Sunshine in apocalypse(Escanor)

Worst of my FanFics and not a serious one either. So you are warned. Well let me get 2-3 things out of the way first. So that the people who don’t look at the tags know what they are getting themselves into. I don’t want them to moan in the novel because of this. This is (Wish Fulfilment) Mc is Op with a capital O The Harem will be big to Huge More of a Hentai than a serious novel tbh If it’s not your Cup of tea then don’t read and please leave like a respectful person. No one needs haters for no reason. I get that you didn’t like the character or found it hard to read then just leave. No need to bad mouth me or my character. Anyways, enjoy for those who like it. Alex was feeling distraught from his fourth breakup. He didn’t understand that why this was happening to him. He followed all of his Gf’s whims but still got disappointed. He vowed to just sit at home nice and quiet and just enjoy some good novels. He had a Apocalyptic Harem novels, manga and Anime list that was still unfinished. As he finished his whole list. Suddenly, the whole building started shaking. He fucking knew that the construction of this Apartment building was poor. As he thought of this, the building collapsed and he died as he was buried under the rubble. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to characters that have been already established but I own the right to my original story and characters.

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5. Sister

The next day Alex woke up to see himself in a warm bed with a pure white ceiling on top of him. He tried to move his head but couldn't as his body wasn't developed enough.

Suddenly, he was lifted up in a warm embrace as a womanly voice travelled to his ears. "Did you finally wake up sleepy head?" He looked at the woman who had picked him up in wonder then he had a realisation of who she was.

Last night, he was just too caught up in grief and other things to notice who she really was. After looking at her, Alex was jumping inside of his mind. 'Isn't this Mamako Oosuki, Old Bro Yama, I got the best mother you could ask for".

Alex was now very happy and forgot about the Deaths of his parents for a while. Considering that he didn't have much attachment with them and just saw an Anime character that he quite liked. It was normal to forget.

He was smiling and looked quite cute. Mamako smiled as she looked at him with love and affection. Since Alex came to her house yesterday. She had a very pleasant dream and even became an evolutionary. So she liked this little guy more and more.

As they both woke up. Mamako first cleaned Alex's nappy cloth as there wasn't a typical nappy and he had dirtied it during sleep. After changing his nappy, she left him between a pillow barrier and went to get a bath and change herself.

After finishing that she took Alex in her arms as Alex started to grope those heavenly peaks on her chest. She looked at Alex and smiled, she took him to the Kitchen as she looked at the finished milk bottle.

Getting distressed, she didn't know what to do as this was something quite new to her. She was getting distressed and took Alex as she went to her neighbours next door. She had quite a good relationship with them.

She went out and knocked on the door of her neighbours. After waiting for a bit, a beautiful woman opened the door and looked at Mamako carrying a child with a hint of astonishment.

"Ano, would you please share some milk with me. I just ran out of milk in the house. Don't worry, I will pay for it". Mamako bowed a little as she asked for Milk from the woman.

Although, she got along quite good with her neighbours but this was the apocalypse era and most people weren't very keen at sharing food with others easily.

The woman looked at Mamako for a moment which made her nervous. Then she smiled pleasantly and said. "No problem, you don't have to pay me for it. I can see that you are carrying a child. Everyone goes through this once or twice. I'll just bring it for you, wait a minute".

The woman said with a small smile and went inside the apartment to get the milk for Mamako. Alex looked at the woman and thought that she was quite nice for sharing her food with them. He remembered this favour and would definitely repay it in the future.

After she gave them the milk, Mamako shared some pleasantries with her and made friends. Afterwards, she took Alex along with the milk and went back to her apartment.

"Here cutie, drink it up slowly". She said as she fed the milk to Alex through a dropper. She had plans to register herself today with the evolvers association and also bring some necessities for children.

She decided to visit her Sworn Sister Raikou. Raikou had been together with her since childhood and also helped her a lot during the Apocalypse era. They sworn to be each other's sisters ever since.

She fed Alex first then packed up a little as she knew that she will have to stay the night at her sister's after she had a good look at her cute Alex. She knew that her sister also wanted to be a mother, so she was not going let Alex go easily.

Raikou was an evolutionary and that is also the reason why Mamako was able to buy an apartment in base city as prices here were too over the top. It was not something that a teacher like her could afford before but now it would be another story.

After finishing with her packing, she took Alex and boarded a taxi towards the inner part of Base City. She knew that Raikou was home today so she took this chance to take her help in registering and also brag about Alex to her.

Alex himself was currently wondering where he was going with his new mother. He was gripping her boobs tightly and fondling them. Although, he couldn't feel lust currently but he sure as heck use his baby privileges to play with them melons.

He was having the time of his life as he touched her everywhere without a care in the world with an innocent to god expression on his face. Mamako was also currently playing with him as she kept him occupied thinking that if Alex got bored, he will start crying.

Alex tried to look around the broken taxi that he had gotten himself into but couldn't move his head as it was too heavy for his measly strength at the moment. So he just got himself occupied by playing with Mamako's boobs.

After having his fun with her boobs, he felt a bit tired and just went to sleep as he got tired and it was starting to boring slowly. So he just opted to sleep to at pass his time.

Both of them then disembarked the Taxi after a while and Mamako stepped into the Villa area inside the Base city. She could have lived with Raikou as she didn't really mind but she is an independent woman so she likes to stay and work by herself.

After checking herself in at the gate with the security. She started to go towards the Villa that her sister lived in.

(A/N: Now we are going to get introduced Mama Raikou as it was requested to include her in the Harem so why not. After next chapter will probably be a TimeSkip.)