11 Untouched Elements

As though a cold bucket that came from the Ice Land, Arka, was poured out of nowhere atop his head, Russell — who was drinking a Cas-soda — spat the mouthful of drink from his mouth upon hearing his younger sister, Freya's words, prompting him to stop walking that caused her to do the same as she looked at him with a bewildered expression, seemingly confused with what seemed like an overreaction from her older brother.

Cough! Cough!

"...What's wrong, Oppa? Are you okay?"

Freya asked with a concerned tone as she perplexedly looked at her older brother.

'...Did she just say... von Obreyon?'

"...Cough-! Y-yeah, I'm okay, uhmm... who are you referring to again...?"

Russell asked her again, acting like he hadn't heard her earlier, but he just wanted to make sure he really haven't heard her wrong.

While waiting for Freya's answer, his mind thought of some things that seemed random.

The classes would start in less than four weeks, and just like what the Vice-Chancellor of the Obelisk Academy had told Russell during the interview, that's probably the same case with other students, he could start making a circle of friends or companions, but he didn't bother in forming so as he considered almost every student in the Obelisk Academy to be too young compared to his mental state.

Although Russell was young in the physical aspect, he's a 33-year-old man, without adding the 16 to almost 17 years of his life since his reincarnation.

He couldn't be blamed for taking his distance away from the students in the Obelisk Academy aside from his younger sister, unless there were activities that required him to cooperate with his classmates... who, even at this moment, he didn't know anything about.

Aside from his mental age, there's an issue that he seemed to avoid. It's the dramas of some of the students about being envious of other students' ranks and skills — not from the System, but rather about one's talent.

- Can I be like that, too?

- Wow, as expected of the daughter of the number 1 Player!

- They are really bigshots!

- I can't believe he isn't known! Who is he?!

There was nothing wrong in adoring people or the talent itself that some players possessed or the players that made a name for themselves without relying on connections, but some people should just stop adoring or being envious, rather they should try to exert more effort so that maybe one day, they might reach something they didn't expect to reach, especially when they did it not only for themselves but for their respective families.

Since Russell was reincarnated in this world, the importance of familial bond was something he gradually understood.

"...Oppa, I said Mira von Obreyon, she's the sister of Leon, my classmate, and the son of the TOP 5 Player.

"Well, I'm just curious if you know her... I saw them together one time, but it looked like a heated-up conversation based on Leon's tone, and the downward look of her sister.

"Tsk...Oppa, you didn't check the list of the names of your classmates, did you...?

Freya said casually, seemingly teasing her older brother, especially when she said the last sentence.

Some of the students who finished or were just about to start their respective businesses saw the siblings, who were standing, and not walking, but the stares didn't last long.

'Right... the lists of students for each class were already posted on the Obelisk Website.

'Though I couldn't even care less about it...'

He paused his train of thought as his expression turned serious due to the unexpected and sudden information that came out of his younger sister's mouth.

'...Untouched Elements! F*cki–'

"...Oppa, let's go! You better start checking your classmates, you know. Heh heh."

Freya said as she chuckled before grabbing her older brother's right wrist, who was left in a dazed.

Russell just let his younger sister grab him until the nearing entrance of the Rigel Building, while his mind turned into a mess.

'...It's a f*cking Untouched Element... again.'

It was the only thing that he could think of because, in his unpublished novel, he didn't write anything about Leon von Obreyon's sister, named Mira von Obreyon according to Freya's words, which he absolutely trusts.

Although he knew very well that this world was not a novel as he was pretty certain that this was a "reality", it would only mean one thing... That Mira would then cease to exist in the story along the way, if and only if the main story of his unpublished novel naturally play out "even" with the existence of the Untouched Elements.

'...I don't know how that will happen, but she will probably die in the future for some reason.'

Based on his writing about Leon's character or personality, he would go in a bad route after envying the TOP 5, which would then become the TOP 1 in the future, who appeared out of nowhere but showed tremendous talent. This individual toppled him in rank, kicking him to Rank 6 in the A-1 class.

As if the daughters of the TOP 1 to TOP 4 Players were not more than enough competition, that individual unexpectedly joined the fray.

And that person was the Main Character of the unpublished novel that Russell had written. Leon would become a thorn on that person's side, especially, after Leon successfully became the champion of the powerful Evil Constellation, 'Black Dragon of Undying Star'.


"...Tsk, what are you thinking deeply again, Oppa!? We're here, so... you're going back now?"

Freya pulled her older brother's short, deep black hair that broke him from his thoughts as he reflexively touched his hair due to slight pain.

"...Yes, I'll be going back. Sleep early, okay? Good night."

Russell replied with a genuine smile, even though his mind was experiencing an unexpected storm.

"...Heh, sleep early? You're the one to talk, huh? Whatever. Good night, Oppa."

She waved her hands to her older brother before presenting her identification to the security guards guarding the entrance of the Rigel Building.

Russell waited for her to go inside before he turned his back, and took his strides to go back to his dormitory room that was at least a hundred meters away from the Rigel Building.


After a few minutes, Russell managed to go back to his dormitory room without much noise as it was getting late at night.

He sat on his single bed before letting out a heavy sigh.

"I don't know some future circumstances, but this is certainly bad news because it would involve me to a certain extent.

"But, when I think about it, I would probably get involved even without Mira's unexpected existence because of Freya."

This time, being alone in his dormitory room, he did the usual by verbally mumbling his thoughts, not just collecting them inside his head.

"Sigh... it's no use to think about it right now."

He heaved a sigh of resignation as he realized that he couldn't do a thing about it at this moment, instead, he recalled the uninspected additional rewards that he received upon clearing the "Oldest Root of Yggdrasil", as well as acquiring the contents of the "Ancient Treasure Chest from Chaos".

"I totally forgot about them. Hah."

He muttered as he chuckled as he prioritized his boiling stomach after he came back to the academy premises.


One of the System's functions that are available for low-rank players like him was to browse the existing records of where he went, as well as what he acquired, aside from the System's Map that's available for everyone regardless of rank.

Russell — who was still sitting on his bed — started to inspect the uninspected items he acquired.


[Tainted Branch of Yggdrasil]

A branch that falls off of the sacred tree of Yggdrasil, but was consumed by Chaos.

Rank: Ancient

Classification: ???

Effect: ???

[Seed of Yggdrasil]

A divine seed of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. This seed can be planted, but as the Yggdrasil is already existing, it would only sprout some branches.

Rank: Ancient

Classification: ???

Effect: ???

[Tainted Seed of Yggdrasil]

A divine seed of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, but consumed by Chaos.

Planting this seed is almost impossible as it would cause great destruction, and the anger of the race: Elves.

Rank: Ancient

Classification: ???

Effect: ???

[Fruit of Chaos]

A fruit from a tree born of chaos that is only known to the [Night of Primordial Chaos].

Rank: Ancient

Classification: Consumable

Effects: ???


There were four rewards that Russell acquired from clearing the Hidden Dungeon.

"I don't know if I'd be happy with this or what..."

He frowned in confusion after he read about the Tainted Branch and Tainted Seed of the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

"How am I supposed to know where to use this...?"

Although he's frowning, he's glad inside about the other two additional rewards, which were the untainted "Seed of Yggdrasil", as well as the "Fruit of Chaos".

'...But their description was mostly blank... the hell.'

Upon realizing the unknowns of the rewards he acquired upon clearing the Hidden Dungeon, his gladness turned into disappointment.

"...Hmmm...? Hahaha...! Hahahahahaha!"

After some time, as though he became crazy due to the sudden shift of mood, his controlled, not-so-loud laughter reverberated inside his dormitory room as he was reminded of the information about what he acquired from the "Ancient Treasure Chest from Chaos".

Although he only saw that it was Skillbooks while he was on Air Train bound for Red Star Station, he knew that it was a great harvest beyond his imagination.

He then inspected the Skillbooks after calming himself down, but a smile wasn't leaving his expression.


[Scythemanship of the Reaper (Passive)]

Learn the ways how the [Harbinger of Death] cut down the flesh and soul of the target.

Rank: True Unholy

Classification: Skillbook


- Learns the scythemanship of the Reaper

- Increases in efficiency by 200% in learning any scythe-related "art" or "technique".

- Gain the Skill: Soul Execution

[Swordsmanship of the Night (Passive)]

The [Night of Primordial Chaos] was so bored that "She" practiced "Her" swordsmanship for countless eons.

Rank: Zenith

Classification: Skillbook


- Learns the swordsmanship of the Constellation, [Night of Primordial Chaos].

- Increases in efficiency by 400% while learning any sword-related "art" or "technique", and when wielding a sword weapon.

- Gain the Skill: Abyssal Cut

[Mark of the Night]

One cannot escape the "cosmic eyes" of the [Night of Primordial Chaos] as "She" always takes care of those relevant to "Her".

Rank: EX

Classification: Skillbook


- Using the Skill: Mark of the Night to someone, you can track the location of the marked target, and teleports to the target whenever the player desires. It could alarm the player when the marked target is in a dangerous situation.

- Activation Condition: Pat's the head of the target.

- Teleporting Condition: Through the player's thought.


"...Mark of the Night... It's a very convenient skill for me. I should probably use it for Freya and my parents when I get the chance to meet them."

Due to the strict rule of "not leaving" the academy premises, even during weekends, once the classes start, it would take at least months, after a major exam ends, and vacation started until Russell and Freya would be able to meet their parents again.

The skill's rank was under the EX category, above the SSS+, but Russell recalled that there were similar skills that could alarm the player who used such a skill of the marked target's situation. Though it's somewhat different in characteristics, nature, or origin.

After he muttered, he continued inspecting the remaining two Skillbooks.


[Chaos Mana Sense (Passive)]

Chaos is everywhere even in the presence of Mana.

Rank: SS+


- Learns to "sense" Mana with 200% efficiency.

- Learns to "sense" Chaos Miasma, Unholy Power, and Holy Power even if the amount was miniscule in the surroundings.

[Calm of the Shadows (Passive)]

As the Mediator of Chaos, one must learn not to just breathe and control mana, but also the Chaos itself.

Rank: SSS+


- Learns to "control" Mana with 300% efficiency.

- Learns how to be able to naturally absorb more "Mana" in the surroundings with 300% efficiency.

- Learns how to be able to absorb Chaos Miasma naturally in the surroundings to increase the Chaos Power by a miniscule amount.

- Increases Chaos Mana Regeneration by 300%


"That's what I'm talking about!"

He felt elated as he quickly decided to learn the Skillbooks that he acquired from the "Ancient Treasure Chest from Chaos" that was left by the Goddess of Night for him.

Placing his right hand atop the Skillbook he was holding in his left hand, a System message appeared in his vision.

[Would you like to learn the Skill: Chaos Mana Sense (Passive)?]


He answered without hesitation as the Skillbook gradually vanished from his left hand. It turned into dark blue smoke that was made of indescribable, unreadable letters. Then, these letters were absorbed in his body, along with the complete vanishing of the Skillbook.

A huge amount of information surged in Russell's head as though the knowledge was being forcefully injected into his brain, but after just a few seconds, he felt calm and completely digested everything about the Chaos Mana Sense skill.

He then did the same for the remaining four Skillbooks.

[You have learned the Skill: Calm of the Shadows (Passive)]

[You have learned the Skill: …]

[You have learned the Skill: …]

[You have learned the Skill: …]


After the disappearance of the Skillbooks and the surge of information inside his head. He tried to inspect the set of items he acquired, from the weapons to armor, but he was flooded with the System's message that repeatedly said the following:

[You have not met the requirements to inspect the ....]

Although that was the case, Russell didn't feel any negative feelings as he was already elated through learning the Skillbooks.

On the other hand, he could at least three items, which he read thoroughly.


[Jar of Nothingness]

A nigh-indestructible jar from the Chaos Realm which was molded by the Constellation, [Night of Primordial Chaos].

Rank: Ancient

Classification: Artifact


- The Jar of Nothingness can be used to combine two or more items with Chaos origins.

- [Locked]


Aside front the "Jar of Nothingness", the other two items he acquired, which he could inspect the information, were the Chaosdite, or an enhancement material, and Chaostone, or a crafting material.


After a few minutes of sorting out the items he acquired through the use of the System's "Sorting Items" function in his Dimensional Inventory, he took out something in it.

It was the center of everything that happened in the Hidden Dungeon.



Rank: ???

Classification: ???

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