69 The Babysitting Experience (6)

To Lin Kang's complete surprise, Lin Xi started to laugh heartily and clap his hands. He was as excited as Magellan discovering the New World. Instead of being consumed by fear like Lin Kang expected him to, Lin Xi was swept by intrigue and interest. He probably saw this state of his father like some kind of superhero transformation, and thus he applauded Lin Kang for the amazing performance.

Facing this unexpected reaction from his son, Lin Kang was baffled beyond words. This was something he had not experienced in his life before.

However, he soon recovered and the rage accompanied by humiliation returned stronger than before. His son dared to belittle him, that was unacceptable!

Green veins popped on his forehead and just before he was about to lay it into his son, Lin Xi bent his body downwards with the flexibility that was only possible for a baby. He hugged his knees to his chest and started rolling about like a ball. This seemed to be a great entertainment for the little man because he was laughing like there was not one care in the world for him, which was technically correct.

Seeing this, the rage that overcame Lin Kang drained out of him. 'What am I doing? Getting so serious with a toddler?' Lin Kang thought with shame. He was taken out of the moment and he saw for himself how ridiculously childish he had acted. He was the adult and Lin Xi was the baby but in the previous interaction he had acted with even less maturity than the baby.

As the anger left him, it was quickly replaced by a heavy sense of helplessness. There was a weakness for everything and it looks like he had found the one for himself.

The prideful lion had finally met his match in his cub.

When Xiu Ling returned from her hometown bearing Mrs. Xiu's best wishes and gifts of home-made mooncakes, Lin Kang had never been so happy in his life to see his wife.

In fact, the man was so overwhelmed by happiness and relief that once Xiu Ling stepped through the door, he rushed forward to throw himself into a hug with her. Xiu Ling was so taken aback by this show of physical affection that the only reaction she could give was to freeze up where she was standing.

Lin Kang extricated himself, taking the boxes away from Xiu Ling. After placing them down on the living room's coffee table, Lin Kang headed straight for the front door like a prisoner seeking freedom. It felt like he could not wait to leave his home and this was more than a little confusing for Xiu Ling who still stood in the living room.

She looked on with confusion as Lin Kang jumped into his car and drove away. It felt like the man was making some kind of grand escape. The questions on Xiu Ling's mind continued to pile on.

'What has happened when I was gone?' Xiu Ling could not help but wonder. Since she was not going to get an answer out of Lin Kang, she went searching for the other possible witness.

When Xiu Ling opened the door to Lin Xi's bedroom, the stench hit her like a solid wave. She almost ran back out and slammed the door close to prevent the smell from leaking. It felt like she had walked into some kind of chemical wasteland.

Lin Xi was rocking himself back and forth in his crib keeping himself entertained. However, when he saw Xiu Ling, he crawled towards the edge, trying to reach out to her.

His movement caused his pampers to move and something brownish slid down from the edges. Xiu Ling hurriedly rushed over to pick her son up. The child's pampers felt full in her touch and when she pulled the thing back, she was in for the surprise of her life.

The thing inside resisted description. The poop caked around the child's pampers and they had gone dry from being exposed to the air for days. Xiu Ling felt like she could even peel them off in sheets.

From what she saw, Xiu Ling believed Lin Kang had not changed Lin Xi even once for the whole period she was gone. 'No wonder he ran away like his life depended on it earlier.'

There was nothing Xiu Ling could do but sigh, shake her head disappointedly and rescue Lin Xi from his own refuse.

"Come on, Lin Xi. We're going to rectify your father's mistake." After a bath and a change, even Lin Xi was feeling brighter and happier.

Xiu Ling held Lin Xi in her arms while he wiggled about, probably feeling jubilant from being all freshened up. Xiu Ling talked to her son, filling him in on what had happened to her when she was off visiting his grandma.

To be perfectly honest, Lin Kang did feel rather guilty dumping Lin Xi with Xiu Ling.

After the torturous two days babysitting Lin Xi, he had a renewed appreciation of his wife and how lost he would be if she was not there to help him take care of their son. To know someone, walk a mile in his shoes. Even with just two days in Xiu Ling's shoes, Lin Kang had a new understanding of how difficult it was to be a stay-at-home mother.

However, it was difficult for a leopard to change its spots.

This was because at the same time, this experience had reminded Lin Kang of the tediousness of married family life. He couldn't understand why he had agreed to this demand in the first place.

For one who didn't like to be tied down, this pushed Lin Kang back into the welcoming arms of his rows of beautiful and ready to service secretaries. Unlike the old ball and chain, at least they were easily replaceable and came with no strings attached.

In his selfishness, he failed to realize that in return, he had sentenced Xiu Ling into this responsibility that he refused to be a part of.

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