2 Talking To The Moon

I saw magic in his eyes.

Dirty, dark, beautiful magic.

—Nicole Lyons


It was twilight when Mr. Blythe reached his house. By now, the city of Gleana had gone to bed, waiting for their sweet dreams to arrive yet the gentleman had arrived late at his cottage.

His eldest daughter had requested him to bring a handsome man home and only after a lot of persuasions, was he able to convince her to get a gown instead. If not, then he really would have to drag a man home or his daughter would throw a tantrum which would last forever.

Mrs. Blythe welcomed him home with open arms and the usual questions that were accustomed to going along. "How was your day?" and so on. He was thankful for having a loving and caring wife. After changing his attire, he departed to his daughter's room to lay down the new dress he had bought for her.

Dropping a small kiss on her forehead, he left for his youngest child's room. As much as he had tried to bring something for his youngest daughter, she had begged him not to get her anything fearing that it would be wasting money. The two sisters were like chalk and cheese; one was too considerate while the other was too foolhardy.

As the door creaked open, he was greeted with the sight of a little young girl sitting on the window sill. It was a pretty sight which he did not want to disturb.

It had started when she was ten years old but soon developed into a habit. Evangeline Blythe was used to stargazing. Gazing at the Moon and talking to it provided her the comfort she was seeking for. It made her feel less lonely at night.

When she heard the door open, her head whirled around to see her father standing in the doorway.

"Why haven't you gone to bed yet, Eva?" her father questioned, coming to stand by her side.

She shook her head, looking up at him with her big, doe eyes.

"I couldn't sleep." turning her head towards the window she spoke, "Isn't the Moon shining ever so brightly tonight?"

Mr. Dominic Blythe nodded with a small smile and patted her silver, grey hair gently. "Why don't I tell you a story? I am sure it will help you fall asleep," he advised, knowing well that Eva loved listening to tales of mysterious mythical creatures. She had once told him that it helped her believe that anything was possible when she heard of such legends and fables, that nothing was impossible in this large world.

Her eyes sparkled as she bobbed her head up and down. Soon, Eva was lying on the mattress looking up at her father expectantly with shining orbs. Her father took his place beside her, slowly caressing her head, resulting in her getting drowsy.

The land of Salvador was famous for its stories and secrets. Fairies, demons, vampires, werewolves, and all sorts of mythical creatures were said to be living hidden amongst the humans, slowly gathering power.

Rumors were circulated, that the Queen herself was a fairy which had caused a lot of disturbances a few years ago. The Queen had shut down such gossips by executing anyone who spoke of them. Even if some humans tried to kill such creatures, they would always be overpowered. People feared them and no one dared to spread baseless rumors anymore but ancient tales were famous among every kingdom's inhabitants.

"What story are you telling today Papa?" the girl questioned and a tale unexpectedly entered Dominic's mind. It made him wonder if he should tell his daughter or not. Thinking it would be a harmless story, Mr. Blythe opened his mouth and started to speak.

"Once upon a time, there was a man who was living the most miserable life anyone could think of. He was poor, wretched, and full of flaws and scars. A day arrived when he first beheld the princess of a kingdom who was to be married to the King of his empire. The princess was a beautiful creature, and whoever saw her fell in love the very next moment."

"Did the poor man fall in love with her too?" asked Eva, and her father smiled.

"How did you know?"

"You said whoever saw her fell in love at first sight." Mr. Blythe internally chuckled at her naïveté and patted her head.

"You are right. He did fall in love with her. And so deeply did he fall, that he forgot what was right and wrong. He realized he would do the most sinful things just to call her his. His grandfather who had died when he was young, used to tell him tales of powerful beings who could grant wishes. The man decided that he would gain power and then marry the princess so that they could live together safely later on."

"Were the tales true?" a small voice piped up. "That his grandfather spoke of?"

"Yes, they were, as the man later found out. He went out on a journey to find the creatures who were called The Fates. It was perilous but you should know Eva, that a man in love is as dangerous as a fire-breathing dragon. He could go berserk and out of control. He could burn down the whole world just to protect and keep her safe."

"Would you do the same for Mama?" she said with a pout as if she didn't like the idea of her father transforming into a fire-breathing dragon.

"To be honest, I would if I had the power. If someone was trying to harm her or my two daughters, I would do anything to protect you all."

Eva nodded, thinking deeply for a while. "Did the man find the Fates?"

"Yes, he did. After a year of traveling through dark, hazardous places, he finally found them. He wanted the power to marry the princess and the Fates granted it to him but on one condition." Dominic paused slightly but continued. "He had to hand over his firstborn to the Fates as soon as he was born. Only if he promised, would he then gain the strength.

"The man became more powerful than anything. He became so strong that no being could touch him except for the Fates who remained strongest. He married the princess and she soon grew to love him since he doted on her with all the love he was capable of. However, trouble arose and their first son was born. As soon as he was given birth, the Fates arrived and demanded him to be handed over. The King was depressed but the Queen felt betrayed by her husband. She ran away with the baby and was never to be seen again."

Silence followed and a soft voice slowly asked, "Is that the end?"

"That is all I know until now. Rumor has it that the Queen soon died and that the King killed himself after hearing the news."

"Then what happened to the baby?"

"Nobody knows."

Eva pouted, saddened by the fact that she didn't get to know the proper end to the story. Poor baby, she thought, feeling bad for him.

"I thought that falling in love would be happy but they all died in the end!" protested the child who was used to seeing her parents acting lovingly everyday.

"Love is not hearts and roses all the time, dear. You'll understand when you grow up, I promise. Time for you to sleep now. It's getting late," spoke Mr. Blythe, getting up and arranging the blanket up to her neck. Dropping a small kiss on her forehead, he received a goodnight kiss on the cheek from his youngest daughter in return.

"Goodnight Papa."

"Goodnight sweetie." and with that, he left the room after blowing the candle out.

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