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Michael had no idea what happened in the post-Flag War meeting, but he figured that he would find out soon enough. He ended up talking to Kaleb and the rest for a while before he decided to enter the Origin Expanse for the first time in the last two weeks.

The Runic Gate opened in front of him and he stepped through it without hesitation. A mere second later, Michael appeared in the wooden manor inside his territory. The dense purified energy that permeated the air in the Untamed Jungle swirled around him, filling his body. Superior Constitution absorbed it naturally, annexing the energy that entered his body instantaneously. 

Even if Michael wouldn't focus on his War Rune's refinement degree, staying in the Untamed Jungle for two weeks while working hard ought to be enough to advance to Tier-3. Of course, it was all thanks to Superior Constitution. 


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