Strongest Mage with the Lust system

[ Warning: Mature content R-18 ] Is death the end or a new begining? I don't know. But, for our protagonist, it was the latter. Max, a twenty-year-old virgin, got attacked by a bear in forest and died a rather unwilling and untimely death. Fortunately for him... that wasn't the end to his story. He woke up and found himself transmigrated in a world full of magic, wonders and... beautiful women. God seemed to be happy with him because not only was he a noble's youngest son in this world, he also got a system -The Lust System- to become the strongest mage and reach the heights that no one had ever reached. Everything seemed amazing but was it true or just an illusion? Join the Exciting journey of Maxwell Garfield in this wonderful world to rise to the top. ______________________________ [Things to be noted] 1. From the title, you should've guessed it already but let me tell you the story will be filled with many sexual adventures. So... you are welcome to enjoy them..... 2. However... don't expect MC to have sexual relations with every woman he meets. I'll be focusing on the story, and would 'Try' not to blindly throw sex scenes left and right. 3. Most importantly, this is my first time writing so the the quality of first 50 or so may be a bit lacking (But it would cause you no problem if a few minor errors don't bother you). 4. It is a slow paced story. If you want everything to be explosive and fast, maybe this isn't for you. Important Note: If you enjoy the story then don't forget to vote your GTs, Power stones and also if you can, send some GIFTS too. This poor soul would appreciate it. Also check out My other work: [ Rise of the Strongest War God ] & [ My perverted devil system ] Happy reading~ ________________

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'What is this?'

'I can think again? But didn't I die already? Did someone save me?'

'Am I in the hospital?'

'How did I get here?'

'Shit! I don't know how many days I'll have to spend recuperating here. '

"Thank God! I still have my health insurance, or I might have gone broke because of this. '

Max felt his consciousness "waking up," and various thoughts flashed in his mind.

When he thought how he must be in the hospital and how much would the treatment would cost, he panicked.

He was just a college student with a low-paying part-time job. How could he afford to pay the hefty medical fee the hospital would charge? Would he have to ask his father for money again?

But he knew his father also didn't have any savings to give him since he had used those on his college fee already.

However, when he remembered that he still had his health insurance, he felt better.

'Mm? This doesn't seem like a hospital room.' When he opened his eyes, he frowned because the room didn't look like a hospital room. It was more like a luxurious suite.

He slowly sat up and looked around in a daze.

'Am I in some palace or what? It's many times bigger than my apartment.' He thought.

'Guess Jacob brought me to his home. Only his house could be this luxurious, but why would he bring me here instead of taking me to a hospital?' He wondered in confusion.

He was lying in a luxurious-looking bed, at least double the size of a king-sized bed, and was wearing a silky white long robe which also should be pretty expensive.

The room was decorated with pompous decorations but had little furniture.

On the left side of his bed was a big, well-furnished wooden closet. A small round table built from some shiny stone with a unique design was in the middle of the room, with one chair sitting beside it. There was a basket full of fresh fruits on the table—an inbuilt bathroom on the left side of the room.

Apart from these, the room was empty but gave a refreshing feeling that seemed to soothe his chaotic mind.

'It must feel good to be rich. Ahh…!' As he was looking around, lost in his thoughts, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in the back of his head.

He gingerly touched it and found it bandaged with a soft fabric.

'Hmm? What is this? I clearly remember that bear attacked me on the neck. It should be a neck injury, not a head injury. Perhaps I got it when I fell?' As he thought this, he touched his neck and found that there was no injury which left him puzzled.

'Well, shoot it. I'm still alive. This is what matters.' Thinking this, he threw all the puzzling thoughts to the back on his mind and slowly got up from the bed.


When his feet landed on the ground, an incredulous expression appeared of his face and he couldn't help but cry out in shock.

"T-This body…?" His body was weak and thin as a stick; one could see his skeleton's outlines. His skin was milky white, slightly different from his original skin tone.

Stunned and panicked, he hurriedly scrambled toward the bathroom to see his reflection.

As he watched his reflection, he didn't know what to think. His mind was a mess because the boy in the mirror was entirely different from him.

In the mirror, he could see himself in the body of a 17 or 18-year-old boy. His hair and eyes were sapphire blue and looked exceptionally beautiful. A handsome face with a sharp nose bridge. If one ignored the fact that he looked sick and frail, he was the most handsome guy Max had ever seen.

He stood there for a while, thinking just what had happened to him.

In the end, he could only mumble in confusion. "Did I get… transmigrated? Like the people in fantasy novels?"

"Ahh! Young master? Where are you?" Just then, a shrill yet pleasant to hear shriek resounded in the room outside.

Upon hearing the voice, Max woke up from his reverie and calmly went out of the bathroom. Now that someone was here, he knew he would find the answers to his questions soon.

As he stepped out of the bathroom, he saw a stunningly beautiful girl dressed in the maid's uniform standing in front of him.

Her hair was silky black, a pair of beautiful black eyes capable of bewitching anyone that looked into them. Sexy rosy lips that no men could ever resist the temptation of.

Her body was like a piece of art. Even her baggy maid's costume couldn't hide her sculpted curves. On top of that, she had an innocent and timid expression on her face which made her even more tempting to a virgin like Max.

Max felt a jolt in his heart when his gaze landed on her and her angelic beauty immediately enchanted him.

'She is way more beautiful than Alison. These clothes… it seems she's a maid or is she cosplaying…?' He thought, calming his stirred emotions.

Watching him look at her in a daze and the maid blushed and shyly lowered her head.

This gesture of hers once again tugged on his heartstrings.

Suddenly, she seemed to remember something and a cheerful smile appeared on her face as she excitedly said, "Young master, you finally woke up. It's great news. I'm sure lord Garfield would be happy to know this."

She then asked, "Young master, how are you feeling? Should I bring some medicine?"

Seeing the happiness, relief, gentleness and worry in her eyes when she looked at him and hearing her address him as the 'young master', Max knew that his suspicion of being transmigrated into this body was true. 

"No, it's okay. Let me ask you something." He waved his hand and spoke in a calm voice so it wouldn't sound much different from the original host of his body.

However, it appeared that he worried about it too much because there was no change in the beauty's expression when he spoke.

"Yes, young master, please ask anything." She urgently nodded.

"First, tell me what is your name?"


His question surprised her. Then an anxious expression appeared on her face while her eyes became teary as she spoke, "It's Lilly, Young Master. Don't you remember me?"

Max didn't answer her and nodded, "Okay, Lilly. Tell me, what's my name?"

"What!? Y-Young Master, you don't even remember your name?" Lilly was stunned. 'Could it be that young master has lost his memories because of the injury to his head?' She thought.

As she came to this conclusion, she became worried. However, at the same time, she also felt a sense of relief because this means that he didn't only forget her.

Seeing that Lilly seemed very gullible, he nodded, "Hmm. Due to this injury to my head, my memories seemed to have become hazy. When I try to remember something, my head hurts. So, can you tell me everything you know about me."

Since he had somehow replaced the original owner of this body, he wanted to know everything about him so he could imitate him so the people wouldn't become too suspicious of him.

Lilly was silent for a while as she processed this before she nodded, "I understand, young master." After that, she started telling him about everything related to him.

After Lilly was done with her explanation, though Max kept his expression normal, inwardly he was astonished.

'Shockingly, I have transmigrated in the body of the youngest son of the Garfield family, Maxwell Garfield and this world is not Earth but a completely different world, a magical one.

Maxwell's father, Ashton Garfield, is a Viscount of the Claymore Town. Most importantly, he is a powerful mage. Yeah, Magic exists in this world. That's why I said that this was a magical world.

Everyone's Magic talent is gauged when they turn 12 years old. The higher the talent, the higher your chances of reaching higher heights in magic.

When Max turned 12, he found out that he didn't have any talent, which caused him to fall into depression because without magic talent, there is no chance that you can become a mage and if one isn't a mage, he or she is basically useless in this world.

So, since Max didn't have any magic talent, everyone started treating him like he was some kind of trash. Even his siblings started treated with scorn.

However, there were still some people who loved him all the same. For example, the lord of the house, his father, Ashton Garfield, loved him dearly.

A few days ago, Max turned eighteen.

Apparently, when someone turned eighteen, they had to go out and hunt a beast themselves for the feast.

So, his half-siblings, Noah and William, riled him up by saying that he was useless to the point where he could only rely on the family to prepare his birthday feast.

Angered by this, he took a few guards and went to the forest hunt a beast for the feast.

Unfortunately, in the woods, they encountered a powerful beast that killed most of his guards, and he also got a severe injury to his head that resulted in him being unconscious for five days now.

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