Superpowers in Apocalypse Book

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Superpowers in Apocalypse


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WPC #228 Bronze Prize winner! ..... A cosmic wave descended upon Earth, devastating human beings. Animals and plants mutated to become feral monsters. Vicious unknown creatures suddenly appeared on Earth and started slaughtering humans. Weak humans became the lowliest creatures to prey upon in the ecosystem! Hope was lost until superpowers manifested in the survivors and finally, humans started to fight back the cruel invaders whose motive either was to kill or enslave the humans. What was the reason for the apocalypse? Whose cruel plots caused almost extinction of humanity on Earth? Will humanity be able to pull through? Or is it humanity will fall despite that? ........ PS: This is my second book. You can check out my other book "Superpower Evolution". I believe you will like it. Kindly support the book! INFO: The cover pic isn't mine. I got it from pinterest. So if owner wants me to take it down, feel free to tell me and I will do so!


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