Swordsman System In Naruto

Yukan Norio, a boy living in Konoha with the soul of an earth resident. He was an unplanned element who interfered with the course of the original story. But, what if he also created some unexpected things? What if there are unexpected twists? ---------------------- The Mc's behavior in the first few chapters is like that of an idiot. It is because someone living in our world would not be experienced in fighting and killing.

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V.2 Chapter 16

After the three returned to Konoha, Kakashi went to report about the mission. Kozuki and Yukan had gone to their homes.

'Now that I think about it, I have never met Kozuki's parents. Do they even know that I am his teacher?' Yukan thought as he opened the door of his house.

"I'm home" Yukan announced as soon as he got home.

No one came from the inside. He continued to stand at the gate until he finally heard footsteps.

He was hoping to get to eat something made by his mother, he had not eaten anything good since yesterday.

A smile appeared on Yukan's face as the footsteps neared. When the person finally appeared, Yukan's expression changed.

"Why is it you?" Yukan said.

Minato had appeared from the kitchen with a loaf of bread in his mouth.

"Whatever. I am going out to meet Kiyome, after that, I have to go on a mission in the afternoon. Mother will come back but I don't know when. She said she is visiting a friend. Also, Kushina came to ask about you, tell her when you are leaving for a mission the next time, bye." Minato said everything in one go and then disappeared after wearing his shoes.

Yukan heard everything and then tried to understand everything Minato had just said.

"Oi, finish your bread and then speak you, idiot," Yukan said. By the time Yukan said that he noticed that Minato had already gone.

Yukan removed his shoes and walked into the house.

Yukan washed up and went to the kitchen. There, he opened the refrigerator to search for something to eat.

He was able to find nothing which did not need any cooking. Since he was such a… brilliant cook, he saved his skills for showing off later and took a cup of instant noodles from the shelf.

As he made the noodles, he sat in the living room and turned on the T.V.

By the time his noodles were ready to eat, Yukan had turned the T.V. off after surfing through every channel and only finding boring shows being broadcasted.

Yukan ate his noodles while he looked at something to do.

"Yeah, system, how much of the Benimaru template is left?" Yukan asked. This time, he spoke from his mouth since he was alone at home.

[Host: Yukan Norio]

[Age: 17]

[Template: Benimaru 97%]


Swordsmanship Level Max.

Chakra sense

Steel strength Level Max.

Heat Sense

Multilayer barriers Level Max.

Thought acceleration (100x) {A/N: I know Benimaru had more, but, if it was brought here, it would be too much.}

Inspire Forces

Black Flame Level 3]


Poison resistance

Spiritual Attack Resistance

Pain nullification]


Bantsukzi Sword

Mask of Oni

Slave Contract (One use)

All-Healing Pill (18%)

Crimson Rectus ]

"Finally at the last 3%. Soon, this template will end after I gain control over the Black flame skill completely. Haizz, I used it a few days ago and it almost ended up killing my comrades. It isn't safe to use right now. By the way, system, will I get another template?" Yukan asked. He finished his noodles just now and lay down right after.

[Yes. There will be a total of 2 templates including the first one.

A time gap of four years would be necessary for the second template to start]

Yukan read all that the system told him and raised a question.

"Why a time gap?"

[It is necessary in case you don't want to die. The system is bound to the host and helps the host inherit the skills and physique of Benimaru.

His physique was already too much for a human, even if it was a ninja. So, you slowly inherited his physique all over these years.

After you completely inherit it, your body would be kind of unstable. It is like a cup of hot tea, if you put ice in it, it will become a waste.

The same would happen to the host and that would ruin all your training over these years]

Yukan listened to the system and thought about it.

It was true, Benimaru's physique was indeed very strong. Yukana had a lot of stamina and strength.

His strength alone is almost at Tsunade's level or maybe already surpassing it.

Even though his healing is better than normal ninja's, it is still weaker than that of a jinchuuriki.

"Hmm. Well, it would be better to wait some time rather than to waste all these years' hard work" Yukan said as he jumped up and walked around the room.

[Yes, it would be a waste]

"Though that 'some time' is not less…"

As Yukan walked around the room, he saw some photos behind glass on the decorative almirah.

The photo was taken back when Yukan was 3 years old. In the photo, Yukan was held by his father while his mother hugged both, his father and the three-year-old himself.

"Now that I think about it, why don't I have any memories of before I turned 3 years old?" Yukan said as he remembered abou it.

Since he was reincarnated into the Shinob world, he should not have any problem seeing and hearing things since he was already a grown-up in his previous world.

Yukan wondered about it and then slowly lay down in the living room only. He accidentally slept there.

When he woke up a few hours later, he saw his mother in front of him.

"Get up and eat the food on the dining table and then sleep in your room," Aayu said as she picked up some clothes and started to fold them.

Yukna got up. As soon as he stood up, he saw the photo once again and thought in his mind.

'It has been around a few months. I should go and visit Dad's grave once again.'




The next day

Yukan was coming back from the graveyard.

It was noon and the sun was right in the middle of the blue sky.

Since the sun was not as hot as on other days, Yukan was walking to the training ground at a slow pace. As he went back, he saw a lot of children running around and families walking around the streets.

Suddenly, Yukan sensed a group of ninjas moving in his direction.

Yukan put his hand on the top of his sword's hilt as. He got ready to fight the ninjas as he ran all the permutations to protect the children in the area.

At another moment, Yukan sensed that the people had all stopped and only one of them was coming forward.

With this, Yukan lifted his hand off the sword but he still kept his eyes on the children and any suspicious movement that may happen.

As Yukan continued to sense, he finally saw a familiar figure coming toward him.

It was Ozawa, another subordinate from ANBU who worked under Yukan.

"Why are you here?" Yukan asked as Ozawa stood in front of him.

Ozawa wore no cloak or mask this time. He did not want to create a panic among the citizens which would happen due to an ANBU ninja appearing in the middle of the street.

"Captain, our team has to go on an important mission. I only know that much, Hokage-Sama has called you to give more details." Ozawa said.

Yukan hit his palm on his forehead. He did not want to go on a mission again.

This time, Minato was also not in Konoha so, if something were to happen to Aayu, no one other than some ANBU ninja would be there.

"I'll go there first but I will not be doing this mission," Yukan said and then disappeared using the body-flicker technique.


A/N: And now, we start with the main plot. The pervious chapters of volume 2 were just to tell the necessary events for the further story.