 'Looks like the old woman has finally done something stupid to anger Lin Kang and now both the mother as well as the daughter are being chased out of the house. Finally! I have long awaited for this day to come!'

As Mrs. Xiu was dragged to the front door, with a weeping Xiu Ling trying to save her, Mrs. Lin stood in the living room and watched all this unfold with sadistic amusement.

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