Sunshine in apocalypse(Escanor)

Author: Hancock_Sama
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  • 119 Chs
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What is Sunshine in apocalypse(Escanor)

Read ‘Sunshine in apocalypse(Escanor)’ Online for Free, written by the author Hancock_Sama, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering REINCARNATION Fanfiction, R18 Fan Fiction, HAREM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Worst of my FanFics and not a serious one either. So you are warned.Well let me get 2-3 things out of the way first. So ...


Worst of my FanFics and not a serious one either. So you are warned. Well let me get 2-3 things out of the way first. So that the people who don’t look at the tags know what they are getting themselves into. I don’t want them to moan in the novel because of this. This is (Wish Fulfilment) Mc is Op with a capital O The Harem will be big to Huge More of a Hentai than a serious novel tbh If it’s not your Cup of tea then don’t read and please leave like a respectful person. No one needs haters for no reason. I get that you didn’t like the character or found it hard to read then just leave. No need to bad mouth me or my character. Anyways, enjoy for those who like it. Alex was feeling distraught from his fourth breakup. He didn’t understand that why this was happening to him. He followed all of his Gf’s whims but still got disappointed. He vowed to just sit at home nice and quiet and just enjoy some good novels. He had a Apocalyptic Harem novels, manga and Anime list that was still unfinished. As he finished his whole list. Suddenly, the whole building started shaking. He fucking knew that the construction of this Apartment building was poor. As he thought of this, the building collapsed and he died as he was buried under the rubble. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to characters that have been already established but I own the right to my original story and characters.

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A bit disappointing. I thought the story would be about having Escanor's power in the apocalypse. I'm 21 chapters in and the only parallel is he uses and axe. I'm curious if he even gets his powers. It's a pretty short story for him to not have any power a quarter of the story in. If he doesn't get his powers in the first half of the story you should've named it. "Journey to become Escanor" instead.




nice book i like it but....ch 12..where they are in the bath, for me i cringe so hard i almost droped it!!!! The cringe is over 9000!!!!!!! Anyways nice work buddy..


A good fic. I was very surprised when you immediately laid out all the chapters. Thank you! .........................................................


(ESCANOR) [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap] [img=faceslap]


Enjoyed the story so far it's interesting ang enjoyable especially the "Plot" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so hoping for more. And author can i ask your chapter releasing schedule or you update everyday?


It was a rocky start but the later chapters made up for it.


interesting story, somewhat short chapters but they are worth it, so far few chapters to give a complete review but from what it takes I can say that it is worth reading and has potential


I have never been more frustrated with a fic. even the racist sexist Chinese novels are better than this. it's just frustrating to not get what you came for. No escanor powers in sight and I'm at chapter 43. he even got nerfed so the time till he gets his powers is pushed back farther.


Well... The story is finished, i would have rated it more if it didn't feel so rushed. There are a lot of time skips and the mc meets barely any character aside from the girls of his H. Guess it helps pass out time while chilling out


Honestly I would like to 5 stars this FF, but I can't. I like the premise of the story but it is just sooooo,,, what is the word for it? This FF is "not bad" per se, but it's just not hitting that sweet spot. That sweet spot where it tickles for the people that want to read a powerful MC that bashes everyone. Anyway, still good stuff that anyone can binge read in a day or two.


Is this finished?????? .....................~■●{3■●7\■●♤▪︎8\♤▪︎\}♤▪︎\♤▪︎}\¡\♤}\¡▪︎[♡♡▪︎}\♤▪︎[\♡▪︎•[¡▪︎}~▪︎¡}\¡▪︎\¤|¡▪︎{》☆7|》▪︎{\¡▪︎}~》☆8▪︎♤7▪︎♤{▪︎♤\▪︎♤\{▪︎■<■《|♡■{\▪︎♤8\▪︎♤}\♤{\♤{\♤▪︎}|♤¤\}♤▪︎{♤▪︎}|♤▪︎\8▪︎♤8\▪︎♤\■■□□●●○○




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the story is good with a nice way of introducing characters. can the author clarify MC's looks? does he look like Escanor or someone else?[img=recommend]


Ha! I know this will be a long ride because I checked his other fanfic and have a great amount of chapter🥳. Everything great so far. The writing is good, maybe I miss some because I'm too occupied in the story. PS: A review from a stupid me.


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