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Michael was not sure how much time they would spend in the Lord Rift. But to be on the safer side, he prepared detailed development plans to survive for several weeks and messaged the Professors and Instructors of his courses that he might not be present for a week or two.

It was unlikely that the Rift would stay open for several weeks, but Michael thought that it was better to be prepared for every possibility.

At last, the last few hours before the Lord Rift would open, elapsed. A faint pulling force manifested in Michael's mind, which he accessed once he double-checked his plans and ensured that everyone knew what they had to do.

Accessing the golden wisp in his mind, Michael got rid of the pulling force in his mind. In response to his action, a golden swirl manifested in front of him. The swirl was the size of a peanut at first. It revolved around its own axis slowly and continued to expand consistently until it reached the size of a mid-sized shuttle.


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