Swordsman System In Naruto

Yukan Norio, a boy living in Konoha with the soul of an earth resident. He was an unplanned element who interfered with the course of the original story. But, what if he also created some unexpected things? What if there are unexpected twists? ---------------------- The Mc's behavior in the first few chapters is like that of an idiot. It is because someone living in our world would not be experienced in fighting and killing.

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V.2 Chapter 17

Yukan then went to the Hokage's building and stood in front of the Hokage's office.

He waited there for half an hour before a person finally came out of the office.

It was Jiraiya.

Yukan and Jiraiya also had a friendly relationship.

Being Minato's sensei, Jiraiya had met Yukan on many occasions. Yukan had even joined Jiraiya in a peeping session a while ago but ended up getting beaten by Kushina. It took him quite a few days after that to relieve Kushina of her anger.

"Hey kid, how are you?" Jiraiya asked when he looked at Yukan in front of the office.

"I am good Jiraiya-San but I don't think you are. You were caught again, weren't you?" Yukan asked. He looked at the big purple spot around his right eye and made a wild guess.

"Oh, this? I got this when I was doing heroic work but was caught and had to fight." Jiraiya said.

"So you were doing your 'research' and then, in the end, you got caught by 'her'."

As Jiraiya heard what Yukan said, Jiraiya's mood got down. Yukan patted Jiraiya's shoulder and said," Don't worry. You shall continue to try." Yukan said.

Yukan then left and knocked on the office door.

"Come in." Hiruzen's voice came from the inside.

Yukan entered the office and saw Hiruzen sitting on his chair with his eyes closed.

Yukan continued to stand there for a while as Hiruzen did not move at all.

"...Did you die?" Yukan asked the prospective corpse.

"You brat, I was just thinking about something with my eyes closed," Hiruzen said as he hurriedly opened his eyes.

"Then continue, I will sit on the sofa," Yukan said as he walked to the small sofa in the office.

"No, just listen now," Hiruzen said as he stopped Yukan from going anywhere.

Yukan crossed his arms and stood, looking at Hiruzen with a blank expression.

"You heard about the mission from Ozawa, right?" Hiruzen asked.

"I did. I also told him I won't do it." Yukan said.

"Firstly, I want you to go to Takigakure, near the graveyard mountain and check it for any foreign invasion. Checking strategically, the location of Takigakure is very good to infiltrate into Konoha with large numbers, undetected. Since the situation on the border is also not very good, I want you to go and check the area.

Before you say, Sakumo is still busy with his young child, Jiraiya just came back yesterday, Tsunade…I don't know, Orochimaru cannot do this due to some reasons and Minato has already gone to some other area.

Second, I also know the reason you are refusing to go on this mission, so I have now 5 ANBU ninjas patrolling around your house. They will protect your mother whenever she goes out of her house, and they won't be stepping inside the house at all.

Now, tell me. Will you go?" Hiruzen said. He picked up a glass of water since his throat had started getting dry after all the speaking.

Yukan thought about it for a while and then asked Hiruzen," I'll go but first tell me who are the 5 ANBU ninjas."

"One of them is Tatsuya and the other four are subordinates of Sakumo," Hiruzen said.

Yukan nodded and then sighed and said," Alright, I'll go."

After saying that, Yukan turned around and left the office.

-In Konoha, ROOT Underground Base, a few hours later-

Danzo sat on his seat as he drank from a cup right in front of him.

He had no bandage wrapping on his face. The stolen Sharingan could clearly be seen by anyone.

A file was kept on the table in front of him as he continuously kept on reading it.

"Now that bastard is going away from the village for some time. I can't go after his family directly but, I can indeed torment him in different ways." Danzo said as he smiled weirdly.

He had quite a few methods for tormenting Yukan while he was away on his mission and after some thinking, he finally decided on one option.

He decided that he would never let his family and friends in Konoha contact Yukan. This would disturb and worry Yukan, making him mentally unstable and increasing the chances of his death.

This was the first opportunity Danzo got in a while as Yukan did not go out for long missions frequently.