Stay Awake Agatha.

Author: DaoistMt1jZY
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What is Stay Awake Agatha.

Read ‘Stay Awake Agatha.’ Online for Free, written by the author DaoistMt1jZY, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Livia Myst is an ice skater. She has no interest in romancing men. In fact, she despises men. She wishes for an escape from her repetitive and oppressive world. She gets much, much more than what she asked for. Her life completely flips around when she meets the Prince and his Fiancé Norae. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zerreilin is the Prince of Celestia. He is a hopeless romantic, but doesn't have time for courtship. He is expected to marry Duke Flefan's daughter, Norae. He knows Norae has a heart of gold, much like her name, but he wants to get to know the person he marries before he marries them. He has always wanted to learn how to skate. Now, he finally might have a chance. Livia and Norae might be the death of him, but they also help him live. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Norae is an ambitious artist. She loves to paint and has immaculate skill. She has been betrothed to the Crown Prince Zerreilin. She does not wish to marry him, so she decides to run away. Her collected and nearly perfected plan for living after running away are ruined after she crossed ways with Livia and her almost-fiance Zerreilin. Her plans went down the drain, but she had the more fun than she ever had in her life. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nimue is an enchantress. She has been wronged by her family - or rather what she considered was her family. She, once the Crown Princess, had been rejected the throne, just because she was a girl. She was expected to be married into the neighbouring kingdom, Solaire, while she wanted to be an independent ruler in the Kingdom of Lunaire. She has been shunned when she confronted her father about the fairy trafficking he was engaging in. She let her powers run wild in rage. Her magic, being poisoned by anger and hatred, terrorized the kingdom, and held her hostage. Author's Note : This is just the first draft of the book, so it's not perfect. Of you happen to find any mistakes, please feel free to notify me about them in the comments. Pointers are appreciated! Author's Notes will be in {Flower Brackets}. Keep in mind that this is not on the same timeline as ours, and that everyone here is 19 (I didn't want yo make them too old or too young). Also, I am horrible at naming characters and places, so incase you have any nicer names, please tell me about them! There will be a LOT of typos. Please notify me if you find any. (Wow it is hard to type on a phone)

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