Strongest Protagonist's Aura

Author: Fluffypie
Martial Arts
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What is Strongest Protagonist's Aura

Read Strongest Protagonist's Aura novel written by the author Fluffypie on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering system, comedy, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


So, you're given a chance to reincarnate into another world, what special power would you choose? Extreme mental capability? Immortal body? Power of creation? Oh wait, you could choose the Strongest system? Or the Naruto system? Maybe an ultimate evolution system? Hell no! Obviously you should choose the Strongest Protagonist aura because only that is truly invincible! Remastered Edition of the book released for sale! Support the author here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BYGY7VBC!

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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :Prologue
Volume 2 :Let There Be No New Empire
Volume 3 :Changes of Fate
Volume 4 :Severing Fate


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If i were to be given the chance i will choose the power of creation..why would you choose Aura system .when you can create anything with the power of creation..just why


Strongest Tragedy Aura - Host luck -99999 Author kinda superbly stupid? He thinks Mc/protagonist needs a tragic life etc to be strong lol the worst is the authors stupidity and makes Mc's every turn becomes tragic, doesn't know how to make "chance encounter" that's what "protagonists aura" supposed to be, have the mc encounter good fortune to power up, not ridiculously send him to tragic states and those around him. Hope this enlighten our stupid author, or put a tragedy/rape/stupid author tag on your novel so people will not waste time


Writing skill is good to the point I'm envious of it. Update stability?? who knows!~ Story development?? because I'm reader who always imagine myself as protagonist so I'm a bit biased!! so my opinion its trash because my brain pressured non-stop since I'm binge reading this novel 2-3 day!~ Character design?? no matter how good it is, its useless since the author will screw him over and over to the point I'm tired of it!~ World background?? its quite good?? meh its still ruined by non-stop torture of fate!~ my previous review is too much when I see your efforts writing this so I'm increasing it but after hard time to think, this is all I can give you!!~ at least your skill in writing is good, so be proud of that!!~ though that non-stop screwing your own MC seem too much for me but maybe its your fetish?? meh whatever!!~




oh ****, holy ****, author, if you're going to write a novel of this kind, do it right, because it gives cancer to the eyes, this novel deserves the Nobel prize for being the **** **** of the year.


Reveal spoiler


This novel is only good to pass the time the MC is crap story development is crap and he followed by misfortune everywhere he goes and cause those around him to die this is a continuous cycle


Aside from the very unique and unexpected way he dies which i think is a lil ingenious but still somewhat forced. Wellll the story development and story itself errrrr :(


it got stupid real fast. The first few chapters were manageable till it made me feel like the author is high on something really dangerous for health.


Reveal spoiler


Although the story makes our protagonist miserable, it is because of his aura as you know that the protagonist will has a miserable life before he can get happiness in the end so i think i'm gonna wait for the next chapter....


Colorless | White (Common) | Green (Uncommon) | Blue (Rare) | Orange (Super Rare) | Red (Ancient) | Purple (Mythical) | Rainbow (Legendary) | Transparent (Godly) ?? Colorless is the same color as transparent no ?


I like It, give a try to this novel people-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.


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Well done! This is the kind of story that needs attention! The characters are alive, not ROBOTS WITH PROGRAMMED EMOTIONS! Its not a perfect one but it is worth the read. AUTO ADDED! CATCHA! Also, this is a review swap. dont forget to add my novel too! xD Blood Type: Dragon


It's definitely a comedy I'll give it that. Lots of trope jokes, kudos. It's enjoyable as a parody. Maybe have something to drink before reading though. Don't take it so seriously. Yeah the MC is a***wful and but this is not a compelling epic or anything- it's funny when you read too many serious attempts at this genre. My only major complaint then, are the walls of text. It's just a headache to read through.


Good novel Dddeeedeetheehjeehvdryceyhstkffeshhsdbgdsgjdwyrsfnjssfbjddbjsdbhfcjfdjhdh u dhhddhgsggddgfeergbshkhgdcghbbjchyeegjddjggggewdhkjh by trefvgddfhjjjmkk hi fdsede rn


Worst garbage ever written on this site. The author must either have quite a few loose screws on his brain and a huge masochist. The storyline and tragedy level is literally cancer. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Would've wished he died and stayed dead in the beginning for this piece of turd work.


A very interesting book thats packed with jokes about all the cliche troupes. Give it a chance, I don't understand why so many people don't like it.


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