Supreme Battle-Technology System In A Desolate Magic World Book

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Supreme Battle-Technology System In A Desolate Magic World


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Disclaimer: Please be advised that this book contains explicit depictions of Blood and Gore, starting from Chapter XX. It also has visual portrayals of amorous scenes at later chapters—Chapter XXX. Reader discretion is fully advised! [Audience Rating: 18+] *** "What would you do if, as a remarkably-skilled soldier, you were inexplicably transported as an ordinary, talentless human to a world where everyone—including kids as young as four, possess spectacular magical abilities?" How would you react to such a disheartening situation filled with severe melancholic predicaments? This, is the story of Maxmillan, a seasoned veteran soldier from Earth who transmigrated to another world where literally everyone could perceive and utilize an energy called Astra Mystralis, a boundless mystical energy that when mastered, can cause countless manifestations of phenomenal and fantastical magical effects! Oppressed, inhumanely abused, and treated cruelly, Maxmillan surrenders to his tragic fate as an ordinary, completely useless person in a world where Astra Mystralis serves as the fundamental cornerstone of their reality. But, Maxmillan's fate would change when he becomes the host of the Supreme Battle-Technology System; a powerful, sentient futuristic interface that would limitlessly bestow him with destructively potent and immensely functional, basic to supreme, transcendent, and sterling super-ranked weapons, as well as countless tons of incredible and stupendously advanced, superior-grade equipments, instruments, tools, machineries, apparatuses, and gears from tens of thousands of centuries in the future! So, equipped with potent futuristic items like Multiple-Barrel Neutron Burst Emission Gun, Strength-Amplifying Exo-Mechanical Arms, Wide-Area Plasmic and Electric Arc Grenades, Outer-Space Fast-Flight Suit, Lightning Annihilator Armor, Turbo-Thruster Propelled Speedcycle, and many more—which are some of the massive numbers of items he obtained after completing really arduous and immensely taxing, time-limited missions, quests, and tasks, Maxmillan gradually gains the means to defend himself against overpowering hordes and assemblies of vicious, greedy, and malevolent Astra Mystralis users who relentlessly pursued him because of his astounding otherworldly ability—to mysteriously and endlessly materialize different types of absolutely rare weapons, devices, and equipment, as well as summon astounding ground and air-transportation means, making him a strange and incomprehensible anomaly in their world. Coupled with numerous bionic upgrades, gene-constitution alterations, biological augmentations, advanced cybernetical fortifications, serum-based transformations, chemical super-boosts, and a massive plethora of neural enhancements that will bestow him with myriad superhuman abilities—such as energy-beam vision, gale-force breath, extreme-hypersonic to near-light-speed flight, matter manipulation, annihilation-beam discharge, tiny to vast-scale lightning explosion creation, and hundreds more, watch how Maxmillan—now a super-powered, metahuman Cyborg warrior, will bravely and fearlessly fight his way through teeming large numbers of moderately powered to astronomically powerful and savage, phenomenal god-like users of Astra Mystralis to ascend to a position of supreme fame, unmatched honor, and dazzling, incomparable glory! *** Note: This narrative unfolds as a distinctive tale seamlessly combining elements of intense climactic actions, epic magical summoning skills, pets collection and training, magical beasts exomechanical amplification, futuristic marvels, a unique Level-Up System, thrilling dangerous adventures and heartwarming family moments. And yes, it has Harem. But it's not your usual women-chasing (story-ruining) MC. This is totally different, as he's a goal-focused, plot-driven one. Same as the FMCs who are super-strong, indomitable, and impressively ambitious. Read to see for yourself. Thanks!