Stealing Heroine: Honestly, I never thought this far. (R-18-Rewrite)

Suzuki Kouta got an unknown illness and he remember someone's memories. Someone who succumbed to illness and died at his age. Someone who came from another world that didn’t look like his world at all. Especially when he saw familiar figure a heroine from anime from his previous world. At that moment, something rose in his mind. Kouta felt an annoying itch inside him. An indescribable urge to mess this up. The feeling to go and steal the heroine and girl from those main characters. Even though the main character was just a dense harem guy. And he was most likely a thick-headed deaf protagonist. With just that many girls liked him because he was just nice to them. [ Beware this fanfic have a poor grammar, edited by free grammar checker. ]

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Ch 181 - 16 June, Takao 06

Unlike Kouta, Takao had never experienced going to a love hotel like this. So it was not strange that he was quite curious and looked at the rooms they rented. Kouta himself chose a room that he had never rented and was more expensive than the one he had rented before. 

Then Takao, who was observing the room, suddenly let out a very cute low squeal. Her eyes seemed to be rolling around while opening one of the desk drawers in this room. Kouta, who became curious, walked closer to Takao, and he could see the object that caused him to scream quietly like that because there were many various sex toys stored in the drawer. 

"Oh, well— That's a lot of sex toys," Kouta commented as he looked through the various sex toys in the drawer and found toys that he was both familiar and unfamiliar with. 

"Hah— That's it!? How can you be calm about it—" Takao replied to Kouta's comment with a flushed face. However, even though she said something like protesting, her eyes did not move away from the sex toys. There was even a curious look on her expression. 

"Well— I see some of it and already use it after all." Kouta answered honestly which, of course, Takao immediately realized that Kouta was experienced with this kind of thing with other girls. 

Even though Takao knew that Kouta had other women besides her and even gave her friend the green light to have some kind of relationship with him, it didn't mean that she lost her jealousy. 

"Hm, is that so—" Takao looked at the sex toys, and she felt embarrassed when she saw them. Still, there was a part of her that felt a bit interested in it, especially after she heard the news that Kouta had experienced with other girls, as she was competitive by nature and did not want to lose. 

"Even they have things like this—" Kouta spoke as he opened the wardrobe near the two of them. Takao stopped talking and walked over to Kouta to see the wardrobe full of standard cosplay outfits such as school uniforms, policemen and Chinese dresses. 

"Hm, it seems that we will be charged extra if we rent this cosplay— How about it? Are you interested? It's on me, after all." Kouta asked while taking a Chinese-style dress that was probably less than knee length. That's how sexy this dress is intentionally designed.

"Hm— Fine. And how about we try to some sex toys too—" 

"Well, if you like it—" 

"Un, you can wait here. I will wash and change my clothing too—" Takao then picked up the dress Kouta was holding and ran to the bathroom. Of course, Kouta could have come and accompanied Takao to the bathroom. However, for now, he thought of leaving her alone since he could still do it at another time. 

As Kouta suspected, the china-style dress Takao was wearing didn't seem to fit her body shape, which was probably very different from that of the average Japanese girl. Her large breasts made the dress look very tight and also made it very sexy with how short the short part of the dress was. 

The thing that made Kouta couldn't help himself was how sexy Takao was. 

Kouta hugged her very intimately before kissing her. 

"Well, it's a bit too much— But really sexy." He said. 

"Yeah, that's true— I will die if I wear this outside," Takao responded with a small smile on her face. Her face was still red as she felt embarrassed. 

"Shall we start—" Kouta said as he showed some sex toys that he chose. He chose the standard one— 

The first is the wand vibrator, which usually has a large ball-shaped head, a long body, and a powerful motor. It's said to be great for clitoral stimulation but still feels amazing all over the nipples. This is the thing Kouta is doing to Takao's right nipple, which is still covered by the china dress. 

Kouta used his other hand to stroke Takao's belly button before slowly starting down while stroking the area, giving Takao a slight tingly feeling. 

"How's it feeling?" Kouta asked as he could hear Takao's soft moan.

"The vibrations felt very different and gave me a strange feeling," Takao answered. In contrast, she gave a sweet and sexy moan before asking Kouta something else. 

"What's wrong with the cuffs?" Takao said as she sensed the cuffs restraining her movements. 

Well, Kouta is currently behind Takao, whose hands are behind her body and handcuffed. 

"Hm, well— I've never used handcuffs on anyone before, so I was a little curious. I happened to be here, too, so I used it. And it looks like you've become my plaything now, Takao." Kouta said while he pushed the wand vibrator on her right breast in her areola area that made such big contact with her nipples and gave strong stimulation. 

So Takao couldn't respond to Kouta's degenerate remark, but she let out a loud moan. 

"Your— plaything—" 

"Yeah, That's right. No, escaping. You're going to be trained." Kouta said in her ear, making Takao's body tremble for a moment. 

"Wait— this is a kinda different form, I thought—" Takao's line was stopped as Kouta grabbed her head and made her head toward him and kissed her— an intense one, too. 

"Aaah— chu—chuuuu—" Takao and Kouta kissed each other, and Kouta was more aggressive between the two of them as he plunged his tongue inside her mouth. They casually tasted each other's saliva and skillfully pulled her tongue out and tangled with him. In contrast, his other hand moved the wand vibrator from the breast toward Takao's belly before he messaged it on top of her womb as if he had told her that he knew her body very well. 

Kouta does it all rather roughly but in such a skilful way that it makes Takao's body tremble in pleasure. 

"Feels good, right?" 

"Ah— It did— but— aaahah—aaaa—" 

Kouta finally let go of his other hand that was holding Takao's head to take the egg vibrator and place it on Takao's left nipple while moving the wand vibrator from Takao's stomach to Takao's thigh. 

Takao herself seemed to have a slight change in tone as well after her body started receiving stimulation from Kouta. 

"More—" "Do it harder—" The words came out of her mouth, which started drooling as she couldn't wipe her saliva as her hands were cuffed. Takao looks like she feels excited about this, as if she wants Kouta to mess her up more. "Why— are you doing so slowly—" 

"Well, right now, you're my plaything. That's why I'm not going just to let you cum as you please." 

"Eh— No way— But if you ask me nicely— I may think about it." 

"Uuuu— you're meanie— Hyaaaaa—!!!! Aaahhh!! It's right! On my puussy." 

Even though Kouta had just said those words, Takao still did not ask him. Kouta playfully used the wand vibrator on her pussy and on her clit too. 

"Hyaa— That's so suddenly—" 

"Well, I change my mind—" 

"Hyaaaa— Nggggg—" 

Being handcuffed makes her hands unable to move much, so Takao's thighs and legs vibrate harder, and she climaxes. 

"He— did you cum?" 

"Haa—haaa— It's such a weird feeling, and just the thought of being your plaything is too much—" Takao, who still had the lingering feeling of pleasure, answered Kouta's question with such honesty. Her face became more flustered when she realized what she said. 

"Wait— that's no—" 

"Huhu— You're such a pervert girl. I like it. But you still came without my permission, so I need to give you a bit of punishment." Kouta grabbed her and put her down on the bed. 

"I hope I can make you cum a lot with this—" Kouta said while he gave her a sadistic smile. 

"Wait– wait— this is too much—" Takao said, as this might be the first time she had this kind of roleplay. But even though she said that word, she didn't like it. Her pussy was drenched with her fluid as she was excited about what was coming next. 


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