Stratagem Identity Book

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Stratagem Identity


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Tempest Astor, aka Woody Lynch, witnessed a scene where one could not attain peace of mind. Why? At the age of six, he beheld the death of his mother and sister. A scenario that terrorized his entire existence and left a scar on his heart. But before his soul rots completely, his father, who grieved like Tempest, brought him back to his ground. Julius brought Tempest to a hidden forest, where once someone enters, there was no going back. Galhir Forest, the mysterious forest. Julius brought Tempest to a shelter inside Galhir Forest and lived there for nine years. Surrounded by nothing but trees and animals, that was the life Tempest had to go through. Until one faithful day, Julius's message. A letter left on the table inside their cabin. "Come, it is time, my son. Find your father while you find your path. Meet me at the Floating City of Asus. Find your way out of this maze. Once you find the exit, your journey begins. I'll see you again, son." He was left in awe by the sudden revelation. Woody starts his journey of the world that he heard in books.


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