1 Mune Senju

"strange, this place, it's all white, and I don't remember my old name"

A soul was wandering through the void

"it's kind of obvious that I died"

The soul is suddenly frightened, in front of her, two huge roulette wheels appeared

The two roulette wheels started to spin, the first one stopped in the "Naruto Universe"

"then I'm going to reincarnate, very good, great, my favorite anime, I'm going to have a lot of sex!!!!"

The second wheel of the roulette wheel began to spin, finally stopping at "biological manipulation"

"That must be my head start, a strong power!"

The soul starts to be sucked through a portal, everything in the void returns to normal


A boy with blond hair, he had his hands on his head, he was in pain

"so the memories of my last life are back now" the boy whispered

Turns out he's called Mune Senju, son of Tsunade, he's 7 years old now

The story is pretty much the same, during the second war, Tsunade lost her brother and boyfriend and had a blood phobia

The difference is that Tsunade found out she was pregnant with Dan Katō, so instead of traveling the world and getting addicted to gambling and drinking, she went back to Konoha and had her son, Mune Senju

Tsunade still has a blood phobia, but now she is no longer addicted and irresponsible, she has become the head of the hospital and a great mother.

Mune Senju, finally got the memories of his last life back, now at 7 years old, only a 7 year old brain was able to survive so much memory, who reincarnated Mune, was kind enough to think of everything

"I seem to have a status in my view, I have no system, but this status is a great gift, I can understand my progress with it" Mune

[Name]: Mune Senju

[age]: 7 years old

[level]: semi-gennin

[chakra elements]: Water = 85% purity, wind = 85% purity

[powers]: Chakra = 170, chakra control = 7/10, lineage purity = 8/10

[kekkei genkai]: unique = biological manipulation (develops with training)

"Even though I'm Hashirama's great grandson, I didn't receive Earth nature and I can't have Mokuton, but it doesn't matter, my kekkei genkai is very strong and stolen, besides, I can fuse cells in my body with my kekkei genkai in the future."

While Mune was still thinking, a beautiful voice interrupted him.

"Son, are you awake? I'm going to work now" Tsunade said, she walked into the room and looked at Mune with eyes full of love

"Yes mom, have a good job" Mune, he ran and hugged his new mom

All the 7 years of love he has received, he has knowledge, so he really loves his mother a lot.

"You look happy today, alright, don't forget to go to the ninja academy, you should start your first day today" Tsunade

"Yes mama, don't worry, I'll be strong soon"

Mune will try very hard, world war 3 should start in a few years, he wants to become a medical ninja

He has no interest in going to the front lines, he wants to heal people, in his past life he learned that doctors are attractive to women, he wants to have many wives

Behind Tsunade, a 12 year old girl appeared, she was shizune

"See you later mom and cousin shizune"

The two women left the Senju complex

Mune was walking around his house, he was surprised to see the huge land.

"I'm the heir of the Senju clan, I'm a fourth generation rich hahahaha, I'm rich" Mune chuckled happily

Tsunade was not addicted to gambling, that's why the Senju clan is still rich, in fact she started to manage everything in the best way, Tsunade wants to leave great wealth for her beloved son

Mune showered and got dressed, he's going to the ninja academy now

"Now I have to think about my future harem, let me see, I want Shizune, I want Anko too, unfortunately Kushina is already the Minato's girlfriend, I won't steal other people's women, Mei Terumi I need to have her in my harem, she's so beautiful"

Mune headed towards his first day of school

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