13 Lands of Rivers (3)

Revealing his palm, the Chunin revealed his palm.

Kaito knew that a blast would be enough to kill him

[HP - 86 / 230]

'I can only do this, I guess...'

The shuriken launcher puppet had been sealed into his scroll, as it would have been broken in the last exchange, but now that his dual arm puppet and his shield puppet were knocked out, his last form of defense was it.

Right before the Tanigakure Chunin released his wave of chakra, Kaito stood up with much difficulty and try to dodge it, while using his last puppet, his last offensive mean a mere shield.


[You have received 30 points of damage]

Kaito's eyes widened, however. Because the blast's magnitude was much bigger than he anticipated. Yet, his shuriken puppet was still intact and he had only received mitigated damage, even though this blast would have been enough to kill him altogether with his puppet.

He then quickly realized that Aki had managed to finish off their opponents in the meantime, Aki's arms were spread out, and it seemed like she had created a wall of wind to deflect most of the chakra blast. Although it was imperfect, it had managed to save his life.

However, Kaito realized she was not moving, and she fell on the ground. Her face, her body from neck to feet were all bruised beyond recognition.

Looking over her head, he realized that the worst was about to come

[Aki - Level 13 Sunagakure Genin

HP - 23 / 120]

She was going to die soon. The bleeding ailment was already making her HP drop by the second. From afar, he could see Eiji's condition, and even though he was battling two relatively lower-level genin, it seemed like he had urged Aki to help him, knowing that his opponent was stronger. Although Eiji had become stronger recently, he was not in a condition to take on two Tanigakure genin on his own.

However, Kaito did not stay frozen like his opponent, and quickly moved forward and used his shuriken launcher puppet's trump card

[Shuriken Thrower Puppet n°42 - [D-rank]

HP: 150/150

Defense Power: 10

Skills: Shuriken Launch (fire rate: 10/s) (D), Giant Shuriken Launch (1 ammunition) (E)]

[You have casted the jutsu ~Katonjutsu Fire Shuriken~]

[Your chakra reserves are running low]

The giant flaming shuriken, rotating at extreme speed, slashed through the Tanigakure Chunin's neck. There was not even struggling, only realization that he had been beheaded by a blazing shuriken.

[You have dealt critical damage to [Level 25 Tanigakure Chunin]...]

[Calculating rewards...]

[You have earned 2 300 EXP...]

Kaito quickly manipulated the strings to support Eiji, sending thousands of shuriken his way.

[You have poisoned the enemy...]

[You have killed [Level 8 Tanigakure Genin]...]

[You have earned 260 EXP]

Eiji exchanged blows with his opponent, similarly wielding swords. Unlike him who wielded one sword, his opponents wielded two. However, the difference in attributes was clear. Eiji was much stronger. Normally, a dual wielder would have the advantage in speed, as it was easier to launch multiple attacks.

However, Eiji was a Kenjutsu specialist. Fast strikes were not equal to victory, far from it. The strength and control over your blade mattered more.

Previously, Eiji was in a difficult position as there was a ninjutsu specialist pressuring him every time he gained advantage against his kenjutsu specialist opponent. However, this time around, it was Kaito that left him an opening.

Deflecting the dual attacks, Eiji disarmed his opponent, and thrust forward.


The thrust targeted his opponent's heart, and the effect was quite evident. The genin, however, smiled. Kaito realized that something was wrong. Before he could realize it, he sensed a strong pulling force on his back.


The genin blew himself off, and a massive explosion took place.


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