Author's Note [1]

P L E A S E R E A D !

This novel is inspired by various manhwa and novels I've read through time especially with the existence of System, which I first encountered when I read 'Solo Leveling', my gateway to manhwa world, then Constellations, which I first encountered when I read one of the best webnovel in my opinion which is "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint"

The theme of 'Main Character that Reincarnated' inside his own novel came from the novels I've read such as the Novel's Extra and Author's POV, credits to respective authors.

Some similarities will be apparent on early chapters, and will have "INFORMATION DUMPING" that will explore the background of the Characters, as well as how they go in their lives.

There are many main characters in the 'Story':

1. The Main Character who was reincarnated inside his own novel.

2. The Main Character written on the said novel.

3. Companions of the Main Character on the said novel.


THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL to write, I REPEAT, this is my first novel.

Here are the important notes I want to convey to my future readers:

1. I will apologize in advanced for the "INFORMATION DUMP" that will occur on the first several chapters to introduce the background of main characters and the information about the System itself like the Skills, Classes/Professions, Stats, and so on. This also includes, but not limited to, the "daily lives" of the characters.

2. English language is not my first language, please be understanding with the wrong punctuations, wrong grammar, and redundancy of words.

3. The main character of the "novel" aside from the other one has Korean Name, though I don't speak Korean. I decided to use Korean Name as me giving my gratitude to Korean writers who made unforgettable manhwas or novels.

4. I am a Filipino, from Philippines, that is why English is not my first language, and I don't know Korean, but this is my First Novel to ever write.

5. A one-star rating is acceptable at least with reasonable reason, as I am an aspiring writer, accepting constructive criticisms are for my benefit.

That's all, thank you! I hope that you will enjoy reading the story.



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