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In a twist of fate, Our protagonist finds himself trapped inside the ruthless world of Escape From Tarkov. With chaos and death lurking in every corner of the city, he must rely on his wits and game knowledge to survive. The catch? He doesn't speak and understand any Russian. To make matters more complicated, he unwittingly saves a PMC operator from BEAR who now stalking him wherever he goes. Extra tags: #Yandere #Survival #Escape from Tarkov #Tarkov Disclaimer: The IP of the Escape from Tarkov is owned by BSG and the cover is not mine, I only own my OC A/N: I present to you an Escape from Tarkov fanfiction, it's hard to find this kind of fanfiction, so I sacrifice my time to read the whole book of Escape from Tarkov Predator novels to understand the world story, I'm sorry if this fanfic takes to long to update, I have other fanfic to make so this is not my priority, hope you enjoy my novel :)

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Chapter 2 : Hideout special cleaning operation

Alex POV:


within the darkness of the bunker, I woke up from a rough sleep, "agh, my back", looking around at my new hideout that was still in ruin, I sighed helplessly at my situation, "Man I need to find some sleeping bag

ASAP, sleeping on the ground is not good for my back", I stretched my body around to remove any stiff muscle, I got up and opened my duffel bag and grabbed a Tushonka and water bottle for my breakfast, I sat down on the ground and open up the canned meat, with no utensil I eat it with my bare hand, after bitting one chunk of the canned meat, I gagged and holding my self to throw up.

"Man this can of meat tastes like sh*t", without heating the can of meat, the taste is horrendously disgusting, but I don't have much choice right now, I drown the taste with water and continue stuffing the food in my mouth.

 After I'm done eating, I check the surrounding place, the bunker doesn't have any source of light, the only source of light I have is my flashlight, I look around to see so many things I need to clean up, but don't have any tools for it, so my new checklist is to find a shovel for the rubble, a broom, and mop for cleaning the place, some furniture, and most importantly a bed or sleeping bag, with this list of item that I need to find, I remove the food and water from my duffle bag to the corner of the room.

 when I was done stashing my food and water, I tried to remove the magazine from my gun to check how many bullets were on it, takes a while to figure out how to eject the magazine, but I finally found it and removed the magazine from the gun and I grab the rest of my magazine from my rig, I unload the bullet and count how many bullets I have, "Okay, I have 45 rounds of 7.62x39 and 3 magazine that can hold 30 rounds, not a lot but I can find more hopefully", I load 30 rounds to the ak mag and put the magazine back to the gun, I put the 15 rounds to the other mag and put it on my chest rig.

 after I'm done preparing my stuff, I get up and put the duffle bag on my back ready to go outside to find the item I need, I open the door leading to the tunnels and close it, with my flashlight I venture out to the tunnels to find the exit to the surface, after 20 minutes walking through the tunnels I found a ladder leading to a manhole cover.

 I sling my AK to my duffle back and climb the ladder to the surface, I open the manhole cover and my eyes get flashbang by the sunlight over my head, I adjust my eyes and see the surrounding place, it is the street of Tarkov where everything is abandoned and some building is on ruin, I got up from the hole and put the manhole cover back to its place.

 I look around the place and choose one of the buildings to find anything I can use, I approach the entrance of the building and get in, I hold my AK into a ready position and look around to find any threat inside the building, I slowly check any room for anyone that may be still here, after I check the place is safe, begin to loot up the place, after an hour of looting I got the stuff I need and extra item that maybe have used for the future, the list of item I found :

1. snow shovel

2. mop and broom

3. a vodka bottle that is still unopened

4. 5x duct tape

5. 3x pack of screw

6. 1x screwdriver and hammer

7. 4x pack of nails

8. 2x Fleece fabric

9. 1x Paracord

10. a digital watch

11. 2 packs of batteries

12. a lot of eating and cooking utensils: spoon, fork, can opener, knife, cutting board, cooking pot, a portable stove, and 2 small gas canisters

13. and an oil lamps

 I put all the small stuff into my duffle back and the bigger one is carried by hand, knowing this is a resident complex, I open the wardrobe and find new clothes for me, a grey Adidas tracksuit, dark green cargo pants, and green balaclava, I began to change my clothes and put my old clothes to the duffle bag, I move to the mirror and see myself with my new drip, "Dayum, I look like a scav now", with this new outfit I can blend in with the locals and not get shot at sight, now I need to find bedrolls to sleep at the bunker or my back will give up on me at any moment when I slept on the ground.

 going to the next room I found a book at the table, it's a dictionary for Russian to English, this is a massive find for me because I don't know any Russian language, but with this, I can learn how to speak and read Russian words, I store the dictionary to my duffle bag and continue searching the place, but a sudden gunshot interrupt me my looting session, curious I walked up to the window and see a gunfight happening on the streets below, I saw a 4 man group of heavily gear people with a BEAR patch on their shoulder fighting with the scavs, this is the first time I see a PMC on this world, they are heavily arms and gunning down the scav one by one, but one of them stand out from the rest, a woman fighting beside them, its seems she is their leader of the group and giving them a command to her team.

 In the game, there are no options for female PMC operators that players can pick, maybe BSG is just too lazy to make girl models for their game and choose only dudes for the player, while the gunfight still ensues I keep looting the room and find a camping bedroll on the closet, I left the building complex in the back entrance to avoid getting shot at their crossfire, with so many stuff in my hand, it's hard to carry it all but I managed to get it to my destination, I open the manhole cover and drop my duffle bag into the hole below, I sling my ak to my back and proceed to climb down the ladder below.

 after a long haul of loot, I finally got back to my hideout without any danger, I went inside the bunker and turned on the oil lamp to see inside the darkness of the bunker, closing the bunker door, I put my loot down near the door and began to clean up the place, After 2 hours of carrying in and out the debris and trash outside the bunker with the bucket and snow shovel I found, I finally can sweep the dusty floor and mop it, after an hour of cleaning the place is dust and debris free, the bunker is the same to the game version of the hideout, there are 2 corridor at the right and left making the bunker shape like a Y.

 feeling at home, I put my bedroll on the right end of the corridor and put my stuff in the new storage location, feeling hungry I make a simple dish with my new portable stove and cooking pot that I just found and begin to heat the canned meat soup, after the meat soup is heated up I take a bite of the meat and glad the taste is different when you eat it cold, now the food is edible for my taste.

 after I'm done eating I look at the digital watch that shows it is 5:35 PM right now, I take a rest at my new bedroll to sleep, feeling that at night is much safer to loot stuff than looting in the middle of the day, now I just need to take get some sleep and wait for night to come.


[Current gear]

Armor vest: None

Chest rig: WARTECH TV-109 + TV-106

Primary weapon: stock AK 103

Secondary weapon: None

Backpack: Duffle bag

Outfit: grey Adidas tracksuit, dark green cargo pants, white sneakers, and a green balaclava


A/N: hey ya, the author here, I want to say thanks to you guys for reading my second fanfic, it's tough to write both fanfics at the same time, so sorry if the update takes so long.

if you guys have any suggestions or comments about what guns or gears Alex will find in the future chapter, go ahead and write it up, I'll add your idea if it fits with Tarkov's setting. See you on the next one cya!!!!

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