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Evangeline Blythe had a tale of woe which effected her in ways different to other people. Her mind was of a dreamer's because of her father's tales and stories that he told before his ultimate demise. However, a few of those stories were quite close to the actual truth while Eva's own past hadn't been revealed to her yet.

Her only focus was on earning money and making her mother and sister happy with enough riches to last them forever. But when a pair of obsidian eyes met hers, time seemed to have stopped and even the Fates seemed to have lost their control on the two people the universe had destined together for each and every lifetime.


It was all going perfectly as it should have until Eva felt that familiar dark aura in her surroundings. She looked around hurriedly but there was no sign of that face anywhere. She knew she could not mistake his face for anybody else, nobody had a face similar to his!

Her dark brown eyes nervously surveyed each and every male's face around her and finally landed on a man who was busy staring in her direction.

He was wearing a unique Venetian mask that covered his whole face, only revealing a pair of shady eyes that she felt were the darkest in the whole room. Eva wanted to take a step back but her feet seemed to have gotten stuck to the floor, making her unable to move. Her body refused to step back this time.

She couldn't describe the specific color of his eyes, but they ignited a fire under her skin, and it was like he knew when his black eyes glittered with a harsh look. He was tall and muscular judging from how his clothes fit him perfectly, dressed in darkness from his inky hair to his black suit.

Her throat went dry and she was suddenly uncomfortable. She fidgeted and crossed her legs, instantly regretting the move, because the man's gaze fell there and held for a moment before sliding back to her face with a glimmer. The fire he'd ignited under her skin pooled low in her stomach, reminding her of how empty she felt, how desperately she needed to be filled up.

Who was this man, and how could she possibly feel this way about a stranger? She knew who he was. She was feeling the same as she did in that dream and she could recognize those eyes anywhere in the world no matter what.

He had found her and all Eva knew was that she needed to break this link that had created this tangible, suffocating energy between them.

He was sin incarnate as he walked towards her and Eva couldn't drop her gaze from his. Her blood heated to an impossible level, making her hot all over. She squeezed her legs together and clenched her hands into fists to keep from fidgeting under his gaze.

Soon, he was standing only two steps away from her and Eva saw him place his palm in front of her.

"Can I have this dance?" A voice asked from behind the mask. It was a deep rumble she felt in her chest.



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A/N: This story has a slow-pace beginning and quite a lot of it consists of healing since trauma and panic attacks are discussed in detail. If you're not comfortable with it, I suggest skipping those chapters with warnings.

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