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a guy dies and reincarnates in a world of supernatural beings. ................. There will be smut here so if you don't like it, I suggest you don't read this as this won't be for you or just skip. Characters that seem identical to real life people is pure coincidence. won't ask what harem members you want and I won't be telling you either since I want it to come natural or something like that, I'm not sure my self. BtW there is a lot of drama so if you don't like drama don't read. Updates will be.....meh...maybe 2 to 3 chapters a week Thank you and hope you enjoy! I do not own any characters from Teen Wolf, TVD/Originals or any TV shows shown here except for my MC. All credits goes to their perspective creators. Thank you all authors who create Supernatural shows, Love you all! By the way, I'm not making money here so this is just for fun, if by chance owners of the cover pics that I will be using don't want me to use them, just sent me a message and I will gladly delete them. Thank you


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