A young man is transported to a fantastical world and embarks on a thrilling journey filled with danger, discovery, and fights. He have a special ability to adapt to anything and surpass his limit. Follow Lukeas together with his brutal training and uncover the truth of the multiverse! ****** Not a harem... A single love interest is already hard to handle and develop... And you want me to make a few more?? Hell nah

Night_Star_Gaze · Anime & Comics
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72 Chs

Chapter 20: A huge Harvest

The sun was shining bright over the arena, casting its warm golden light on the spectators gathered around the ring. Among them stood Lukeas, his eyes fixed on the center of the arena where the old man stood, ready to call forth the bravest of fighters to battle. Lukeas felt his heart pounding in his chest, the thrill of anticipation coursing through his veins.

And then, as if on cue, the old man beckoned for volunteers. Lukeas wasted no time in making his way to the front of the crowd, eager to get a better view of the ring and the fighters who would soon face off against one another. He felt a sense of pure exhilaration coursing through his body, knowing that he was about to witness something truly remarkable.

As the first fighter stepped into the ring, Lukeas couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the sheer power and skill on display. The young boy, no older than 18, brandished a longsword with such confidence and grace that Lukeas couldn't help but be impressed. The boy's muscles rippled beneath his uniform, his eyes blazing with the fire of determination.

And then, with a signal from the old man, the battle began. The clang of swords rang out across the arena, echoing off the walls and filling the air with an electric energy. Lukeas watched in amazement as the two fighters clashed again and again, each move executed with precision and skill.

Despite the intensity of the fight, Lukeas couldn't help but feel a sense of pure joy and excitement. He knew that he was witnessing something truly special, a moment in time that would stay with him forever especially because he's memorizing everything he can. And as the battle raged on, he found himself completely amaze of it all, the cheers of the crowd and the sound of steel against steel blending together in a symphony of pure exhilaration. 'PARADISE! I CAN LEARN SO MUCH IN HERE! THANKS THE GODS!' he screamed in his mind as he watched the match with batted breath and high concentration.

Adam's eyes were locked onto his opponent as he launched himself forward with an explosive burst of energy. He had trained long and hard for this moment, and he wasn't about to let his opponent's experience and skill intimidate him. He knew that he had the strength and speed to overpower his opponent, and he was determined to prove it.

As he closed in on the old man, Adam began to unleash a flurry of lightning-fast attacks, each blow delivered with a ferocious intensity that made the air crackle with energy. He fought with both arms holding the hilt of the sword, delivering precise and powerful blows that left his opponent reeling. Every time the old man tried to parry Adam's attacks, sparks flew out from the impact, a testament to the raw power behind each strike.

Despite Adam's impressive display of strength and speed, the old man didn't seem particularly impressed. He continued to parry Adam's attacks with ease, using only one hand to deflect each blow. It was clear that the old man was a master swordsman, and Adam knew that he had a long way to go before he could match his opponent's skill.

But despite this knowledge, Adam didn't let up. He continued to press forward, his attacks coming faster and harder with each passing moment. Sweat was pouring down his face, his heart pounding in his chest, but he refused to let the fatigue slow him down.

"Not bad, brat!" the old man said, a hint of surprise in his voice. "You've improved a lot since we last sparred." Adam grinned, feeling a surge of pride at the compliment. He had worked tirelessly to hone his skills, and it felt good to know that his efforts had paid off.

"Thanks, sir!" he replied, his voice filled with the burning energy of youth. "I really worked hard for this moment." And with those words, Adam launched himself forward once again, ready to continue the fight with all the strength and determination he could muster.

And suddenly it was the old man's turn to attack. With an unimaginable speed the oldman quickly stab forward and seeing this Adam went to parry it since it'll be impossible to block and with its it was also impossible to avoid.

But then the oldman smiled, and a split second later he wave his sword in a complicated turns. And a sword was suddenly lunched in the air. And before Adam could react the old man have already pointed his sword at his throat.. Adam stood there shocked.. At first everyone thought that he would cry because of his expression... But then he suddenly exclaimed. "THAT WAS SOO COOL!!.. HEY! OLD MAN TEACH ME THAT! IF YOU DON--HMAGMMNHH"

As if getting embarrassed and annoyed at his brothers antics, Allan got up to the ring and covered his mouth and forcefully drag him down to stop him from further embarrassing both of them. "Sshhh.. I know.. I know... Dont fight it... Let it happen.." he whispered and slowly pulled his brother out of the ring

Lukeas on the other hand was so frustrated. He haven't finished connecting all the moves.. And there were still incomplete move sets Adam haven't shown him. And if he used this now his rhythm would constantly stopped mid fight. And thats not good for him at all. He wanted to scream at them to keep fighting but that will be too much. So instead he just kept it himself and memorize and visualize everything while there's still no other volunteer.

"Adam Soles Von Astrid... PASSED!" he announced with a thundering shout. "Now! Who's next!" the oldman asked the crowd. And not too long a hulking guy could be seen pushing the people infront of him to the side making the nobles and commoners infront of him give him a negative remarks. But he didn't care.

"I'm Derek Angelo Van Adrim the son of Duke Esta Nuevo Van Adrim. I'm here to beat you Oldman!" he said confidently as he walked in to the ring and faced the oldman.

"What a bold statement young man" rhe old man said before going back to the point. "So.. What weapon do you want to use?" he asked Derek. "An Iron gauntlet" Derek replied.

And like Camille didearlier with the potential measurements a bright blue light suddenly come out of the oldmans palm and a huge hunk of metal suddenly droped on the ground. It was an iron gauntlet with its size it could easily grab an entire head no problem. But the problem was the weight.

But surprisingly Derek easily grab it and wore it on his hand and took stance. "Bring it on brat" seeing this the oldman put his sword away in a blue flash and pop his knuckles and stretch his neck to get ready to fight.