super medical ninja

A young man ends up dead, he appears in an all white place, in the end he goes to the Naruto universe and gains the power of Biological Manipulation, Reborn now as Mune Senju, son of Tsunade, he will become the strongest medical ninja ever. ninja world, and he will also have some pretty wives to increase the number of children in his clan.

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21 Chs

Ashi Uzumaki

Mune made the 10 clones and created a circle in the middle

"wind release- DAITOPPA"

Each clone started using a wind jutsu, so a huge gale was created.

"Earth Release; Earth Wall"

The ninjas of Iwagakure used defensive jutsus

Fortunately Mune's wind release potency was strong, at least 30 ninjas from Iwagakure died

While using his gale, Mune moves to the river, aiming to escape through the water.

"earth release - ground of needles"

the ground where Mune ran began to crack, sharp stones took the place

"water release - trap field"

Mune spits water out of his mouth, this water is extremely sticky

Mune left behind a sticky ground that will slow the ninjas' movement

"Wind Release - Cutting Wave"

Mune cuts the sharp edges of the ground and uses his chakra to balance himself on the broken ground.

Behind mune, the sticky ground and his 10 clones found time to escape

"I'm almost at the river"

"hahaha almost ran away, good thing they sent me, see my art"

Mune suddenly heard a voice, in the air a young blonde with bangs was flying a bird

"explosion style - bomb earth"

Mune feels a huge danger

"Kekkei genkai release, activate maximum regeneration"

That was the last thing Mune was able to do before his body was hit by explosions.

Mune felt his body ache, but he expended every part of his chakra to regenerate, finally he crawled to the river and threw himself.

Iwa ninjas finally arrived

"deidara, why didn't you follow the river, we must find the body," says an Iwa leader

"Old man, are you doubting my art? Speak again and I'll show you my art, boy is dead, I saw his body exploded."

The leader of the ninja Iwagakure was irritated by the lack of respect, but held his ground. At just 14 years old Deidara is the village's greatest genius and probably the future kage

"Now that I've completed the mission, the old man should give me that jutsu, with it my art will improve hahaha" Deidara said happily as he flew back to Iwagakure

The ninjas of Iwagakure also started to retreat, they were in the territory under the control of Konoha, they should go back

Too bad they were all slaughtered and killed by Minato while trying to escape


A beautiful red-haired woman was picking fruit in the forest.

Suddenly she sees the body of a boy lying on the riverbank

She has the strength of a gennin, it was easy for her to drag the boy's body to her house

Inside the house, the woman was about to use her healing jutsu

But he suddenly realized that the wounds on the boy's body were healing.

"From a near-dead state to a severely wounded state, your body has a powerful healing jutsu," said the woman.

"But it's still slow, let me help you"

The woman puts her arm over the boy's mouth and makes him bite it

Mune's body has accelerated healing

After 5 minutes biting the beautiful white arm, Mune opens his eyes

"so I didn't die, damn luck, find a Deidara, fuck you" Mune complained

Looking around, Mune saw a beautiful woman with red hair.

"thanks for helping me"

"It was nothing, I'm used to it"

Mune looks at the girl's arm, there was a bite mark

"My name is Mune, what's your name"


"red hair, bite healing jutsu, grass earth...wouldn't you be Karin's mother-to-be?" Mune thought