Sunshine in apocalypse(Escanor)

Worst of my FanFics and not a serious one either. So you are warned. Well let me get 2-3 things out of the way first. So that the people who don’t look at the tags know what they are getting themselves into. I don’t want them to moan in the novel because of this. This is (Wish Fulfilment) Mc is Op with a capital O The Harem will be big to Huge More of a Hentai than a serious novel tbh If it’s not your Cup of tea then don’t read and please leave like a respectful person. No one needs haters for no reason. I get that you didn’t like the character or found it hard to read then just leave. No need to bad mouth me or my character. Anyways, enjoy for those who like it. Alex was feeling distraught from his fourth breakup. He didn’t understand that why this was happening to him. He followed all of his Gf’s whims but still got disappointed. He vowed to just sit at home nice and quiet and just enjoy some good novels. He had a Apocalyptic Harem novels, manga and Anime list that was still unfinished. As he finished his whole list. Suddenly, the whole building started shaking. He fucking knew that the construction of this Apartment building was poor. As he thought of this, the building collapsed and he died as he was buried under the rubble. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to characters that have been already established but I own the right to my original story and characters.

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7. Association

"I called, they want me to bring you the branch HQ". Raikou said as she looked at Mamako. Raikou then took Mamako and Alex as they boarded a car and went towards the Super God Gene HQ in the Base city.

Every Base City had the branch Headquarters of most of the Associations around. Base cities were also quite far apart from each other. So it was nearly impossible to commute without facing monsters along the way.

The distance at the minimum was close to 200 kilometres. Which wasn't a distance that ordinary people can traverse without faving significant dangers along the way. Most of the people might as well be spending their whole life without ever seeing another base city.

The Branch HQ was quite a tall building and Alex looked at it with a bit of amazement. There were tall buildings before the Apocalypse but building one like this after the Apocalypse was a very significant matter.

All of them disembarked from the car as the driver just took it to the Parking lot. They started walking towards the entrance while Alex was just playing with Raikou all the way. He was having fun, maybe because he was a baby so he was easily amused by everything.

So Raikou was currently poking his cheeks or making funny faces at him. It wasn't very funny for his adult soul but it did bring a smile to his face. He actually liked seeing a beautiful paying her full attention to him while carrying him in her arms.

'Ah bliss'. Was the thought in his head while he looked at his two supposed mothers.

"Welcome, Ms Minamoto". A mechanical voice sounded as al of them got inside the big building. Alex looked at the Hologram in the big hall in quite a it of amazement.

The technology here was way ahead of Earth in his home world. The technology maybe advanced but the dangers that came with it weren't small either. A beast wave could wipe out an entire Base City any time it occurred. As there just wasn't enough time to provide enough time before the City would be razed to the ground.

"Thank you DOT. Can you call the president for me, I want to talk with him". Raikou was quite the influential figure inside this Base City as having a Tier 5 individual in this Base city was a very big deal. Even the City Master had to give her some respect when he saw her.

That is also the reason why no one ever harassed Mamako when she was just a civilian and a small time teacher. Otherwise, in this chaotic era with her beautiful body. She would've become someone's playtoy already.

"Right away, Ms Minamoto". Dot replied and contacted the President of the Branch immediately.

"Please go to the President's office. He is awaiting your visit". Dot said once more with it's mechanical and emotionless voice.

Raikou nodded and walked towards the elevator leading to the top floor. This elevator was exclusive use to visit the President's office. You could not use this elevator for anything else. This was an extravagant thing in this congested Base city but the truly rich and Powerful always had privileges that no one else ever did, No matter what the era maybe.

The three took the elevator and got top the president's office. The office was made like a typical European study. With a big desk in the middle and chairs surrounding the desk. There were some bookshelves on the sides of the room. The room gave a tidy and neat feeling to whoever stepped inside.

The president was sitting behind the table. His name was Leon and he was a buff guy with Blonde hair and brown eyes with a good looking face. The evolution of humans had also made their aesthetics more pleasing as they advance more and more. Leon himself was a Tier 6 powerhouse and he was a Gunslinger. He could power up his guns and bullets with his Evolver ability.

"Mr Leon". Raikou called with a neutral face as they got inside the office.

"Oh Raikou, welcome. What bought you here today?" Leon said as he spoke with a smile.

"Not too much. My sister awakened her abilities and wants to join the association. I can vouch for her credibility". Raikou said as she motioned towards Mamako.

"If you can vouch for her then it's no problem. But we still need to make her go through some tests to determine her full power". Leon nodded his head as he agreed.

"That's not a problem". Mamako nodded and said with a smile. She was a bit excited to finally join Raikou on her hunts and buy things for Alex.

"And who is this little guy?" Leon said as her motioned towards Alex in Raikou's arms.

Alex was currently sleeping as he grew tired from all that moving around. He was currently sleeping with his head resting a bit on Raikou's boobs with a peaceful face and expression. It was like he was having a very pleasant and deep sleep.

"He is my son". Raikou said as she looked at Alex with a loving expression.

Hearing Raikou's words, Mamako's face darkened as a suffocating pressure radiated from her. "He is my son". Mamako said as she looked at Raikou with a dangerous expression.

"Hmph, Can't you learn to share. You've been like this ever since you were little". Raikou snorted as she looked at Mamako with a dissatisfied expression.

"I knew, I shouldn't have bought Alex to you". Mamako sighed when she heard Raikou's words and saw her childish expression.

"Okay Okay, don't fight here. Solve your things after going back home". Leon cut in the conversation as he tried to mediate the situation. He was sweating buckets even though he was stronger than both of them.

Both of them glared at him but still calmed themselves down. Leon then took Mamako towards a separate room for testing and recorded her results for filing in the association. After getting everything done, they came back to the President's office.

"Anything else I can do for you?" Leon asked as he looked towards Raikou and Mamako./

"Yes actually. Can you introduce me to some maids? I need a Head Maid that is willing to stay at our villa al the time while several other Maids to take care of Alex and the estate while we are out hunting". Raikou asked as she looked towards Mamako for her opinion. Mamako nodded her head when she saw Raikou looking towards her.

"I do have several candidates. I will ask them too come and you can have your pick". Leon and took his phone as he made a call.

(A/N: Chapter 9 is Time Skip as someone asked me to expand a bit on their interactions as they wanted to read them.)