Stratagem Identity

Tempest Astor, aka Woody Lynch, witnessed a scene where one could not attain peace of mind. Why? At the age of six, he beheld the death of his mother and sister. A scenario that terrorized his entire existence and left a scar on his heart. But before his soul rots completely, his father, who grieved like Tempest, brought him back to his ground. Julius brought Tempest to a hidden forest, where once someone enters, there was no going back. Galhir Forest, the mysterious forest. Julius brought Tempest to a shelter inside Galhir Forest and lived there for nine years. Surrounded by nothing but trees and animals, that was the life Tempest had to go through. Until one faithful day, Julius's message. A letter left on the table inside their cabin. "Come, it is time, my son. Find your father while you find your path. Meet me at the Floating City of Asus. Find your way out of this maze. Once you find the exit, your journey begins. I'll see you again, son." He was left in awe by the sudden revelation. Woody starts his journey of the world that he heard in books.

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World Mana w/ Magic:

At the age of fifteen, Tempest discovers his arcane potential, with the help of a friend he had since he left the Galhir Forest. As he turned sixteen, he becomes an official Augmentor, otherwise known as body reinforcer. Six months later, Tempest acquires the official Conjuror title, otherwise known as the world element magician. Soon after these achievements, Tempest realizes his ability to produce the Identifier. The identifier is a unique class among powers in the world of Shinra. It's an ability that creates a see-through floating glass with statistics that is only visible to Tempest.





Mana is essential to use magic, and it exists in the atmosphere. The colorful mana particles all over the atmosphere. The particles have different colors that represent their elements. As such; Fire, Water, Wind, & Earth. In the human population, a census showed roughly 1 out of 99 children, was capable of sensing and gathering mana particles.

How to sense and gather mana particles:

Meditation is a way to sense and gather particles. A total concentration in meditation will let a person go into the Trance Realm. Trance Realm is the subconscious realm where you can use your soul and gather the diamond star figure, known as elemental mana particles.



Mana Core is also known as the Arcane Core. The location of the mana core lies in between the chest and the stomach of a person. Anywhere from early adolescence to late teen years will a person be able to awaken naturally. That is the natural way to possess an innate mana core. Once awakened, a translucent barrier around the person for the whole process.


-Each main stage consists of 2-4 semi-degrees. Each main stage's strength and capability depends on how many star points it consists of..., the more points in a star, the more powerful you are..., and the degrees below the number depending on how dark your element is: The darker, the less pure, and less powerful. The pure and potent mana core is determined when the lighter it becomes.

1. Star Diamond - two spikes, bottom and above.

a. Black

b. Raven

c. Coal

2. Isotoxal Star - four spikes, bottom and above, and one from each side.

a. Garnet

b. Ruby

c. Red

3. Pentagram Star - five spikes, one from above, two at the bottom, and one from each side.

a. Fire

b. Orange

c. Tiger

4. Great Heptagram - seven spikes star.

a. Gold

b. Dandelion

c. Lemon

5. Great Enneagram - nine spikes star.

a. Shadow

b. Flint

c. Silver

d. Cloud

6. Dodecagram - twelve spikes star.

a. Snow

b. Porcelain

Note: "There will be more main stages but will not portray on January 8, 2021."

As augmenters, conjurers, healers, and other unique classes use their mana. Without frequent gathering, it will slowly deplete. Constant meditation or other methods of collecting mana is needed. Mana is like stamina; if you don't catch your breath, you won't regain your full vigor. Once your mana depletes, severe fatigue will show.




There are several types of Magic in Shinra. Each one requires mana, which is a fundamental piece to support magic. In Shinra, magic goes into different aspects, as such; Augmentor, Conjurer, & Healer. These three are an example of one fundamental of magic.

Augmentor - Users who enhance their bodies with mana to increase their strength, defense, or agility. The measurement of their power relies on their efficiency to relocate mana flow from their mana core into various parts of their bodies. Augmentors usually equip themselves with weapons and reinforce their body to exceed ordinary human capabilities. This type of magic aspect has several weaknesses, including a limited range.

Teenage years are the common years for awakening (you can be a late bloomer if you awaken your mana core at adulthood or an early bird if you awaken your mana core at the age below early adolescence).

Fundamentals of Augmenting. An extreme mental and physical practice that lasts within years. To cleanse and gather purer mana. Although augmenters rely on their innate mana core that is the worst to reinforce and enhance, they are still strong. They can utilize their mana to magnify their precision or agility, strength, defense, and endurance.

Blacklash. Once mana core has depleted, an intense/extreme physical pain will feel for augmenters.


Conjuror - Conjurers depend on their mana efficiency (mana efficiency is an action of absorbing mana from the atmosphere) and their mana core capacity. Unlike augmenters who have limits in terms of mana core reinforcements and refinement, including ascension, conjurers do not limit themselves. In terms of early awakening, between conjurers and augmenters, conjurers exceed the potent of augmenters. But that does not mean conjurers always win, because, if an augmenter awakens with far experience in battle, augmenters could be in advantage in a duel with conjurers.

But it is undeniable that conjurers have more future in them than augmenters, because most often, conjurers spend their time cultivating in many different ways. Conjurers work three times harder than augmenters concerning concentration, reinforcing, refining, purifying(purifying mana core to lighten and strengthen the core potent), and ascending. With so much potential and opportunities before them, they tend to use up their time for continuous and hellish meditation.

Fundamentals of Conjuring. Conjurers use their preference conductors to summon, cast, or bend their spells (like wands, staff, or relics). Conjurers also use incantations to sharpen their concentration. Thus, incantations help enhance spells.

Depending on their aptitude of mana and their traits to pick up elemental mana particles, any conjurers with some effort could learn the basics of each element. Meaning, they can summon, use, bend, or cast other elementals they are not fond of~ Many names were written for their achievements with their capability to use two elementals. But most conjurers written in books were single elementals with great aptitudes.


Healer - Healers are emitters with unique characteristics or styles. With that, they can use a vibrant green "light" magic to perform a strange and immediate healing power. Or they could perform an incantation with their water element to cleanse impurities that went into your wounds to fasten the healing process. Healers use many other processes/methods; each of them is unique with different forms and incantations.

Fundamentals of Emittation. Emitters are efficient with purifying and reinforcing their mana cores. With such talent comes with responsibilities. Almost all the time, emitters use their time to increase their mana core potent to fulfill their long wished. While others, teach themselves self-defense and martial arts, enabling them to fight in frontlines. Meanwhile, others stay behind their augmenter tanks and rapidly/efficiently heal their teammates in adventures.

The Backlash of Emittation. Most emitters have similar traits to each other. One similarity is to heal injuries or diseases instantly. But to hold such power also comes with responsibility. Most emitters lessen their lifespan by healing other wounded. There are rare cases that an emitter could possess a healing ability that does not affect their lifespan, making them reliable. But too much use of power will increase fatigue and could severely injure their internal organs and mentality.


Quintessence - A mysterious group of a magician with different mysterious magic. Quintessencers are magicians who have lost or primeval magic. They don't classify as augmenters nor conjurers.

Aeviternity - "Quintessencers who were able to control time or similar to control time."

Domain - "Quintessencers who were able to create their spaces or control space."

Ad vivum - "Quintessencers who were able to influence the existences, as such; Life, Death, Creation, Destruction, Calamity, etc."

Aether - "Quintessencers who were able to influence beasts and communicate with different species."


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