Strongest Mage with the Lust system

[ Warning: Mature content R-18 ] Is death the end or a new begining? I don't know. But, for our protagonist, it was the latter. Max, a twenty-year-old virgin, got attacked by a bear in forest and died a rather unwilling and untimely death. Fortunately for him... that wasn't the end to his story. He woke up and found himself transmigrated in a world full of magic, wonders and... beautiful women. God seemed to be happy with him because not only was he a noble's youngest son in this world, he also got a system -The Lust System- to become the strongest mage and reach the heights that no one had ever reached. Everything seemed amazing but was it true or just an illusion? Join the Exciting journey of Maxwell Garfield in this wonderful world to rise to the top. ______________________________ [Things to be noted] 1. From the title, you should've guessed it already but let me tell you the story will be filled with many sexual adventures. So... you are welcome to enjoy them..... 2. However... don't expect MC to have sexual relations with every woman he meets. I'll be focusing on the story, and would 'Try' not to blindly throw sex scenes left and right. 3. Most importantly, this is my first time writing so the the quality of first 50 or so may be a bit lacking (But it would cause you no problem if a few minor errors don't bother you). 4. It is a slow paced story. If you want everything to be explosive and fast, maybe this isn't for you. Important Note: If you enjoy the story then don't forget to vote your GTs, Power stones and also if you can, send some GIFTS too. This poor soul would appreciate it. Also check out My other work: [ Rise of the Strongest War God ] & [ My perverted devil system ] Happy reading~ ________________

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First prey

'The original owner of this body seems to have died when he was in the coma and I took over his body.' Max mused inwardly. 

Initially, when he learned that magic existed in this world, he was beyond excited. Because with magic, he could do the things which were impossible and incomprehensible to him previously.

However, all of his excitement vanished when he heard he had zero talent in magic and was destined to be a bottom feeder for the rest of his life.

'Sigh! Am I going to rely on 'my father' to survive, just as I did in my past life?' He clenched his fists. He was unwilling, but there was nothing he could do about it.


He exhaled a deep breath and pushed all these thoughts away for the moment. 'It's more important to know about my new family and other stuff so I could decide how to act so they wouldn't get suspicious of me.'

Thinking this, he looked at his beautiful maid and with a smile on his face; he started asking about his parents, siblings, some other things which he should know.

In the end, he asked her about magic. However, because Lilly was just a maid, she had little knowledge about it.

After she was done with the explanation, Max went silent to absorb all the information he just received.

Lilly stood quietly at his bedside. Her worried gaze trained on Max as she thought, 'I wonder when will the young master regain his memories?' 

After Max told her it was difficult for him to recall any of his memories, she was worried but thinking that he would eventually regain them; she felt relieved.

However, little did she know, apart from the memories of his previous life, Max didn't have a single memory of this life.

This was weird. Because, according to the transmigrating novels he read in his free time, the transmigrated or reincarnated person would have all the memories of the body they possessed.

After staying silent for almost half an hour, Max finally organised all the information and fully accepted the new reality.

'So, my name is Maxwell Garfield, sixth and youngest son of Viscount Ashton Garfield, who is a powerful three-star mage...' He started recollecting everything.

He had three brothers and two sisters, all of whom were from different mothers, meaning half-siblings. 

Yeah! Like all fantasy worlds, polygamy was a normal practice here.

Various things decided how you will be treated by the society such as your status, wealth, knowledge, your profession, etc. 

But above all else was the strength. If you were a powerful mage, you could get everything else. (Note: The term 'Mage' in this novel isn't solely reserved for the magicians.)

This saddened him a lot since he didn't have any hope of becoming stronger. 

Apart from this, there was one more thing that saddened him. This was the fact that his mother had passed away eight years ago because of some illness.

'I guess I'm destined not to receive a mother's love.' He sighed. In his previous life, too, his mother had passed away when he was just a child.

Ignoring all these negative things, there were some things that made him a little happy, too. The first was the fact that he was super handsome. Lilly said, he got his looks from his late mother, who was crowned as the foremost beauty of the Claymore Town. 

He was happy because, with his looks, he wouldn't face the same issues with women as he had in his previous life.

There was another thing which made him happy. Because his father was a viscount, a noble, he was also a noble and thanks to his father's love and support, he could have almost everything he wanted.

His half-brothers were married. His eldest brother, Mark Garfield, had two wives, while Noah and William each had one.

He and his sisters weren't married yet.

His relationship with his brothers wasn't good, as they always mocked him and called him trash. 

However, his relationship with Anna and Emily was rather good. 

Anna was two years older than him and Emily was three. According to Lilly, apart from his father, Anna loved and cared for him a lot. 

As for Emily, she was a cultivation maniac and rarely interacted with him. Even so, she also cared for him or at least didn't show any disdain for him.

As for Lilly, she was his personal maid and stayed with him most of the time, taking care of his needs.

Max was an introvert. He rarely went out of the manor and spent most of his time in the library or the garden, taking care of the plants and flowers he planted himself.

His father, as the Viscount of Claymore Town, was mostly busy with his duties and had little time to spend with his family.




After a while, Max took a deep breath. 

After ruminating for a while, he eventually decided to go with the memory loss excuse. This way, even if he acted differently from the original Max, no one would suspect him.

He then glanced at Lilly, who obediently stood on the bedside. 

Putting on a harmless smile, he patted on the bed next to him, "Don't keep standing there. Come here, sit next to me." 

Lilly hesitated when she heard this. However, a moment later, she sat beside him, a hint of crimson appearing on her babylike cheeks.

Seeing her up close, Max was dazed for a moment and when he inhaled her fragrant feminine scent, his virgin hormones surged crazily and his little brother slowly woke up from its slumber.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm his surging emotions. However, it was difficult for him to do so.

He put on a serious expression and said, "Lilly, let me ask you something. But remember not to mention anything about it to anyone, okay?"

Noticing the heat in his eyes, her heart thumped as she nervously nodded, "Yes, P-Please ask anything, young master." 

"You are my personal maid and will obey me no matter what I order you to do. Is that right?" Max asked, the flames of lust in his eyes flaring up.

In the fantasy novels, maids, especially the personal maids, were basically considered slaves and their masters could do anything they wanted to them. 

From the interaction he had with her until now, he also found that she was very meek and obedient to him and it felt that she would do everything he ordered her to do. Moreover, he somehow got a vague feeling that she also had feelings for him. 

"Eh?" His question took her off guard. Although she didn't exactly understand what he was implying, she had a vague idea about it and this caused her heart to beat faster and faster.

"What? Didn't you hear me? Should I repeat myself? "Max asked, his brows furrowed and his voice stern. Although he acted this way, he was actually very nervous right now because if things weren't as he thought them to be, he might be in deep shit now.

"N-No, I heard you, young master. Young master can give me any kind of order you want except for betraying Garfield Manor as I'm not allowed to do so." Lilly nervously answered, her voice was almost inaudible.

'Phew! Seems like I was right.' Max sighed inwardly.

He then grinned, "That's very good, then."

Looking toward the door, he asked, "Tell me, is someone going to come to visit me anytime soon?" He didn't want to be caught in 'action' just after coming into this world. That would be too embarrassing.

Lilly blushed furiously when she heard this, and her heartbeat went out of her control. She was now sure what he wanted.

Gathering her courage, she stuttered, "A-After dinner, young lady A-Anna might come to visit the young master, and if Master Ashton is free, he too might c-come." 

"There are still a few hours until dinner, right?" He asked.


Seeing her nod, the fire of lust blazed in his eyes and he looked at her as if a predator was looking at a delicious prey.

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