[WSA 2024] Kent is an ordinary wizard in the Sky family wizard school, and his wife Thea also works as an elder in the same school. As Thea is moving out to the elder barracks, she kicks Kent out of the house and puts the house for sale. “You are just a piece of waste who couldn’t earn a silver.” Thea’s last words still lingering in Kent’s soul. (It’s not like Kent is a lazy guy who escapes studies. Most of Kent’s meridians were locked down by a curse.) Suddenly on the same day, Kent received a Raven from his maternal aunt. “Are you really my aunt?” Kent questioned with a doubtful gaze. “Yes, Kent… I have sent 5000 gold and Heavenly elixir to remove your meridian curse. Don’t mind asking me for more money. Your mom left a huge fortune for you.” From that moment Kent’s life changed as he brought a new flying pet equal to core disciples, new weapons, Villas, Fancy meals, and whatnot. Soon, his powers sore and he became a Supreme Arch Magus. Discord: https://discord.gg/nMYbb23h

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13. Pegasus bracelet

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The image of Luna licking an ice cream is shown on the Sky Orb of Kent. The melted ice cream fell on her balloons, which were almost protruding out of her pink t-shirt. Kent could clearly see her deep cleavage, where two mountains were tightly pressed together purposefully. 

"Hi, tycoon. This strawberry ice cream is my favorite. Why don't you join me? I'm at Witch Parlor." Luna added a text message below the image.

"What the hell is she doing? Why is she sending all these images to a stranger who she never saw?" Kent mumbled as he felt her behavior was a little out of line.

He tossed the orb on the bed and went to the spa room to have a nice and peaceful bath. But for some odd reason, the image of Luna's mounds keeps flashing inside his brain.

"I'm really curious to see her reaction when she realized her tycoon was me. But at this rate, she might even show her entire body before she finds out my identity." Kent muttered with a chuckle as he stepped inside the spa bath.

On the other side, Luna sat in the 'witch parlor' with a grim face. She felt disappointed as the tycoon didn't reply to her tight message.

"Sister, what happened? Why do you look so depressed?" Sony, who sat opposite her, questioned her with a curious face. Sonly already guessed the reason for her stepsister's sadness. 

"Nothing… Did you finish eating? We are getting late for school. I gave my name to the cheerleader group for the upcoming annual competition. I don't want to be late on the first day." Luna replied in a serious tone while maintaining her pride.

"Let's go… I also have an important lecture about arousal potions." Sony replied with shy laughter.


After one hour, Kent came outside of Hotel Moon Light and began walking towards a particular location.

"I first need a storage item. Otherwise, I might need to carry all my stuff every time I move places." Kent muttered while walking towards Commercial Street.

The 'Dimensional Store' located in the commercial street sells bamboo bags and other items specialized in storage.

After a brief twenty-minute' walk, Kent stood before the Dimensional tore. The glass walls of the store displayed their latest bamboo bag model, which is very affordable and contains many new features.

While reading the features of the new items, Kent stepped inside the store. Unlike a large pet store, this dimensional pet store is very small. A glass circular desk was situated inside the center of the room, and several assistant workers stood inside the circle to attend to the customers.

The attendants wore different badges on their uniforms, representing their seniority and status. Most of them wore white badges, a few wore yellow badges, and only two beautiful girls wore red lion-shaped badges.

At the center of the circular desk, behind the attendants, a tall pillar containing several compartments stood like a tower. A storage device is placed in each compartment of the pillar for display.

Kent's gaze landed on a bracelet placed in the top slot of the tower. The crimson-red bracelet attracted him a lot. He decided to first inquire about its price and features. As his aunt sent another 10,000 gold, he is not worried about the price. In total, he has more than 10,900 gold on his card.

Kent waited for the mob to disperse. After waiting for ten minutes, he finally saw an empty attendant and immediately reached her in quick steps.

"Tell me, sir, what do you want?" The girl attendant, who wore a yellow badge in her clothes, asked with a straight face.

"What is the price of that bracelet?" Kent asked while pointing his finger at the red bracelet on top.

The girl turned her head and took a look at the bracelet. "Sir, that is the flagship item of our store, which cost 1999 gold." The attendant girl replied in a lazy tone.

"Can you tell me its features?" Kent asked again, with a curious face.

"Sir, if you want a detailed description, please read the manual letters in the corner. I need to serve other customers." The girl replied modestly.

"Those letters are waste of time. I really want to buy that bracelet. Please tell me its important features." Kent requested in a humble tone.

The girl attendant sighed and began explaining in a hurried tone. "Sir, that bracelet is handmade and custom designed by a Grand- Master Magus. It contains half a mile of space inside the bracelet, and it can keep your items fresh and untouched.

Also, that bracelet contains a special pet compartment inside, which can hold any living pet. But in the case of magical pets, it can't hold them for more than one hour." The lady spoke hurriedly, like a news reader.

Kent really felt awe when he heard he could store pets in it. "Can we store humans and other people pets in it?" Kent asked with a doubtful gaze.

The lady who acted serious until now began laughing at his question. "Jumi, come here. Please answer this young master's question." The lady attendant called his colleague, who wore a red badge.

"Jumi, tell him. Can we store humans and other people pets in the Pegasus bracelet?" The first lady attendant spoke with a wide grin.

But unlike her, the red badge girl, Jumi, didn't laugh at Kent's question. "Sia, we should never laugh at our customers. This is the first rule of store." Jumi said seriously before turning towards Kent. 

"Sir, all our store items were approved by the Wizard World Association. So, the Pegasus bracelet won't let you store humans or any humanoid species like goblins or skull witches. As for other pets, you can store them if they are not blood contracted." Jumi explained in a humble tone.

"Ohh… That's really interesting. Please pack that pegasus bracelet for me." Kent replied as he placed his golden piggy card on the desk.

Jumi immediately recognized the golden piggy card. "Sir, please don't hurry. There are also other items that have similar features and come at a lower price. Why don't you first listen to me?" Jumi asked in a respectful tone.

"It's ok; I really liked the bracelet's appearance. I also brought a similar coloured Kirin pet recently. That's why I chose that bracelet. I will be glad if you explain more features of the Pegasus bracelet." Kent replied as he stared at the bracelet.

"It's my pleasure, sir. Please let me show you a real one first." Jumi replied as she took out a brand-new Pegasus bracelet from a hidden locker in the central tower.

"Sir, please let me..." Jumi gestured for Kent to stretch his hand. She personally decorated Kent's hand with a bracelet and began explaining the features of it.

"Sir, there are only 99 of these bracelets in the entire wizard world. The one on your wrist is the 33rd one. We also have 52, 66, and 84 numbered ones. As for its specialty, this bracelet has a blood contract feature like a magical pet. Only you can access it, and even if it is destroyed in the future, the ietms won't get damaged inside.

You can also upgrade the space inside with the help of any Grand- Master Magus. And the best and most unique feature of this bracelet is that, you can connect your communication orb to the bracelet.

It can display all text messages, calls, and notification alerts. You can even communicate through a voice message through the bracelet.

If you purchase this bracelet from our store, we offer a VIP card, through which you can access all auctions conducted by Dimensional stores." Jumi finished speaking after a long explanation.

Kent continued to stare at her face curiously, as he felt she looked more charming when speaking.

"Lady, please process my bill. I'm buying this one." Kent declared without second thought.

"Sir, let me do it for you. The lady whom Kent contacted first hurriedly moved her finger towards the golden piggy card.

But Kent placed his finger on the card without letting her snatch it. 


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